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The moment he heard Yuan Ye say that Shen Xigou had also entered the store, Fu Yuanzhou’s heart hung on a thread, his face changed slightly, and he lowered his face deeply.

Always holding up the menu would also make it easy to attract attention, so Yuan Ye had to put his hand down, then he asked silently with his eyes, Fu Yuanzhou shook his head slightly, indicating that it didn’t matter, he just raised his hand to support his side face, covering his face.

He knew that the current Shen Xigou had never seen his appearance and would not recognize him, but this was his natural fear, he didn’t want to attract any attention from Shen Xigou, let alone meet those blue eyes.

“Are you okay?” Yuan Ye kept his voice so low that only the two of them could hear: “I’ll help you lead him away?”

“No.” Fu Yuanzhou’s heartbeat was fast, his hands lying on the table tightened slightly, but he tried his best to maintain his calm, “He doesn’t know what I look like, so that’s fine.”

Yuan Ye was a little surprised and glanced at Shen Xigou, this man had never seen Fu Yuanzhou at all, but Fu Yuanzhou was so afraid of him, what happened between them. What’s up?

It was not convenient to talk now, so Yuan Ye didn’t ask anything, he deliberately showed a relaxed attitude and talked about other things with Fu Yuanzhou. If they were too silent, it would be weird.

The waiter guided Shen Xigou into the store. He was tall, and his mixed-race appearance was extremely handsome and eye-catching.

With a faint smile, he passed by the table of Fu Yuanzhou and Yuan Ye, and his eyes swept over them. At this moment, Fu Yuanzhou’s back was stiff, but fortunately Shen Xigou didn’t stop and stand in front of him.

That was the most terrifying scene Fu Yuanzhou could imagine. It didn’t happen now, but before he could relax, the waiter brought Shen Xigou to the seat behind him, they were separated only by the back of the sofa seat and were actually back-to-back while sitting.

They were too close, Fu Yuanzhou could even hear Shen Xigou’s voice very clearly, gentle and magnetic, with a slight smile, very charming, but which made him feel scared.

Shen Xigou was ordering, when Yuan Ye heard what he wanted, he couldn’t help but glance over there, because what he wanted was exactly the same as what Fu Yuanzhou wanted, and even the choice of beverages was exactly the same.

Were their tastes just the same, or did this person have ulterior motives?

Yuan Ye’s mind flashed with this thought, but he quickly put it aside, typed something in the memo with his mobile phone, handed it to Fu Yuanzhou to read, in which he asked him, “Let’s go while he’s not looking here?”

They had already paid for their meal in advance. There would be no problem even if they wanted to leave, it would be a waste of money at most. Fu Yuanzhou wanted to nod his head in agreement, but it so happened that the waiter brought what they ordered just at this moment. If they left now, they would definitely be asked by the waiter. Maybe Shen Xigou would even look this way.

In desperation, Fu Yuanzhou and Yuan Ye could only sit down again and eat for a while without even deciphering the taste. Yuan Ye lowered his voice and said to him, “You go first.”

At this time, the waiter served the food to Shen Xigou, so Fu Yuanzhou nodded his head and got up to leave, but when he reached the door of the store, his mobile phone suddenly vibrated several times in a row. The store was relatively quiet, and other people could hear the sound clearly.

Fu Yuanzhou hurriedly took out his mobile phone and took a look, then his expression changed a little.

This was a message sent to him by Shen Xigou, a few photos of the sun, the photo of the things that Shen Xigou ordered, and a sentence at the same time.

“I’m in this restaurant that you like, and you like to eat this, right? I think I like it too.”

Fu Yuanzhou didn’t know if Shen Xigou heard the sound, but he didn’t dare to look back, so he grabbed his phone and ran away.

In order to search the chat records, he had released Shen Xigou from the blacklist, but he missed it in a hurry, and forgot to add Shen Xigou back to the blacklist on this software, so now Shen Xigou had successfully sent him a message.

When Shen Xigou’s message was sent, he immediately heard the vibrating prompt sound. He paused and looked back at the door of the store. When he saw Fu Yuanzhou’s leaving back, he immediately recognized that the other party was Seven. Without hesitating, he immediately got up to catch up to him.

“Did you lose something?” Yuan Ye stopped Shen Xigou, smiled casually, and pointed to Shen Xigou’s table: “Is that yours?”

“Thank you, no.”

Shen Xigou said, but he did not even look back at all to confirm because no matter what it was, it was not as important as Seven’s trail. He avoided the obstacle of Yuan Ye and walked out of the Japanese food store quickly.

Yuan Ye was calm, he was very sure that Fu Yuanzhou had left, and this man would definitely not find him.

Sure enough, after a while, Shen Xigou returned to the store. He sat at the table and looked down at the delicate dishes at the table, but he seemed to have lost his appetite. After sitting for a while, he left.

Yuan Ye ate the sashimi slowly, and a smile appeared on his lips. After Shen Xigou left, he waved to the waiter and said happily, “I’ll order more, please help me pack it, I’ll take it away, thank you.”

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