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Shen Xitong glared at Xiao Li angrily, “You have no right to speak as an outsider here.”

“What outsider? She is my wife and your sister-in-law. After all, you are the outsider.” Li Yong made no mistake.

Shen Xitong sneered, “Okay, very good,”

“Okay, she is a family member of yours. Okay, I’ll give you two choices now. Either let her go now, or you can go with her. If you don’t answer to me within ten minutes, get out, or I will call the police and say that someone has broken into the house and will kick you all out.”

“You can try it. See who is kicked out in the end.” Li Yong looked like a dead pig who was not afraid of boiling water. Shen Xitong gritted her teeth looking at him, but she didn’t dare to be really hard. She had just come out of the hospital and didn’t want to go in right away.

She sat down on the sofa angrily and stared at Li Yong coldly, “Give me my room, or you will never get a penny in the future. My reputation is not good now, but the money I have is definitely more than yours.”

“More, if you don’t let me out, that’s fine. The worst I can do is leave. I’ll leave this place to you. I’ll see how many days you guys can survive without money.”

Financial resources were the Achilles’ heel of the Li family. They had no income. Li Yong relied on Shen Xitong to support him. Although Li Yong later found a job as a security guard with the help of Shen Xitong, the little money was not enough for him to spend on himself.

He stole Shen Xitong’s jewellery before and sold it for tens of thousands of dollars. He took Xiao Li out for two days and spent most of it. Although Li Yong was arrogant and messy, he still understood the current situation and had to compromise. Xiao Li pinched Li Yong’s waist hard and glared at him.

Li Yong hissed in pain and looked at Tian Cuifang, “Mom, look at how stingy she is. Xiao Li is pregnant now. The doctor has told her to have a good rest. Her room is the best in the house, shouldn’t we let Xiao Li live in it?”

Tian Cuifang glanced at Shen Xitong in embarrassment, and then at Xiao Li, but in the end her heart was biased towards the latter, after all, she was still pregnant with her grandson.

“Xitong, Xiao Li’s fetus is unstable now and she needs a good rest, don’t you think?”

“No, either let her get out, or you guys get out together.” Anyway, her reputation was already like this, and the Shen family wanted to chase her out. She had broken off her relationship with them, and Shen Xitong was now in a broken state.

“It’s just a room, why bother?” Li Datou came out of the room and glanced at Tian Cuifang dissatisfied. He had long heard the quarrel outside. This daughter was born to make him angry. As soon as he came out, he said, “Xitong, let Xiao Li live in your room. You live in that small room, which is just a place to sleep. As a sister, there is least you could do for your brother.”

Shen Xitong sneered, “Have you not figured out who is the owner of this house. Now I have changed my mind.”

She crossed her arms and looked at the Li family members one by one. “You all get out of here. You can’t live in this house anymore. Get out now. If you don’t get out, I will ask the security guards to drive you out.”

Li Yong had a bad temper. When he heard this again, he exploded instantly, “What is your house? Does this house have your name written on it? Well, it’s obviously the Shen family’s house, but you thought you were the rich eldest daughter of the Shen family. Now you are the one who was kicked out by the Shen family, and you still dare to look down on us, and you don’t even look at whether the pheasant feathers on your body are still there.”

Li Yong’s words were unpleasant. He was cursing from behind and kept scolding Shen Xitong. Li Datou and Tian Cuifang did not stop him at all. Li Datou still felt that his son was right. Tian Cuifang stayed aside and did not dare to speak. But Xiao Li heard something.

“Li Yong, wait, wait.”

Li Yong was about to curse. Hearing Xiao Li’s words, he looked at Xiao Li, “Honey, what’s wrong?”

Xiao Li frowned, “You just said this house is the Shen family’s house. Didn’t you say that this house belongs to your sister and it will be transferred to your name in a while?”

Li Yong’s heart skipped a beat. It was over. He was too excited to scold Shen Xitong just now and let it slip. He glared angrily at Shen Xitong, who was trembling with anger, and said with a dry smile, “Honey, you heard wrong. This house was given to my sister by the Shen family. It has been registered in my sister’s name. I will wait until you marry me, this house will be transferred to my name and used as our wedding home.”

Shen Xitong understood, and the anger in her heart suddenly seemed to be poured down by a basin of cold water, completely extinguished, and she looked at Xiao Li coldly, “You were deceived by them. This house belongs to the Shen family, it is not mine at all. They lied to you.”

“Shut up.” Li Datou shouted at Shen Xitong, “Xiao Li, although this house now belongs to the Shen family, but it was given to Xitong by the Shen family, and it will be your and Xiao Yong’s wedding home from now on. As long as you marry Li Yong, your name will be added to this house.”

