KHSW Ch. 202

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Xiao Nuo ran forward on his short legs, and shouted excitedly, “Mom, Mommy, Xiao Nuo will show you my new exercise routine.”

But when he reached the door, he realized that it wasn’t his mother.

Nanny Zhang’s expression was a little flustered. The husband and wife did not tell anyone but her about the child. She didn’t expect that the master’s parents would suddenly come over.

“Hello grandpa grandma, are you looking for my parents?”

When Xu Xinrong and his wife saw this little dumpling, they were still shocked. Could it be true that what the woman said?

Four years ago, Ling Xi had a child? Was it the little guy in front of them?

When they heard the little guy calling them “grandpa” and “grandma”, their hearts softened at the same time. This little guy’s voice was really too soft and cute. They used to imagine that one day, someone would call them “grandma and grandpa”.

That way they would wake up laughing from their dreams.

“What’s your name?”

Xu Xinrong crouched down and asked kindly.

Xiao Nuo stretched out his index finger and circled his head again, “Xiao Nuo almost forgot, my mother said, don’t talk to strangers.”

Su Zhiyan and Xu Xinrong were amused, “So your name is ‘Xiao Nuo’!”

“How do you know my name is ‘Xiao Nuo’?”

The couple fell in love with this little cutie from the first sight.

Su Zhiyan also knelt down immediately, “Xiao Nuo, can you call me ‘grandma’ again?”

Xiao Nuo pouted, “I can’t talk to strangers.”

Nanny Zhang was worried that her master and madam would be angry, so she immediately explained Xiao Nuo, “Xiao Nuo, they are not strangers, but your grandpa and grandma.”

Xiao Nuo’s eyes widened in amazement, beneath his long eyelashes, there were a pair of bright eyes shining like diamonds. “Is it Daddy’s father and mother?”

Nanny Zhang nodded slightly.

Then it’s not a stranger, Xiao Nuo thought to himself, and put his hands together again, “Amitabha, Xiao Nuo was rude, please forgive Xiao Nuo, grandpa grandma.”

Nanny Zhang was secretly nervous.

Xu Xinrong and Su Zhiyan looked at each other, although they thought it was strange, they found it quite cute.

“How can Xiao Nuo be so cute! Grandpa and grandma won’t blame Xiao Nuo, let’s go in!”

Seeing that neither the master nor his wife showed signs of anger, Nanny Zhang was relieved and went to call Ling Xi soon.

“Master, madam, please sit down first, and I’ll pour tea.”

“Well, let’s go.”

As soon as Nanny Zhang entered the kitchen, she immediately called Ling Xi, who received the call and asked eagerly about the situation at home.

“Madam, the master and his wife are sitting in the living room with Xiao Nuo watching TV! It seems… that they are not angry.”

“Okay, thank you Nanny Zhang, I seem to be stuck in traffic here, I don’t know how long it will take for me to get there…”

The living room inside.

Xiao Nuo was watching TV with Xu Xinrong.

“Grandpa, what kind of cartoon do you want to watch?”

Xu Xinrong just wanted to say that he didn’t watch cartoons, but Su Zhiyan said first, “I like to watch all kinds of cartoons.”

Xiao Nuo touched his head, and finally found “Lotus Lantern”, “Grandpa and Grandma, this is so beautiful, I’ve watched it three times!”

Three times!!!

Xu Xinrong lowered his voice and said to Su Zhiyan, “You know that I don’t like watching cartoons the most.”

Su Zhiyan secretly pinched the flesh around Xu Xinrong’s waist, and also lowered her voice, “We are not here to watch TV.”

“Xiao Nuo, when were you…”

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