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Hearing that he had grown taller, Mo Gungun was so happy that he jumped on the spot. Lu Xiaoqi looked at the naked and handsome boy with a pair of deep black eyes.

As if he noticed the big monster’s gaze, Mo Gungun opened his arms and rushed towards him, rubbing himself into the big monster’s arms.

Mo Gungun kissed him intimately, and his dark pupils were as bright as diamonds and stars.

Lu Xiaoqi took a deep breath, this was the so-called natural flirt…

Holding the dishonest young man in his arms, Lu Xiaoqi kissed his cheek: “Okay, I know Gungun is the best.”

The atmosphere between the two of them while having lunch was particularly harmonious, but Xiao Hong and Xiao Huang didn’t know what they were doing in the pendant and did not participate.

After lunch, Lu Xiaoqi saw that the panda was sleepy, so he carried the dazed boy to the lounge next door.

Although he was a deputy marshal, Lu Xiaoqi had a working area according to the marshal’s specifications. The work area included a lounge, office area, training area, health area and a small conference room. The lounge was fully equipped, but it seemed that the original owner had never used it. The furnishings here were still the same as before and had not been touched at all.

This was indeed the first time Lu Xiaoqi used it. He gently placed the boy on the bed and covered him with a quilt.

The bed in the military headquarters was not very soft, so Mo Gungun groaned after lying down.

Lu Xiaoqi had a smile in his eyes and put his arms on both sides of the young man’s head. He lowered his head and looked at the young man steadily, his eyes gradually getting darker.

Go to sleep.

Looking at the young man’s pink lips, Lu Xiaoqi’s dark pupils overflowed with a hint of scarlet.

He looked up suddenly and closed his eyes tightly.

The veins on his forehead throbbed.

Lu Xiaoqi’s brows furrowed slightly, as if he was suffering from uncontrollable pain. His body trembled violently, he exhaled a breath of turbid air, and then he opened his eyes faintly. The original scarlet color had disappeared without a trace and never appeared again.

The deep black pupils were flickering, and there was a storm inside.

Beside the big monster, Mo Gungun slept deeply, not knowing what the problem was with the big monster.

Mo Gungun woke up to hear some hearty laughter, stretched out, shook his two round ears, and opened his eyes in confusion. He stared at the gray cloth for a second. Then he raised his head and saw the big monster’s stern jaw, and then he came to his senses.

Unknown to him, he had turned into a panda in his sleep, and now he was in the big monster’s pocket.

The old marshal who was talking to Lu Xiaoqi noticed that two black ears suddenly appeared on his bulging chest.

The round, delicate little ears were still shaking back and forth. In the next second, half of a furry little round face appeared, and the black eyes looked over. Those shiny black pupils were wet, curious and cautious.

Lu Xiaoqi lowered his head and stroked the little fat panda’s head with his fingers.

Mo Gungun raised his head and moaned twice with his tender and soft face.

Lu Xiaoqi’s eyes softened.

As a big boss, the old marshal usually smiled with a hidden knife, but today he actually laughed out loud.

The stronger you are, the more irresistible you are towards soft little things.

But the little dot with watery eyes in front of him struck a chord with the old marshal. The black eye circles were very delicate and also very funny.

The originally small eyes accentuated a bit of silly cuteness.

The old marshal laughed and said, “Is this the hairball that is popular in the world in your arms?”

Lu Xiaoqi’s eyes flashed and he nodded slightly: “Yes.”

Old Marshal: “I didn’t expect that you, the cold boy who pays the most attention to military regulations, would be the only one to bring a pet to the military headquarters.”

Lu Xiaoqi closed his eyes slightly: “Maybe I have lost sight of it after experiencing life and death.”

After looking at Lu Xiaoqi for a moment, the old marshal burst out laughing. After laughing for a moment, he stretched out his finger and said, “Then let me see it?”

Lu Xiaoqi responded and patted his chest gently.

Mo Gungun knew that he was being called, so he stretched out his two little paws to pull at the edge, and his chubby little body arched out.

It landed on the palm of the big monster. Then Mo Gungun raised his front paws and raised his little head to look at the old marshal.

The old marshal and Mo Gungun looked at each other.

