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“My old swan, look what I got in the middle of the night! I still remember that last month there was a fortune teller in the Rabbit District who said that Boss Bai’s marriage would not last long. I didn’t expect it to come true so quickly!”

“Front row! I just want to interview you. What do the fans who jumped up and down like a group of monkeys to complain about Shi Hao in the comment sections of major marketing accounts last week think about it? Maybe at that time, your White Moonlight male god was lying there happily on the rich woman’s bed~”

“I also want to sleep with Shi Hao, I hate that I am not a rich woman! [Eat Melon] [Eat Melon]”

“Passers-by should not stand on one side, not to mention that Bai Guangjian’s speech is just one-sided, even if Chen Meixin really had something going on between him and Shi Hao. Bai Guangjian can just divorce her, but he also put the family scandal on a public platform for everyone to judge the person involved. What kind of mentality is this?”

“[Smile][Smile] The Shi Hao fan upstairs What about us damn passerbys? You’re so anxious to clean your idol up, but I didn’t even look at you and you have turned black like carbon.”

“Can the whitewashing party explode on the spot? There have been marketing accounts that have exposed photos and videos of Shi Hao and Chen Meixin entering and exiting the hotel. It’s just you fools whose eyes are blinded by shit who are still deceiving yourself.”


After scrolling down, there were not many people in the hot comments who could speak for Shi Hao and ChenMeixin.

Firstly, when Shi Hao was banned a while ago, a lot of well-founded black information was exposed, and it was also rumored that he cheated on three or four men and that he was dating underage people. Secondly, Bai Guangjian usually posted on Weibo so less that his image had been approaching Wei Guangzheng[1], and he had accumulated a lot of fans from passers-bys. At this time, he had gained even more sympathy.

Zu Qi did not expect that Bai Guangjian seemed to be honest and gentle, but in fact he was decisive and ruthless in his actions. Although he ostensibly exposed the scandal of being cuckolded by his wife, the people most seriously affected should be Chen Meixin and Shi Hao.

Chen Meixin’s reputation had turned sour, and overnight she had become an object of ridicule, censure and even beating by netizens.

After this blow, Shi Hao, who had already hit rock bottom, completely lost the possibility of making a comeback. It also caused the Weibo accounts of his father and uncle, who were also well-known directors, to be hacked by netizens.

Just when Zu Qi was browsing the comment area, the number of comments on Weibo had exceeded 100,000, and even Bai Guangjian’s number of fans had skyrocketed to nearly two million.

Although Bai Guangjian was hurt in this relationship, from the perspective of long-term interests in the future, he was the biggest winner – at least this cuckold incident had created a lot of hype for the movie that he personally supervised and would be releasing soon. People who ate melons were clamoring to donate movie tickets for that movie now.

Zu Qi clicked his tongue with emotion, sincerely admiring Bai Guangjian in his heart.

The divorce between Bai Guangjian and Chen Meixin caused a big fuss. At noon, Xiaoya and the maids, who finally had some free time, gathered together to discuss.

In any case, Shi Hao was completely finished this time.

As time went by, the incident was gradually fermenting. The silence of Chen Meixin and Shi Hao only increased the anger of netizens. The Internet was full of insults and abuses against them.

The heat lasted for the whole day, and it was not until after five o’clock in the afternoon that Zu Qi stopped paying attention to this matter at Xiaoya’s reminder. He had more important things to do now.

The “Fantasy Space” Taobao store would start selling the first batch of products at six o’clock sharp.

“Madam, will there be customers in our store?” Xiaoya rubbed her hands anxiously, “I’m worried that those people will go to eat melon and forget the opening time of our new store.”

Zu Qi thought for a while and felt that what Xiaoya said made sense, although the aroma of wine was not afraid of the depth of the alley[2], but early marketing and publicity could indeed save waiting time.

So Zu Qi picked up his phone and sent a message on his Moments.

[The small shop “Fantasy Space” will open at 6pm sharp today, selling the first batch of meditation powder in limited quantities. Friends with insomnia and hair loss should not miss it~] Attached was a Taobao link at the end.

Within five minutes of posting it, Zu Qi received a bunch of likes and messages, including ridicule from some people the original owner knew in the entertainment industry.

There was also a popular traffic niche star named Heng Jingchen who directly sent a private message to Zu Qi, asking him if he had switched to micro-business. If he needed money, he could ask directly.

Zu Qi couldn’t help laughing after seeing the message. This Heng Jingchen was one of the few true friends of the original owner, and everything he said was full of genuine concern.

Then Zu Qi sent a voice message: “You are thinking too much, I am doing business seriously.”

Heng Jingchen sent two embarrassed expressions, and not long after, he directly dialed a voice call.

“By the way, the movie version of “Palace Wall” is currently auditioning for a second male lead. Didn’t you really want to participate in that movie before? How about I find a way for you to try it?”

Hearing this, Zu Qi raised his eyebrows: “You said that movie in which the male protagonist is Tang MoNing?”

“What other movie besides that one?” Heng Jingchen said, “I know you have issues with Tang MoNing, but in this circle, there are no eternal enemies, there are only eternal interests, now that Shi Hao has fallen, it’s time for you to stand up, why don’t you seize the time to film a representative work to attract fans!”

In fact, the novel did not describe too many details about the life of the original owner, and most of the content about Zu Qi, he got it from Xiaoya, that gossip queen.

