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Seeing Jing Yan’s nervous look, Jing Yi said wickedly, “Brother, what are you saying? I’m tired of looking at the same thing every day!”

Chris: “Hahahahaha!”

Jing Yan’s eyes widened.

Tired of looking???

He had dressed up super handsome today. He was still wearing the white shirt and suit pants that thousands of girls said they liked the most. He had also put on a black custom windbreaker. Anyway, every muscle on his body was highlighted, and he said that he was tired of watching him like this?!

He turned to Qiao Xi tremblingly.

Qiao Xi: “Giggle giggle!”

Jing Yan’s expression was so cute!

Jing Yan: “…”

Qiao Xiaoxi called out again!!! He was tired of seeing him too!!!

Heart, state, collapse, collapse!

Chris rolled on the floor with laughter and coaxed: “Qiao Xi, ignore him, see whatever type you like!”

“Chris!” Jing Yan exploded, and said with gritted teeth, “Don’t forget my handful of rice. And the meat that I feed you—”

The little Leopard stretched out his paws and pointed to a fox beauty not far away: “Well, do you like that type?”

The little chick took a closer look, shook his head, showing that he didn’t like it.

Jing Yi patted the ground and roared: “Look there, there are super beautiful women!”

Chris and Qiao Xi: “Wow!”

Jing Yan: “You, you two—”

He felt that he was about to faint. He reached out and grabbed the little chick, and pressed him into his arms tightly, and said angrily, “Don’t look at it, Qiao Xi will be spoiled by you!”

Qiao Xi was caught against Jing Yan’s hard chest. He was held so tightly that his beak was hurting.

“Hahahaha!” Chris was about to die of laughter, then he squeezed his eyes and said, “Why, don’t you want to know what type Qiao Xi likes?”

Jing Yi also said meaningfully, “That’s right, brother, you don’t want to know?”

Jing Yan definitely wanted to know.

Only then did he react, subtly falling into silence.

Qiao Xi stretched out his wings, patted Jing Yan’s arm softly, and said vaguely, “Jing Yan, relax!”

Jing Yan quickly let go, Qiao Xi rubbed his chicken mouth, panted, and said suspiciously: “Are you really angry?”

Jing Yan: “…” Of course he was really angry! But he was really curious now…

He didn’t know what type Qiao Xiaoxi liked…

Although there was a high probability that a beautiful woman would be pointed out, but if he knew the style that Qiao Xi liked, then it was not impossible for him to try in that direction. Let’s see, for example, whether to be mature, or, ahem, youthful, he could do thia to test the chick, although it was impossible for him to directly become a big boss dressed in women’s clothing…

Jing Yan had no confidence so he exchanged looks with Chris and Jing Yi.

The latter two both had expressions of “what are you afraid of, just ask directly”.

Jing Yan hesitated and asked carefully, “Qiao Xiaoxi, is there really a type you like here?”

Qiao Xi tilted her head and turned to look at the street again.

There were not only the fox clan on the street, but also orcs of various clans, each with their own style.

Did he like the type?

Qiao Xi never thought about this problem. From childhood to adulthood, he had never paid attention to any girl.

To say what type he liked, he really couldn’t say it.

And he always felt that he…

Qiao Xi’s eyes subconsciously followed a man who passed by in front of him.

Jing Yan, Jing Yi, and Chris were all paying special attention to his movements at this time and were stunned when they saw his gaze following a passing man for a few seconds.

Eh… man?

Qiao Xi reacted, was startled, and quickly retracted his gaze.

Chris and Jing Yi looked at each other, but Jing Yan was stunned for two or three seconds before he could react.


His muscles tightened instantly, his Adam’s apple rolled down, and his voice became hoarse when he spoke: “…Qiao Xi? You, you like—”

“Ah, there is a phone!” Qiao Xi cried out in panic!

Inside the small bag on his back, his phone was indeed vibrating.

Jing Yan couldn’t hold back at this moment, he closed his mouth, and then said with some disordered breathing: “Qiao Xi—”

“Wait, wait!” Qiao Xi didn’t know if it was because he was nervous or what, but he was trembling lightly. He hurriedly found his mobile phone and didn’t dare to look at Jing Yan, but he could feel the gazes of Jing Yan, Chris and Jing Yi trained on his body.

His heart was beating non-stop, and the temperature of his body had risen!

