LGHIHW Ch. 24.2: Arc 1.20

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The neighbors outside the door also figured out the situation and immediately started talking:

“What a god! Zhuang Li has actually developed!”

“Forty million a year, and a big villa!”

“There’s a car key on the table, Rolls-Royce!”

“Zhuang Dahai will not have to worry about anything for the rest of his life!”

“Yeah, all the previous investment has been earned back! Raising this son was really not a loss at all!”

“Yo, didn’t Chang Hui divorce Zhuang Dahai today? If she wouldn’t have gotten divorced, she could have lived in a luxury house and driven a luxury car, right?”

“Hey, she didn’t have that life!”

While speaking, more than a dozen burly men were moving things out one by one. Zhuang Dahai ran back and forth to command, his eyes and nose were red, but his mouth was about to crack with laughter.

“Lao Li, are you off work? I’m moving here, and I’m blocking your passage. I’m sorry.”

“I’m moving to Greentown Taoyuan! When you have time, come to play at my house in the future!”

Zhuang Dahai’s voice was very loud today, and after speaking, he burst into laughter, becoming more and more like a Maitreya Buddha.

Everyone congratulated him sentence by sentence, with obvious envy on their faces. That was Greentown Taoyuan, a place that only the richest people in China could afford to live in.

Chang Hui and Chang Dongming, who were packing things, were squeezed aside and could only watch awkwardly.

Chang Liang poked his sister’s back and whispered, “You and Zhuang Dahai really don’t have any relationship at all?” The marriage had just been divorced, and he had the idea of remarrying his sister.

That was four hundred million! Who wouldn’t want to touch this light?

Chang Hui’s face changed from time to time, from red to white, it was especially wonderful. She stared at Zhuang Dahai who was walking around, the greed in her heart growing like wild grass.

However, as soon as she took a step towards Zhuang Dahai, her wrist was tightly clamped by her son.

“Mom, so many people are watching, you give me some face!” Chang Dongming whispered in her ear through gritted teeth.

Chang Hui looked at the open door, only to realize that everyone was glancing over from the corner of their eyes from time to time, the undisguised sarcasm and contempt were like spittle in the wind, drenching her face.

Her body froze in place immediately.

Zhuang Dahai also packed up his things, and explained nonchalantly when he went out: “Lock the door for me when you leave. I don’t want the rest of the furniture. You can move it if you like it.”

The door closed with a creak, and a group of people chased after Zhuang Dahai to flatter, and at the same time, they wanted to take a look at Xuan Ming. The cluttered footsteps gradually disappeared from near to far.

Only then did Chang Dongming slump on the sofa, wiping the unwillingness and embarrassment from his face with his sweaty hands.

Chang Liang asked worriedly: “Dongming, it seems that Zhuang Li and President Xuan are very familiar. You have torn apart your face with him. Will you run into trouble in the company in the future?”

Chang Dongming shook his head firmly: “His position is just a decoration, a smoke bomb thrown out by the company to confuse the Americans. The news that Minister Qiao was fired must be false. In fact, she must be hiding in the dark and continuing to work on the 5G development. Zhuang Li is just a shield, and President Xuan’s goodness to him is only superficial, and it definitely wouldn’t affect me.”

He curled his lips, his voice full of contempt: “This is a company secret, you must not tell it. I have been with President Xuan for several years, and I know him well. He will never give me small shoes[1] for a useless person like Zhuang Li.”

However, as soon as he finished speaking, the personnel department sent a notice – [Chang Dongming, starting from tomorrow, your position is the manager of the sales department. Please report to the sales department on time at 9 o’clock tomorrow morning.]

Chang Dongming’s face turned pale.

Chang Liang squeezed to his head and said happily, “Dongming, have you been promoted again?” In his opinion, the manager must be more senior than the assistant.

Chang Hui also turned from sadness to joy, and whispered: “Hmph, my son is not bad! My son’s promotion depended on his true ability!”

However, only Chang Dongming knew that as long as he entered the sales department, everyone’s title was manager. The so-called sales manager was, to put it bluntly, an ordinary employee, whose reputation was far from being an assistant to the president.

To make matters worse, the sales manager’s base salary was only 12,000. After deducting the mortgage, he had to live on earth every month. The days to come were going to be simply endless.

Thinking of the 400 million that Zhuang Dahai took away happily, Chang Dongming finally felt belated regret.

At the same time, Zhuang Li was pushing Xuan Ming slowly towards the parking lot.

7480 said in his mind: “Host, I found your weakness. You are very filial.”

Zhuang Li ignored it, but Xuan Ming clenched the armrest of the wheelchair.

He had already guessed how the system would threaten Xiao Curly.

7480 smiled maliciously: “If you die, what will happen to your father? Don’t think that leaving him so much inheritance is enough for him to retire. You should also know that so much money left for an old man with little knowledge, is never a good thing to have in hand.”

“You say what would happen if he was deceived? An old man like him who lost his only child would be the target of many criminals, right? He is too sick to find a babysitter, right? The babysitter might see his money and marry him then poison him…”

7480 made up a lot of stories about the murder of lonely and widowed old people with great interest, and finally asked with a smile: “Host, you don’t want the tragedy I just said happening to your father, right?”

Xuan Ming, who had been noisy all day long, gently rubbed his eyebrows and sighed in his mind: “Xiao Curly Hair, promise.”

It was a pity that the other party couldn’t receive his brain waves at all.

Zhuang Li’s long and slender eyebrows were slowly twisting together, the end of his slanted eyes was as sharp as a frost blade, and his voice was completely cold: “System, I hate people taking my family as a threat. Didn’t you give me ten days as the deadline? Okay, I’ll give you seven days. You should cherish the present.”

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