KHSW Ch. 354

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Yao Ru felt even more agitated, and her fingertips began to tingle and tremble slightly.

She was shocked, how could it happen so quickly? She had already planned it before coming to attend the “Celebrity Charity Night”. How long had it passed?

No, she had to leave quickly, it would be terrible if she was discovered.

“Sister Ru, where are you going?”

After all, Yao Ru was still an actor, and the expression on her face had not changed much.

“I have to attend to something urgent, so I’ll go first.”


When Yao Ru hid in the bathroom, she immediately checked if there was anyone inside. When she saw no one, she quickly locked the door, unzipped her handbag, and took out her phone tremblingly, “Hey Weiner, come to the first floor quickly, to the bathroom.”

Yao Ru didn’t know how long it took before she heard the knock on the door, “Knock, knock, knock.”

“Yao Ru, are you in there?”

Yao Ru opened the door tremblingly. Weiner was shocked when he saw her, “Yao Ru, what’s wrong with you?”

“Don’t ask anything. There are so many media reporters outside. I can’t get away now. You should quickly find a way to send me back.”

“I see that you are not feeling well. How about I take you to the hospital?”

“No, no, you must send me home.”

Weiner went to find a cotton coat for Yao Ru to put on, and gave her some disguise before taking her away from the venue.

As soon as she got home, Yao Ru went to dig through the box under her bed.

“Auntie, what are you doing?”

Weiner was about to say to ask her to pay attention to her image at all times, but the words stuck on his lips like an iron chain.

Yao Ru took out a small pack of pills from the box, dissolved one of them into a glass of water, and drank it.

Since Weiner had never seen this type of drug, he thought it was an effervescent tablet.

“Yao Ru, what’s wrong with you? Are you okay?”

Yao Ru recovered after drinking the water.

“I’m fine.”

There was a trace of worry on Weiner’s face, “You must have some hidden disease, right?”

“No, in short, don’t mention today’s matter to anyone, otherwise I will find another agent.”

Weiner opened his lips slightly, but finally swallowed the words and had no choice but to nod slightly.

Yao Ru looked at the mirror with cold eyes. She didn’t expect that Ling Xi would “cleanse” herself so quickly. Now she not only won everyone’s praise, but also won everyone’s sympathy. “Weiner, please go and investigate Ling Xi for me again.”

“Ling Xi, why didn’t you sue Ou Mengxue?”

“Because I know it’s useless to sue. She is now the young lady of the Chi family and pregnant. The most important thing is that she still owes me a debt that I will never repay in her lifetime.”

Jiang Shu was silent.

“By the way, Jiang Shu, I must thank you very much for this matter. Well, do you have any wishes?” This was the only reward Ling Xi could think of.

“Wish” Jiang Shu murmured, “Speaking of it, I really have one. Ling Xi, can you promise me something?”

“If I can do this.”

“You can…”

Jiang Shu wanted her to let Ou Mengxue go and leave it to the law, but when she thought of what happened four years ago, she couldn’t say anything.

She didn’t know that Ling Xi’s child was still alive.

“Can you give me a salary increase?”

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