Xiao Li was not stupid, she understood after hearing this, she was deceived by Li Yong’s family. She raised her eyes and put her hands on her hips, “Okay, you guys dare to lie to me. It’s a shame that I have to work hard to give birth to grandchildren for your Li family and marry your incompetent son. In the end, this is what you did to me! You liars, I’m not going to live here anymore, I’m going to abort this child, Li Yong, let’s break up, break up immediately.”

Xiao Li pretended to beat her belly, but Tian Cuifang saw that it was okay, there was her grandson inside. She quickly hugged Xiao Li’s waist, and Xiao Li’s fist fell on Tian Cuifang. The force was not light, and Tian Cuifang groaned, but she ignored the pain. “Xiao Li, you must not be impulsive. This is your child too. You can’t be so cruel and not want him.”

Xiao Li sneered, “I don’t even have a house, and he won’t have a place to live when he is born. What are you doing here? Am I going to suffer the consequences by eating glutinous rice with you? It would be better not to have it in the first place.”

Li Datou had been accustomed to male chauvinism all his life. Tian Cuifang had been obedient since she married him. How could he like Xiao Li? She looked like a shrew, his eyes widened as he said, “Look, do you look like a woman like this. Marry a chicken, follow a chicken, marry a dog, follow a dog. If you marry my son, you will have his son. Now you even have a child. You actually want to break up and abort the child. Are you worthy of being called a woman.”

Xiao Li was not Tian Cuifang. She had a fierce temper. She originally fell in love with Li Yong because Li Yong was good-looking. It was okay for everyone to play around. Who knew that he accidentally impregnated someone, Xiao Li didn’t want this child and wanted to abort it.

As a result, Li Datou and his wife found out about this incident and begged her not to abort her child. They told her that Shen Xitong was Li Yong’s sister and had bought him a house in the capital. As long as she agreed to marry Li Yong and give birth to a child, then that house could have her name on it.

She didn’t believe it at first, but then Shen Xitong held a press conference and announced it in public, and Li Yong took her to the house to see it while Shen Xitong was away, Xiao Li naturally believed it.

Xiao Li was an orphan. She was beautiful and dropped out of school after graduating from junior high school. She had been among men since she was a child, hoping to become a rich man’s wife and have her own house in the capital. Now that the opportunity was presented to her, of course she had to seize it.

But she didn’t expect that they would turn out to be a family of liars.

Li Datou yelled at her, but Xiao Li was not afraid at all. Who told her to have a gold medal for immunity from death in her belly? As long as there was this piece of meat, the Li family would not dare to touch her at all.

“In what era are we now, that you are still paying attention to the three obediences and the four virtues? I say, old man, there is something wrong with you. Li Yong and I are not married yet. It is just a matter of will. Now, I don’t want to be with him. We will break up. I don’t want the child in my belly anymore. Your Li Yong can have a child with whoever he wants to.”

“Xiao Li, don’t, we’ve both been well for so long, how can we just break up? Although the house is not mine now, my sister is rich and can buy a villa in the capital if she wants. I can ask her to buy us a new one, bigger and better than this one.”

Li Yong hugged the little girl. He really liked Xiao Li now, and even if Xiao Li contradicted his father, he was not as important as Xiao Li in Li Yong’s eyes.

Li Datou wanted to hold his grandson, but now the grandson was in someone else’s belly. Moreover, although Xiao Li now had a child, she had not registered her marriage with Li Yong, so it was not considered a marriage. Li Datou just wanted to teach his daughter-in-law that his words were fair and above all, and glanced at Shen Xitong who was sitting aside watching the show, and all the anger in his heart went towards her.

“You, go buy a house for your brother. Just write his and Xiao Li’s names on it. This can be regarded as your wedding gift to your brother. You don’t have to pay for the gift.” Li Datou said it too matter-of-factly. Shen Xitong laughed.

“Haha, I won’t give you a penny of my money, so you should give up on this idea.”

When Xiao Li heard this, she raised her eyes and hit Li Yong with her fist, “You’re a liar. You lied to have my body and my heart. Now that you have it, you don’t want to be responsible, right? Let me tell you Li Yong, you won’t have this child if you don’t have a house.”

Seeing that his precious son was still sitting still, Li Datou thought. He stepped forward to pull Xiao Li away but was afraid of hurting the child in her belly. He anxiously walked around in circles. When he saw Tian Cuifang, he roared, “You are a dead person. You won’t step forward and pull away.”

Tian Cuifang quickly went up to pull her away. Shen Xitong’s face was filled with anger. Interesting, it turned out that the dog-eating-dog scene was the most interesting.

When Li Datou saw the smile on her face, he became angry. He picked up the ashtray on the table and threw it at Shen Xitong. Shen Xitong had been prepared for this move and dodged away.

“Li Datou, if you dare to try again, I will call the police.”

“I am teaching my daughter a lesson, even if the police come, it will be useless.” Seeing that Shen Xitong dared to hide, Li Datou took off his belt and swung it at Shen Xitong’s body. No mercy at all.

For a while, the Li family could only hear a burst of shouting.

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