RCFS Ch. 110: Summer Movie 3

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As soon as the two appeared, they shocked the audience, and even the photographer was stunned, and forgot to press the shutter.

Di Junxie was not used to wearing the pristine gloves he was wearing then. While wearing them, he stared at Ye Yunxi blatantly. He hooked the corner of his mouth, leaned over, and whispered: “Reward.”

The action of wearing gloves revealed the ambiguity of abstinence, this was even more misleading, but Ye Yunxi just hooked the corner of her mouth and looked up at the man’s joking gaze.

“Yes, my sister said, I have to give you some reward!”

With that, the young man smiled and put his little hand on the man’s abstinent uniform, and slammed it abruptly!

The buttons were instantly stretched open and scattered on the ground, revealing a smooth and tight chest of wheat color, as well as a rolling lower abdomen with obvious abdominal muscles.


Ye Junpo couldn’t hold back, and a mouthful of old blood spurted out, staring at his daughter with stunned eyes.

This, what was this for?

In front of so many people!

Took off a man’s clothes for fun!

Not only Ye Junpo was broken, but everyone around was stunned. They agreed to take a makeup photo. What was up with this special tearing of clothes?

Was it in the script?

The field affairs script was flipped over and over, trying to find clues.

Mo Yuxiang also sprayed out blood, what the fuck was this kid doing? The clothes of our young master are also torn!

However, Ye Yunxi hooked the corners of her mouth with satisfaction, and looked at the cameraman who was completely sluggish: “Why don’t you take a picture?!”

Cameraman: “…”

This was the fixed makeup photo? It was not the same as what we said yesterday!

The cameraman was going crazy, the plot changed too fast and he was in a hurry.

However, Ye Yunxi was like an outsider, she calmly looked at Di Junxie’s eyes as cold as a storm of snow, and smiled slightly: “Reward.”

She smiled evilly and tore his clothes, what kind of reward was this?

“An opportunity to sell meat!”

The smile on Ye Yunxi’s lips became even more gorgeous.

If it weren’t for Di Junxie’s good background and high quality, he would have thrown Ye Yunxi into the ocean to feed her to the fish!

A chance to sell meat?

Did Emperor Junxie need such an opportunity?

To give him such a reward, okay, you!

The darkness in the man’s eyes became darker and darker, and a violent storm was about to come.

He leaned over slightly, and took advantage of the filming to hold the person tightly in his arms, leaned over and stared fiercely at this smirking face: “Tell your sister, I will be fine, and return the gift!”

Ye Yunxi squinted her eyes blankly and smiled.

Afraid that she would fail?

Let the horses come!

The cameraman’s hand shook more frequently.

Holy crap, these two had really never filmed??

It didn’t look like a rookie at all!

Before the filming of the movie started, the battle between good and evil was vividly portrayed, as if a powder keg was ignited at the touch of a button, and the blood of the people watching was bursting!

Ooh, ooh, that’s great, he’s going to pat and pat!!

The cameraman was going crazy!

These were definitely the best models he had ever seen!

It was so professional!


The Awesomeness XP contributed by the cameraman alone had soared to three digits, even if the others’ were not counted. The system was very happy as it had a great harvest every day!

As soon as the poster came out, it caused an uproar on the Internet.

Although the cameraman’s skills were indeed good, the contest between the two extremely handsome men in the picture when they looked at each other has aroused the shock in people’s hearts.

However, the most attractive thing was the chest of the emperor Junxie!


Huge pieces of meat!

What’s more, the meat of the handsome guy!

Just rush this piece, and eat it!!!

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