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Not long after, Tang MoNing called again. He was no longer as calm and commanding as before, but instead he was making angry accusations.

“Zu Qi! You actually hung up on me! Brother Hao helped you so much back then, but now that he is in trouble, you don’t even show any concern or greetings. Has your conscience been eaten by a dog?!”

Faced with Tang MoNing’s mad roaring regardless of his image, Zu Qi felt no emotion in his heart, and even wanted to laugh a little.

Zu Qi said very calmly: “Since you are so conscientious, you should find a way to fish Shi Hao out of the quagmire. Don’t just talk to me.”

“You…” Tang MoNing was angry, unexpectedly, Zu Qi, who used to be as timid as a mouse in front of him, had become so sharp-tongued.

“What are you doing? Is this your attitude when asking for help?” Zu Qi said with a smile, “I thought since you had been following Shi Hao for so long, at least you would know the basic courtesy of dealing with others.”

Zu Qi spoke calmly, but Tang MoNing over there was so angry that he almost broke his teeth.

If Xue Jue hadn’t taken the lead in rectifying Shi Hao and used the help of a marketing account to reveal all the dirty information about Shi Hao, then Shi Hao would not be in such an isolated and helpless situation now.

Many people refused to lend a helping hand to Shi Hao, not because they were afraid of Bai Guangjian or because they sympathized with Bai Guangjian’s experience, but because they knew that helping Shi Hao would be tantamount to going against Xue Jue.

So far, no one had dared to stand on the opposite side of Xue Jue blatantly.

So in the final analysis, Zu Qi personally lit the fuse for this farce. He was the source of this incident, but now he just wanted to watch the fun without having anything to do with it?

Thinking of this, Tang MoNing’s face gradually became filled with a layer of strong anger. He no longer had the image of a gentle neighbor who usually smiled when facing others. He was like a poisonous snake spitting out poison.

Tang MoNing took a deep breath and said in a pleading tone: “Looking at the past relationship between you and Brother Shi Hao, go and beg Mr. Xue to let Brother Hao go. He has already been punished. If he continues like this, he will destroy his entire life!”

There was a sarcastic smile on Zu Qi’s lips. He tapped the fingertips of his other hand on the back of the chair twice and said with a chuckle: “Then beg me.”

“You’re crazy. Are you mad?!” Tang MoNing suddenly raised his voice.

The sarcasm in Zu Qi’s eyes became more and more intense. He shrugged his shoulders and said as if regretting: “It seems that your feelings for Shi Hao are nothing more than this. You can’t even fulfill such a simple request for him. If you don’t want to, just give it up. Okay, I won’t embarrass you.”

After saying that, Zu Qi was about to hang up the phone.

“Wait a minute!” Tang MoNing’s panicked voice stopped Zu Qi’s movements. After a long time, he squeezed out a sentence as thin as a gnat through his teeth with great difficulty, “I beg you to help Brother Shi Hao. Now only Mr. Xue can save him…”

Zu Qi curled his lips: “Your voice is too soft, I can’t hear you.”

Hearing this, Tang MoNing became quiet instantly. Just when Zu Qi thought he would end the call angrily, he heard Tang MoNing almost roaring and shouting: “I beg you to be noble and let us go. I beg you, okay? Are you satisfied?”

“Satisfied.” Zu Qi smiled with his beautiful peach blossom eyes narrowed into the shape of a crescent moon, and there was a hint of cunning in them.

Tang MoNing’s obviously relieved voice came from the other side.

However, the next second, Zu Qi suddenly lowered his face and said in a very unsatisfied voice before Tang MoNing could say anything, “Unfortunately, I’m sorry. In my opinion, what happened to Shi Hao was purely retribution. I didn’t take the opportunity to step on him. I’m generous enough, you can take care of yourself.”

After realizing what happened belatedly, Tang MoNing finally realized that he was being played, and suddenly roared angrily: “Zu Qi!!!”

Zu Qi, who had been prepared, hurriedly took the phone away from his ear, and then he reached out and put down the phone.