Qiao Xi answered the phone quickly and pretended to clear his throat as if everything was normal, but his voice was still a little unnatural: “Hello? Are you here too? Hmm, okay, I-I’m out now, me? I’m– -“

From the beginning to the end, Jing Yan stared at him closely, opening and closing his mouth several times, as if he couldn’t bear to stay silent any longer.

Chris thought for a while, walked over, and touched Jing Yan’s foot lightly. After two touches, Jing Yan took his scorching gaze away from Qiao Xi and gave Chris a glance.

Chris shook his head at him.

Jing Yan frowned, his whole body was tense now, the moment he realized that Qiao Xi might also like men, he only felt that all the blood in his body had rushed out of his brain, squeezing out all other thoughts, so he couldn’t interpret the significance of Chris’s action at all!

Seeing Qiao Xi turn his head to speak, Chris whispered, “Wake up, don’t scare him.”

Jing Yan was stunned.

Qiao Xi seemed to like boys, but he was obviously very nervous about this topic. He probably hadn’t fully understood it yet, so he shouldn’t force him to think clearly at this time.

Anyway, Qiao Xi had realized it now, and he would slowly figure it out, right?

Wouldn’t he feel bad if he upset Qiao Xi?

Jing Yan tightened his fingers.

Some of his thoughts were impatient, and some were impulsive, making him want to get an answer right away.

But Chris was right.

He couldn’t scare Qiao Xiaoxi.

Jing Yan gritted his teeth.

After a while, he took a deep breath with restraint and relaxed his whole body.

Qiao Xi had been very nervous in Jing Yan’s tight embrace, and it could almost be said that he was evading and delaying using the phone call with his friends, but suddenly, he was put back on the ground by Jing Yan.

He regained his senses and glanced at Jing Yan.

The man crouched down, patted his head, and after meeting his eyes, he bent his eyebrows at him.

The man had his back to the sun, the smile in his silver eyes was a little apologetic and tender, and Qiao Xi’s heart seemed to be caught in that smile.

“…Then why don’t we set off now and gather immediately, how about it, Qiao Xi?” The little friend asked from the other end of the phone.

Qiao Xi subconsciously said: “Oh, good.”

After making an appointment, he hung up the phone, and Qiao Xi looked at Jing Yan.

Jing Yan asked with a normal face: “Are you going to meet now?”

“Well, because they also arrived earlier, so I said we could meet earlier.” Qiao Xi replied, a little confused.

Jing Yan stood up and said, “Then go over there. I’ll have a team of guards follow you later.”

“Well…” Qiao Xi asked again, “What about you guys?”

“We’re just going for a walk nearby, just call us if you have something to do!” Jing Yi said heartily.

The attitudes of the three were very natural.

Qiao Xi breathed a sigh of relief, nodded and said, “Yeah!”

The restaurant that Qiao Xi and his friend had made an appointment with was on the road ahead. It seemed to be an Internet celebrity restaurant, which was very popular.

The three sent Qiao Xi over and waited for Qiao Xi to enter the restaurant before leaving.

Qiao Xi sat alone in the reserved seats, and after a while, collapsed on the chair.


Did he really like men?!

In fact, since knowing that Jing Yan liked men, Qiao Xi had felt that something was wrong with him, but he had never dared to think about it.

Until with a subconscious action just now, the self that had been hidden in his heart was exposed…

Qiao Xi felt that he was about to explode.

Was it such a shy thing to admit that he liked men?

No, no!

Qiao Xi knew that his reaction was wrong!

How could he be shy? Nervousness and fear were normal reactions!

But to be afraid, he had always been an outlier in the crowd, and he had long been accustomed to other people’s alternative gazes. He would not be afraid because of his specialness!

What’s going on with him…

Qiao Xi’s heart was in a mess, and he was distracted as he sent a few text messages to his friends.

The two said that they had met another classmate not long after coming out, who naturally had been Qiao Xi’s classmate as well.

…It was Yu Xiuran, the text message said that Yu Xiuran and his friends were also coming to this restaurant, and asked Qiao Xi if he would mind.

Qiao Xi didn’t have any extra energy to think about others now, so he replied casually: “It’s okay, just don’t let them sit at the same table.”

After the message was sent, Qiao Xi continued to lean his head on the chair and doubt his life.

What type did he like…

He was dying to look at the male customers and waiters passing by…

Just, just think… not even as handsome as Jing Yan…

T/N: I just love how comfortable QX is with being different (even though it is a testament to how hard his life has been)

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