PTTP Ch. 5.2: Kindness is Kindness

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“Hey, that’s right. I just thought that there are usually twelve main gods such as blue dragon, white tiger, etc. in the house. The dragon and tiger are ferocious. If nothing happens, they can’t inexplicably turn around and allow the flying corpse to do evil.” Xie Lingya said.

A similar situation happened at the house of his former high school classmate because the feng shui of the house was not good, and things accumulated over time. When guest ghosts cause harm, in the short term, it will be like Uncle He’s nightmare. If it was not solved in the long term, it would become worse and worse.

Everything happened for a reason. According to Shi Changxuan, the windfall that Uncle He Zun made half a month ago was the reason.

Even Aunt He didn’t know about this. She looked at Uncle He strangely, “What kind of windfall?”

Uncle He said a little embarrassedly: “Half a month ago, I had dinner with my client, Mr. Fang, who is in the same business. When we came back, Mr. Fang picked up a bag of money on the side of the road. There must be hundreds of thousands in it. He smoked something at that time and gave me 20,000 yuan, and I just used it casually. Is it so serious to pick up money? I drank too much that day, and if I had picked it up myself, I would definitely have sent it to the police station, really. Picking up more than ten thousand yuan, I can’t do it!”

Shi Changxuan was silent for a moment, frowned and said: “That was not a windfall, it was life money.”

Uncle He’s face froze, “What do you mean?”

“Wait a minute, Mr. Fang from Tongxing?” Mr. Wang suddenly looked strange next to him, “Is he that stingy Fang Zhenxing? I heard two days ago that all his business was transferred to other people, and he seems to be sick.”

As soon as these words came out, the room was filled with silence.

Uncle He felt goosebumps all over his body, and he shivered even though it was broad daylight.

Although people would not get rich without a windfall, if they wanted to spend the windfall, they had to take risks. Going in vertically and going out horizontally. Horizontal was actually a metaphor for death. Who knew whether a windfall of fortune would turn into a windfall of death.

Xie Lingya had heard his uncle say something like this before. It was said that in the 1980s, a farmer in the countryside picked up five yuan and spent it happily. However, he turned around and fell ill. The gain was not worth the loss.

At that time, Wang Yuji was asked to help. Wang Yuji said that the money was cast with a spell and was deliberately thrown on the ground. If anyone greedily picked up the money, no matter how much they spent, they would be out of luck.

This was actually a kind of transfer. Maybe the original owner was sick, and through the money, this illness or curse was transferred to the person who picked up the money. This person spending the money was like a signal.

This kind of evil curse appeared more often in the countryside a few decades ago. You could break the curse, but breaking this kind of evil curse was equivalent to fighting with the person who cast the curse. If you couldn’t fight, you may die.

Wang Yuji never charged money for doing such favors. According to custom, the recipients would come to visit during the third festival to congratulate them. Xie Lingya could still see some of them when he was a child. But as time went by, people gradually stopped coming, and they only came most in the first few years after receiving the kindness. Later, as the information network developed, fewer and fewer people came to Wang Yuji, a poor Taoist priest, for help.

Aunt He also knew Fang Zhenxing, and was no longer able to disbelieve him at this time. Hearing about Fang Zhenxing could not help but make them afraid, “Then what should we do now? Shall we pay back the money?”

“If you don’t know who cast the curse on the money, how can you pay it back?” Shi Changxuan said: “The money was mainly spent by Fang Zhenxing. You haven’t used up the money, so it’s just that your fortune has plummeted and attracted guest ghosts. Just drive away the guest ghosts and welcome back the house god. In addition, leave the remaining money to me.”

“That’s right, it’s not all spent.” Uncle He couldn’t be more convinced and immediately ran upstairs to find the money. When he came down again, he held a stack of money in his hand. Xie Lingya knew at a glance that it was about eight thousand yuan.

Shi Changxuan glanced at them and remained silent for a moment, took out a piece of yellow paper and wrapped the money in it.

Uncle He saw him wrapping money in yellow paper without touching his hands directly, so he immediately nervously pulled the paper and wiped his hands. Aunt He whispered from the side: “What’s the use of wiping now!”

Uncle He laughed dryly and said respectfully: “Daozhang Shi, what should we do now?”

“When welcoming the house god, you need to choose the time according to Cong Chen’s method. Please write me the birth dates of the host and hostess.” After reading the horoscopes, Shi Changxuan calculated that it could be done at ten o’clock tonight.

“Okay, then you can stay for dinner.” Uncle He said, looking at Xie Lingya again, a little unsure whether to keep him or not. It stood to reason that this was the last step. Wasn’t it bad for colleagues in their line of work to watch others do their thing?

But Xie Lingya didn’t take the initiative to leave, and Shi Changxuan didn’t say anything, so of course he wouldn’t say anything either.

Xie Lingya just wanted to chat with Shi Changxuan. Moreover, he always felt that there was something wrong with this matter, but he didn’t expect it would be what it was for a moment.

Unfortunately, Xie Lingya didn’t have a chance to be alone with Shi Changxuan until after dinner. After the sun set, Uncle He and his wife did not dare to leave Shi Changxuan’s side. Just like Uncle He said, before when they just had nightmares and didn’t know the inside story, it was okay, but he was so scared when he knew what was really going on.


