KHSW Ch. 353

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There were also many big names in the financial industry here. They didn’t take any photos today, and they would inevitably feel uncomfortable.

What was more, it was still a live broadcast, and their faces felt really dull.

“Tell me, who is this Mr. Chi? Why is he so generous?”

“Could it be the vice president of Xu Group surnamed Chi?”

“That’s very possible.”

At this time, Yao Ru had reached her limit, and the corners of her lips twitched slightly.

It was Ou Mengxue who was behind the scenes. She thought the “fraudulent donation” incident was really caused by Ling Xi, so she was so confident.

Things happened so suddenly now that she really wasn’t mentally prepared at all.

Under the camera, Yao Ru’s face turned pale.

She had already made plans to contact the director of Haihu Bay as soon as possible. As long as she told Will about the scandal that Ling Xi was carrying, maybe the heroine’s position would be returned to her. Now it seemed that the hope was getting slimmer.

“Everyone, the president of the Sunshine Foundation who was just watching our live broadcast called us and said that he must clarify for Ling Xi. Ling Xi has donated 1.3 billion to the Sunshine Foundation in these last three years, she has also donated items worth millions.”

Ling Xi was slightly surprised. Did she already donate so much without knowing it? Although there was still 60 million that she “cheated” from Ou Mengxue.

Li Ming’s eyes were always on Ling Xi beside him, and he cursed in his heart. No wonder Sister Xi said she had no money. It turned out that she had donated all her money.


“Oh my god, did I hear that right?”

It was quite good for many celebrities to donate even a few millions. Unexpectedly, Ling Xi, who had just entered the entertainment industry for three and a half years, could do this. It was really rare.

Yao Ru’s long nails had dug into her flesh, and she didn’t notice it at all.

Meng Xinyan, who was still watching the live broadcast, had tears in her eyes. Meng Zimiao looked at her doubtfully, “Mom, what’s wrong with you?”

Meng Xinyan wiped her tears from her hands, “Your sister’s matter has finally been resolved. Mom is happy.”

Meng Zimiao was thinking, Ling Xi must have donated all the money she earned.

Why was she so loving to others before, but so cold to her mother, herself, and her brother? Otherwise, she wouldn’t hate Ling Xi so much now.

At the same time, there was something even more unexpected for them.

“Hello everyone, I am Chi Jingyu, the vice president of Xu Group. Ling Xi is an artist from Yiling Company under our group. Her spirit and quality are what all employees of our group need to learn. In view of this, all the items acquired by the group will be donated in Ling Xi’s name.”

Ling Xi’s eyes became even more confused. How could it be done in her name?

When the other artists of “Yiling” heard about Chi Jingyu’s decision, their hearts were full of envy, jealousy and hatred towards Ling Xi.

“No, how can Ling Xi be so rich?”

“Yeah, that’s 1.3 billion. How can her salary be so high?”

“What’s even scarier is that she has been working for only three and a half years.”

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