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The next morning, Yan Yan got up a little later than usual.

Because he was going home to see Mrs. Yan, he found a fairly formal shirt from the suitcase, changed his clothes, went downstairs, and saw that Ji Juechuan was still sitting on the sofa and had not gone out yet.

Hearing the sound of him coming downstairs, Ji Juechuan raised his eyes to look at him.

“Honey, why didn’t you go to the company yet?” Yan Yan rubbed his eyes and walked over. Shouldn’t Ji Juechuan be in the company already at this time?

“I’ll take you to Yan’s house first.”

Yan Yan was a little puzzled: “Isn’t there a driver?”

Ji Juechuan paused and turned his head away: “I happened to be going that way.”

Yan Yan blinked, and it was only a half an hour journey from home to the company, and it took a full hour to go to Yan’s house, so he didn’t know how it could be on the way.

But he didn’t say anything, and got into Ji Juechuan’s car after breakfast, and the car drove on the road smoothly.

When passing a traffic light at an intersection, he noticed a beautifully decorated gift shop on the side of the road, so he straightened up and took a few more glances there.

“Want to take a look?” Ji Juechuan glanced out the window.

Yan Yan thought for a moment, then nodded, “Okay.”

This gift shop was the same shop where Ji Juechuan bought the Shiba Inu doll last time. He stopped the car at the door of the shop and walked in with Yan Yan.

There was no one in the store in the morning, so Yan Yan looked at the shelves at the door one by one and looked at the price tag from time to time to think for a while.

Ji Juechuan put his hands in his pockets, touched the edge of the wallet with his fingers a few times, but still didn’t tell Yan Yan to use his card.

He was afraid of being rejected again.

After looking at it for a long time, Yan Yan finally picked up a delicate small fan from the shelf. He glanced at the price tag, and then took out his mobile phone, as if he was confirming something.

After confirming, he led Ji Juechuan to the cashier.

“Who did you buy this for?” Ji Juechuan asked casually.

“I bought it for my brother.” Yan Yan carefully put the small fan into a paper bag, which cost half of his savings.

Although he didn’t know if Yan Yueluo would be at home today, he still wanted to take this little fan home.

The original owner seemed to have always had a bad attitude towards Yan Yueluo before. And the last time he saw Yan Yueluo, he could clearly feel Yan Yueluo’s dislike for him.

He bought a small fan as a gift to Yan Yueluo, and he also wanted to express his apology, but he didn’t intend to make Yan Yueluo change his opinion of him.

After all, this small fan was not a very expensive gift, Yan Yueluo would definitely not take it seriously.

Ji Juechuan thought for a while with downcast eyes and got some impression.

He remembered that the Yan family also had a son in the entertainment industry, who seemed to have been adopted by Mrs. Yan before, and had no blood relationship with Yan Yan.

“You have a good relationship with your brother?” He asked a much rarer question.

“It’s okay.” Yan Yan thought for a while, then added, “It’s not very good.”

Ji Juechuan didn’t think much about it either, it wasn’t long since Yan Yan was picked up by Yan’s family, and it was normal for him to have a bad relationship with Yan Yueluo.

After buying the small fan, the two returned to the car. Yan Yan was just about to put on his seat belt when he suddenly stopped.

“Honey, wait for me.”

He opened the car door and ran back to the gift shop, but this time he came out very quickly.

The door of the passenger seat was pulled open, Yan Yan was sweating slightly on the tip of his nose, his eyes were shining, and he handed the thing in his hand to Ji Juechuan.

Seeing a small husky doll in his hand, Ji Juechuan paused, “Giving it to me?”

Yan Yan nodded and his shallow eyes curled up, “It can be a pair with the Lao Chai at home.”

Ji Juechuan was taken aback for a moment before realizing that the Lao Chai he was talking about was the Shiba Inu doll he had bought back. The corners of his lips curled slightly, and he took the husky from Yan Yan’s hand.

The fluffy feel was very good, a bit like Yan Yan’s hair rubbing against his touch when he was sleeping.

“You still have to drive, let me hold it for you first.”

Yan Yan took the husky back again, smiled at Ji Juechuan, and let the husky sit upright on his lap.