At ten o’clock in the evening, Mr. Wang had already regretfully left because of something, but He Zun was still there.

From nine o’clock, Shi Changxuan started preparing to draw the talisman.

Let me mention here that there was a Zhengyi Taoist priest in the Taoist sect. He could live at home and practice Taoism, and he could also eat meat and marry a wife.

There were different schools in the Taoist sect, some were good at talismans, and some were good at alchemy. Zhengyi was the representative sect in the talisman sect, and those who used talismans to exorcise ghosts and so on were all from this sect.

“What kind of talisman should Daochang Shi draw? Let me help you.” Xie Lingya said this. Maybe Uncle He thought he wanted to get involved and share the money. In fact, he wanted to show Shi Changxuan his ability to hold up the fort.

Shi Changxuan looked at Xie Lingya for a while, and actually handed the pen to Xie Lingya, “Seven Yuan Household Talisman.”

I can do this. Xie Lingya was overjoyed and took the pen readily. However, he tried his posture and found that it was not very convenient to draw on the table arranged by Shi Changxuan, so he simply sat on the ground and leaned on the coffee table to draw.

In fact, he really wanted to play “Little Jumping Frog” because it would have more feeling, but he could hold it back.

Uncle He and his wife were both laymen and didn’t think anything was wrong at all.

Shi Changxuan moved his lips, but said nothing in the end, looking at Xie Lingya with a somewhat speechless expression.

Xie Lingya didn’t know how much he needed, and he didn’t want to show his timidity in front of others, so he drew ten groups of talismans in one go.

However, Shi Changxuan didn’t stop him. He thought to himself, damn, there was no mention in the notes of any kind of ritual that required so many talismans to control the house. Ten groups were not enough, so he simply stopped and said, “I’ll go to the toilet, and you draw.”

Shi Changxuan looked at him and said, “No, one group was enough.”

Xie Lingya: “…………”

Xie Lingya comforted himself in his heart, he was at least able to show you how long-lasting his skills were!

Shi Changxuan took out the magical weapons from his bag, arranged them, and put on his Taoist robes.

When Xie Lingya saw it, he couldn’t lose. Although he didn’t have a Taoist robe, he did have a magical weapon, so he opened the box he brought with him, took out the Three Treasure Swords, and casually waved it in front of Shi Changxuan’s eyes.

Shi Changxuan pinched his hands in front of the altar and recited the incantation.

He Zun stood beside him and asked, “Teacher Xie, this wooden sword is very old. How do you use it?”

“This is called the Three Treasures Sword,” Xie Lingya said. “It is a magical weapon left by the previous master of our Baoyang Temple. The Three Treasures are the three moves of swordsmanship. The first sword is the Sword of Kindness…”

At this time, a dark wind blew in the room, and the incense candles lit by Shi Changxuan began to sway, and the lights flickered. The window was filled with darkness, and a permeating chill filled the entire space.

Such a situation made Uncle He and his wife hug each other tightly and tighten their hold on the talisman Shi Changxuan gave them.

Shi Changxuan swept away coldly, threw a handful of rice from the corner of the room to the middle of the living room, and then sprinkled it all the way to the door.

Guest ghosts were invisible and you must use external objects to observe their movements.

Shi Changxuan held the sword with one hand and pressed the door with the other hand, preparing to drive out the guest ghosts.

If an expert saw it, they would tell that every move he made was standard enough for teaching. He was just casually strolling in the courtyard, but if you looked carefully, he didn’t take an extra step or use an extra effort.

It was this calmness that comforted He Zun to a certain extent. He comforted himself that it was okay, it was okay, and when he saw Xie Lingya looking at him very calmly, he gritted his teeth and asked, “Keep talking, what next? What’s it like?”

The yellow talisman was blown loudly, and as the lights flickered on and off, something seemed to be approaching in the darkness. The cold wind blew, and the rice grains on the ground rolled slightly.

Xie Lingya stared at the rice on the ground and said slowly: “The sword of kindness is like water, kindness is the kindness of kindness…”

The rice on the ground in the middle of the living room suddenly jumped, but the direction it fell was not towards the door, but unexpectedly towards the onlookers.

Actually a sneak attack? Xie Lingya quickly pulled He Zun away with quick eyes and hands.

Before He Zun could get scared, he saw Teacher Xie turning around and slashing fiercely with his sword in both hands, cursing: “Damn it, eat my loving sword!”

He Zun: “…………”

The wooden sword stopped three-thirds of the way on the ground. It was obviously a wooden sword, but it had an unstoppable momentum. It shook the rice grains several inches away, and there seemed to be several faint, hallucinatory screams, with endless tones. It was miserable and made everyone shiver.

But just for a moment, the seemingly non-existent whistling sound disappeared, the lights that were originally going on and off suddenly brightened, the candlelight that had been suppressed suddenly jumped up, and the coldness in the room suddenly disappeared!


Shi Changxuan looked at Xie Lingya a lot more this time, and put his hand down from the door with an expressionless expression…

What kind of guest ghost was there? It was that a guest died at home.

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