For example, the male lead in the movie version of “Palace Wall” was originally in the possession of the original owner. Later, for some unknown reason, the director suddenly changed his mind and quietly replaced the original owner with Tang MoNing.

The uninformed original owner was still actively promoting the news of the film’s upcoming filming on Weibo. It was not until the official Weibo announced the selection of the male and female protagonists by @ing the stars that the original owner got to know that he had been cut off, and he had already posted four or five messages in a row. His promoting Weibos had thus become a tourist joke among netizens.

To say that Tang MoNing conquered the director with his acting skills and charisma, causing the director to change roles despite the pressure of being spurned, Zu Qi naturally didn’t believe it.

The only possibility was that Shi Hao was causing trouble behind the scenes and temporarily removed the original owner from his position as the leading actor.

Originally, Zu Qi had little interest in acting, but then he thought that Tang MoNing, who had easily intercepted the original lead, was still on the crew, and he heard Heng Jingchen say that the second male lead was a vase role, and as long as he was good-looking, he could get it. Further it was just one stop and didn’t require much acting skills at all.

After thinking about it, Zu Qi didn’t refuse directly and asked instead, “When will the audition be held?”

“At the end of October, you can go whenever you want. I will help you arrange the time.”

“Then wait until I give birth to the child. Later, I will take the initiative to contact you.” Zu Qi said with a smile.

After finishing speaking, Heng Jingchen was so quiet that you could hear the drop of a pin. After a full minute, a sharp voice that had almost changed its tone suddenly sounded on the phone: “F**k! What are you doing?!”

Zu Qi said calmly: “Having a baby.”

“But, but, you are a man!” Heng Jingchen was so shocked that he stuttered.

“Can’t men also have children these days?” Zu Qi said and laughed a few times in a wicked way, “Why don’t you find a man to try it out? Maybe you can solve the problem of future generations.”


Heng Jingchen had known Zu Qi for so many years, and this was the first time he had made such a dirty joke. He immediately said with despair, “Who are you? Give me my brother Zu Qi, who is simple, kind and easy to push down!”

Zu Qi laughed loudly: “The old Zu Qi is gone, and now I am a brand new Zu Qi.”

“You must have been transformed by Mr. Xue’s love.” Heng Jingchen, who finally recovered, snorted twice, “You used to take a detour when you saw Tang MoNing. I hope you won’t give up again when the time comes.”

Zu Qi raised the corner of his mouth and smiled coolly: “I wish I could see him earlier.”

The two chatted for about half an hour. After hanging up the call, it was already past six o’clock in the afternoon.

Zu Qi knew he was right when he saw Xiaoya, who was in charge of pre-sales customer service, and several maids sitting side by side. There was a laptop in front of each of them, and their fingers were typing on the keyboard as fast as they could. They were very busy.

The system sounds of “ding”, “ding” and “ding” kept coming from the row of laptops. He just didn’t know if it was the sound of buyers making inquiries or placing orders.

“Xiaoya, how’s the situation?” Zu Qi asked.

Xiaoya turned around when she heard the sound, her eyes were bright and her face was full of energy. She said in a voice that was trembling with excitement: “Madam, our inventory was sold out more than 20 minutes ago. Now, there are still many buyers asking us when we will ship the goods next time.”

Zu Qi was a little surprised, and then asked: “Has anyone returned the goods?”

“No.” Xiaoya smiled and said, “There are some people who are hesitant. They asked us whether to buy it or not, and they kept asking us to negotiate the price and free shipping, but when they didn’t get it, they came to blame us for selling too little.”

Zu Qi also found it funny, but since he wants to open a Taobao store, he must be prepared to encounter all kinds of weird things. The kind of people Xiaoya mentioned were very common.

After having dinner in the evening, Xiaoya and others continued to work on packing express packages, while Zu Qi lay on the sun lounger to eat and play with his mobile phone as usual.

The number of likes and comments on his WeChat post promoting his Taobao store had exceeded 500, but most of the comments section were full of overt and covert cynicism towards him.

The original owner also wanted to return to the entertainment industry after giving birth but faced the arrogant and wanton attitude of these people and had no choice but to be angry but dared not speak out.

But Zu Qi was different. He was not prepared to let these actors take advantage of him, so he picked out all those who poured cold water on them one by one and put them on the blacklist, all at once.

After completing this series of actions, Zu Qi rubbed his numb arms, supported his waist and prepared to go back indoors to rest. At this moment, his cell phone placed on the chair rang.

Zu Qi looked down and saw a series of unfamiliar numbers displayed on the screen of his mobile phone.

This mobile phone contained the original owner’s private card number, and the only people who knew the number were the original owner’s relatives and friends.

Zu Qi hesitated for a moment, then picked up the phone and received the call.

But there was no movement for a long time, and it was so quiet that even the other party’s breathing also seemed to be inaudible.

Zu Qi thought there was something wrong with his phone, and was about to hang up when he suddenly heard a deep and hoarse male voice: “Xiao Qi, do you have time? Let us meet.”

Zu Qi was stunned for a moment: “Tang MoNing?”

“Yes, it’s me.” Tang MoNing said, “I want to talk to you about Brother Shi Hao.”

Zu Qi was immediately stunned by Tang MoNing’s confident attitude. He laughed angrily and spoke concisely. “It’s nonsense!” he said, and then hung up the phone directly.

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[1] He was a Chinese revolutionary who was very famous.

[2] When you have a good product, you are not afraid of being ignored.

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