Xiaoya was packing express packages nearby and accidentally overheard the conversation between Zu Qi and Tang MoNing and couldn’t help but cast a worried look at Zu Qi.

After thinking about it again and again, Xiaoya stepped forward and persuaded: “Madam, that Tang MoNing has evil intentions. There are many high-rise buildings in the rabbit area that reveal his dirty information. You should have less contact with him.”

Zu Qi said. Okay, I didn’t say much.

He could feel Xiaoya’s worry, but now that he had borrowed the body of the original owner, he really couldn’t stay out of the matter.

In the past, Shi Hao and Tang MoNing humiliated the original owner in every possible way, even pouring buckets of dirty water on the original owner, forcing the original owner to be refrigerated by the company and temporarily leave the entertainment industry.

These grievances were difficult to erase.

In the next few days, Tang MoNing made more than ten phone calls to Zu Qi, begging him in different ways to go to Xue Jue to intercede for Shi Hao.

At first, Zu Qi was still in the mood to tease Tang MoNing, but later he was so annoyed by the harassment that he simply set his phone to a whitelist, so that only the numbers he had saved could make calls to him.

Suddenly the whole world seemed to be quiet.

After Zu Qi received the movie script from Heng Jingchen, he sat on the sofa and carefully studied the role he was preparing for the audition, leaving all the Taobao management work to Xiaoya and others.

Time flew and half a month passed by.

That afternoon, Zu Qi learned from Xiaoya that there was a huge quarrel on Weibo, and that the protagonists who were pushed to the forefront this time were no longer Chen Meixin and Shi Hao, but him and Xue Jue.

Tang MoNing, who turned out to be unable to seek help from him, secretly held back a big move.

Tang MoNing arranged for a private detective to hide in the resort and take pictures of Bai Guangjian and Xue Jue talking about official business from the perspective of passers-by. Then he carefully selected a few photos and posted them on a Weibo zombie account.

The next step was to invite the navy and let the matter go to the hot search, with various rhythmic connotations. Xue Jue was jealous that Zu Qi and Shi Hao had a crush on each other. He suppressed and blocked Shi Hao in the early stage, and later borrowed Bai Guangjian’s hand to throw dirty water on Shi Hao.

“Tang MoNing is so disgusting! Is he afraid that no one will know that he and Shi Hao are having an affair. His little tricks have already been exposed in the forum.” Xiaoya said with disgust on her face.

After listening to Xiaoya’s narration, Zu Qi’s only feeling was that he felt sorry for Xue Jue.

Obviously in the whole incident, Xue Jue was the most innocent person. He did nothing, but he became the target of public criticism for no reason and was used by Tang MoNing as a tool to clean up Shi Hao.

However, Tang MoNing the little cannon fodder was very courageous, and he actually dared to attack Xue Jue’s head. You must know that Xue Jue was the only character who could compete with the defiant male protagonist in the later stage.

“Where’s Xue Jue?” Zu Qi asked.

“Sir went on a business trip to Japan the day before yesterday afternoon and it seems he wouldn’t come back until five days later. Originally, he wanted to tell you personally, but at that time you were locked in the room reading the script, so he didn’t let us disturb you.” Xiaoya replied.

Zu Qi nodded, then took out a recording pen from the lower drawer of the bedside table and handed it to Xiaoya.

“Send the recording online.”

There was a flash of surprise in Xiaoya’s eyes, but she quickly reacted and hurriedly took the recorder: “Okay, madam.”

After Xiaoya left, Zu Qi picked up the script and read it for a while, but he really didn’t have the heart to read it, so he simply logged on to Weibo using his trumpet account to take a peek at the current situation.

Xiaoya was right. The names of Zu Qi and Xue Jue were like bamboo shoots sprouting from the ground. They crazily climbed up the hot search list. It didn’t take long for them to squeeze out the original first position and successfully occupy the high platform.

Zu Qi clicked in, and the first thing that caught his eye were the Weibo posts from major official accounts and marketing accounts. Everyone lamented that Zu Qi, who had disappeared for almost a year, had quietly fallen into Xue Jue’s thigh. He was also suspected of being pregnant.

