KHSW Ch. 201

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Ling Xi thought about it carefully, it seems that she had said it.

Aware of the terrifying aura on Demoness Pei Shan, Ling Xi nodded cautiously, “It seems so!”

“Have you ever been familiar with him?”

That caused her to become worried, “Yes, definitely yes, Dawn, gender: male, height:… Born in … Chinese singer and actor, he became famous for his role as the male lead in “Xiaomu”, and he is definitely a popular little fresh meat.”

Hearing that Ling Xi could accurately tell Liming’s information, Pei Shan nodded. “Well, it’s not bad, then why did you say that you didn’t know him?”

“I haven’t seen him, so how can it be considered as knowing him?”

Ling Xi’s heart was still beating, was the witch thinking to engage in “circumferential tactics”?

“Dawn lacked a female companion on the show, so I recommended you.”

“What?” She had also scolded the recommender of their show group before.

“Since “Haihu Bay” is not in a hurry to start, then you should go out to accumulate popularity first.”

“Sister Pei, what about my vacation?” She really didn’t want to participate.

“It’s not too late for you to go to the show “Idols Beside You” next Monday, you still have five days off.”

“Oh, Sister Pei, are you okay with everything else?” Looking at the witch’s face now, it seemed that there was nothing wrong with it.

“Well, you can go back.”

Ling Xi was a little relieved, fortunately Pei Shan didn’t see that the woman beside Xiao Nuo was her, otherwise it would not be enough for her to vent her anger.

“Then why didn’t you say it on the phone? Your sudden call gave me a fright.” Ling Xi whispered.

But Pei Shan heard it, “What did you say?”

“No…Nothing. Sister Pei, you may have heard it wrong. I’ll leave now.”

Just as Ling Xi was about to approach the door handle, the witch’s voice really penetrated her ears again, “Come back.”

“Is there anything else, Sister Pei?”

“It’s been almost a month since I have weighed you. I didn’t ask you for photos, but you didn’t take the initiative either?”

Ling Xi’s face was inexplicably a little guilty, and it seemed that she really forgot about it, she walked silently to the electronic scale, took off her shoes, and closed her eyes. When she stood up, she was about to be hit by a violent storm again.

“39 kilograms? Why did you lose so much weight?”

Ling Xi quickly opened her eyes and looked down. It was really 39. Since she found the baby, she had been following the baby’s vegetarian diet every day, how could she not lose weight?

“This is the nutritious meal plan I made for you. In these five days, you can eat it and come back to 42 kilograms.”

When Ling Xi saw the steak mentioned in the nutritious meal on the witch’s mobile phone, she couldn’t help swallowing, it must be delicious!

At this moment, Ling Xi’s cell phone rang. Seeing that it was Ou Mengxue, she immediately hung up the phone. She would never have anything good to say anyway.

“Okay, I’ll keep it in mind Sister Pei, then I’ll go first?”


As soon as Ling Xi put on her shoes and walked out of the door of the company, Ou Mengxue called again. Ling Xi answered the phone, but didn’t say a word.

“Ling Xi, considering our sisterhood for many years, I’ll give you a piece of advice. Your father-in-law and mother-in-law could be at your house now!”

Just after saying this, she hung up the phone.

The strings in Ling Xi’s mind snapped…

When Xu Xinrong and Su Zhiyan rang the doorbell, Xiao Nuo was practicing with his nunchucks in the garden.

When he heard the doorbell ring, he thought it was his mother coming back.

Zhang Ma also trotted out after hearing the doorbell, “Master, madam, why are you here?”

“Mom, mom.”

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