“Okay.” Ji Juechuan pretended not to see his reluctant hand pinching the Husky’s ear, and a smile flashed in his eyes.

The car drove all the way to Yan’s house and stopped outside the gate.

Yan Yan rubbed the husky’s tail a few more times, and then reluctantly put it on Ji Juechuan’s lap.

“Husband, I’ll go in first, see you tonight.” He opened the car door, turned his head and waved to Ji Juechuan, then got out of the car with the paper bag.

Ji Juechuan watched him walk towards the iron gate, his slender back gradually overlapped with Yan Yan’s back in his memory and his first time in his car.

Unexpectedly, in just a few weeks, the relationship between him and Yan Yan had rapidly progressed from being strangers to living together and even sharing the same bed.

He got used to Yan Yan intruding into his life so quickly, got used to Yan Yan talking softly by his side, and acting affectionately with him.

He even changed his original living habits because of Yan Yan over and over again.

Just like now, he should be sitting in the office, but now he was sitting in the car staring at the door of Yan’s house, with a stupid husky doll on his lap.

Ji Juechuan withdrew his gaze, took the husky by the back of the neck and put it on the passenger seat, pressed the dog’s head again, and then stepped on the accelerator to leave.

Not long after Yan Yan entered the gate, he saw a figure sitting on a stone chair in the shade of the small courtyard garden with a book in his hand.

Before he could see who the figure was, the man sharply raised his head, looked in his direction, and was taken aback for a moment.

When he raised his head, Yan Yan could see his face clearly, it was his elder brother Yan Yueluo.

Perhaps because of his vigilance against the paparazzi for many years, Yan Yueluo discovered his existence as soon as Yan Yan appeared not far away.

After seeing him, Yan Yueluo’s eyes flashed with surprise, he didn’t expect him to come back suddenly at this time.

Yan Yan stood there pinching his fingers nervously, but he still walked over, with a smile on his face flushed by the sun.

“Brother, I’m back.”

Yan Yueluo was used to Yan Yan calling him by his first name, but now hearing Yan Yan call him brother obediently, he was a little uncomfortable.

He nodded towards Yan Yan, politely and distantly, without showing any of the strangeness he was feeling in his heart.

When Yan Yan saw him nodding, joy flashed in his light eyes. He sat down next to him and put the paper bag on his lap.

“Brother, I bought you a small gift.” He lowered his head, put his hand into the paper bag, and when his fingers touched the small fan, he was a little embarrassed to take it out.

He really had never bought such a cheap gift for someone, and he felt a little bit out of hand.

Yan Yueluo glanced at the small paper bag and frowned slightly.

Why did Yan Yan suddenly buy him a gift? Could it be that he had something to ask?

He watched Yan Yan’s slender hands dig out the paper bag for a long time, thinking that he would bring out some precious gift like jewelry, but he saw him come out with a small fan.

The shape of the fan was a small dinosaur with its mouth wide open, and the wind blew out of his mouth, which had a weird and cute feeling.

Seeing this, Yan Yueluo believed that Yan Yan really just wanted to give him a gift.

After all, no one would ask for something while giving a gift like this.

Yan Yan didn’t notice the change in his eyes, and handed him the fan coyly, “Brother, the weather has been so hot recently, you may need this when you are on the set and backstage.”

Yan Yueluo often saw other people using such a small fan on the set. The weather had become hot recently, he also thought about asking his assistant to buy one, but he forgot every time he got busy.

He took the small fan in Yan Yan’s hand and lowered his eyes, “Thank you.”

Yan Yan bent his eyes and stood up: “Then I’ll go in first.”

Yan Yueluo paused and closed the book he had put on his lap: “I’ll go in with you.”

He took the empty paper bag in Yan Yan’s hand and led him into the house.

When he walked to the living room, Yan Yan realized that there were other guests in the living room. They were two women dressed as noble ladies, who were sitting on the sofa chatting with Mrs. Yan.

When he and Yan Yueluo appeared in the living room, the three of them looked over one after another. Seeing them, Mrs. Yan was a little surprised, while the other two women raised their thin willow eyebrows.

“This is your son you just found?”

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