The painting style below was completely different from Zu Qi’s imagination.

[Holy shit, shit, shit! When did Xue Jue and Zu Qi get together?! No! My Xue Jue! qaq Why do I feel like the cabbage I worked so hard to grow was molested by a pig!]

Zu Qi: “…” You are the pig! Your whole family is a pig!

[To be honest, the two of them are really not suitable for each other, right? Xue Jue is the national male god after all, and if he marries someone like Zu Qi who is covered in black spots, is he not afraid of turning himself into a black man.]

Zu Qi: “…” Thank you, you don’t need to worry about this anymore.

[Wait a minute… I just took a nap. Xue Jue and Zu Qi are both married and having children? Are you sure it’s not Shi Hao’s land-washing party who is diverting attention… Xue Jue and Zu Qi are both people who can’t be beaten by anyone, and Xue Jue’s vision is not that bad…]

Zu Qi: “…”

He suddenly felt the urge to hit someone.

[As a passerby, I actually don’t want to know about the love-hate entanglement between Xue Jue and Zu Qi. I just want to ask if any of you have grabbed the Jingxin body powder sold by Zu Qi. It is urgently needed. I will pay double the price. Buy!]

The netizens under this comment had the most replies, all complaining that the quantity of Jingxin Body Powder sold by Zu Qi was too small, and it was impossible to grab it. How could anyone engage in hunger marketing just after opening!

Looking further down – no one cared about when Xue Jue and Zu Qi got married or had children. Shi Hao’s name was not even mentioned. Everyone’s attention was snatched away by the Jingxin Body Powder.

[Oh my god, the fairy powder Zu Qi sells is so useful! It’s a blast! Thanks to my best friend who shared half of the jar with me, my sleep was finally saved!]

[I have a weak question, has anyone discovered that Jingxin Body Powder can improve sleep on the surface, but can actually also treat hair loss? My dad and I have been using it for a week, and the amount of hair has increased inexplicably. My dad’s sparse hair is directly turned into a forest, which scared me to death.]

[Catch the upstairs!!! I noticed that too!!! What kind of magic powder is this?!! I’ll be sure to grab ten cans next time!]

[My best friend snapped up three bottles and didn’t give me any. Haha, plastic sisterhood, you can see clearly [smile]]


Finally Zu Qi clicked on his own Weibo.

The latest promotional Weibo post had received more than 200,000 comments, but no one had asked about Xue Jue or Shi Hao.

Without exception, the hot reviews were all clamoring about when the Jingxin Body Powder would be released on the shelves again, and whether it could not be sold in limited quantities. One thousand bottles were simply not enough to grab it!

Of course, there were also voices of doubt, asking whether Zu Qi was taking advantage of the opportunity to hype up his Taobao store and whitewash his and Xue Ju’s bullying of Shi Hao.

However, as soon as these remarks were made, they were drowned out by the calls for Jingxin Body Powder fans…

The popularity of Jingxin Body Powder fans came late, but it came most intensely.

And in the blink of an eye, the news of Zu Qi and Xue Jue’s marriage and childbirth was completely covered. Tang MoNing’s elaborate whitewashing plan, which he had spent a lot of money on, only lasted for one morning and then fell silent.

This time the heat lasted all night and had not dissipated. Instead, it had become more and more intense.

Among a bunch of forwarded comments, one forwarded Weibo attracted Zu Qi’s attention – it was a new actress named Yu Meitong who forwarded Zu Qi’s Weibo advertising a Taobao store half an hour ago, and attached the following Thumbs up emoji.

Some fans got it from Yu Meitong.

Yu Meitong…

Zu Qi chewed on this name. He felt that it was very familiar, but he couldn’t remember where he had seen it before.

Until he clicked on Yu Meitong’s Weibo and saw the selfie she posted. The beauty mark in the middle of her forehead made Zu Qi suddenly think of it – holy shit, isn’t this Yu Meitong the heroine in the novel?!

The days he spent here were so comfortable that he almost forgot that there were male and female protagonists in this novel.

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