After a moment, the old marshal’s expression became solemn: “Is this panda of yours called Gungun?”

Lu Xiaoqi said expressionlessly, “Yes.”

The old marshal had a profound meaning: “There are many incredible things in the world that people only regard as nonsense, but it’s not as if they do not exist.”

Lu Xiaoqi had no reaction.

Looking sideways at the panda with a half-smile, the old marshal said, “You think so.”

Lu Xiaoqi nodded: “Yes.”

After the old marshal finished speaking, it was as if the episode just now had not occurred at all. Instead, he stretched out his finger towards the panda: “Come here, little guy.”

Mo Gungun lay on the palm of the big monster’s hand, “Yeah.”

The old marshal smiled and touched Mo Gungun: “What a cute little thing.”

Mo Gungun was touched twice by the old marshal, but he felt nothing special.

On the other hand, Lu Xiaoqi’s face turned slightly gloomy.

With a deep glance, the old marshal waved his hand: “Okay, you go back first and prepare a report document.”

Lu Xiaoqi stood up and said goodbye. His hand never let go of the little panda.

After leaving, Mo Gungun raised his head and yelled.

Lu Xiaoqi lowered his eyes: “It doesn’t matter.”

The old marshal showed his kindness and just reminded him that someone had noticed Mo Gungun. The boy in school and the panda on the Internet were one and the same. After touching the panda, Lu Xiaoqi’s pupils became sharper.

After leaving the old marshal’s office area, Xiao Hong and Xiao Huang appeared. Xiao Hong’s cheeks were rosy and his lips were a little swollen. However, Xiao Huang’s expression was unstable, as if nothing had happened.

Lu Xiaoqi’s enigmatic eyes glanced at Xiao Huang, who calmly nodded to him.

Then, Xiao Huang glanced past Mo Gungun and looked deeply at Lu Xiaoqi, with a hint of contempt in his eyes.

Lu Xiaoqi: “……”

Although this little thing was small, his thoughts were deep.

Lu Xiaoqi glanced past Xiao Hong and saw his evasive expression, as if he was extremely shy.

Lu Xiaoqi: “……”

Looking at Xiao Huang again, it was clear that he was showing off in his eyes.

Lu Xiaoqi: “…” Okay, this little guy was capable.

Suddenly, Xiao Hong covered his nose.

Just as he was walking around a corner, Lu Xiaoqi looked sideways and saw General Li with a bad look on his face. Beside him was a man in a robe with his eyes closed.

Then General Li: “What did he say?! How could my son do it? How could it be possible!!!”

“If I hadn’t saved a little bit of his soul, your son would be dead now.” These were the words of the master in robes.

General Li was trembling with anger, his eyes full of pain and resentment: “Okay, okay, master, you say I’ll do it as long as I can avenge my son! I must make them pay the price!”

Master: “Don’t worry, I have sealed your son in my eyes.”

Admiral Li: “Okay, can I see my son?”

Master: “Yes, but he may not be able to sense you. You can only watch and not speak. Otherwise, he will be stunned.”

Admiral Li said excitedly: “Okay, I will definitely not say anything.”

The master untied the patch on his eye and opened his eyes. Seeing the pupil that was exactly the same as his own son, General Li was trembling so much that he could hardly speak. Looking at it, he choked with sobs: “Oh.”

His son had previously said that he wanted to join the entertainment industry and did not like the power tactics of the military. He had no choice but to find someone who could take care of him. But who would have thought that the damn bastard would take his son away and in the end, his son would never return, further he actually learned that the news of his son’s death from other people’s mouths.

If he hadn’t seen his son’s body, he wouldn’t even have believed it.

His son…. Had died.

Admiral Li ignored the irrationality of the matter due to his emotions, and was stunned by the master, believing his words.

Mo Gungun’s eyes were bright and he looked at Xiao Wen beside him.

Xiao Wen grinned and sneered: “Remember that short-lived contestant? He is dead.”

Mo Gungun was stunned.

Xiao Wen turned to Lu Xiaoqi and said solemnly: “It seems that we didn’t find him but he came to our door by himself. However, he should have come prepared…”

They went out to explore before and indeed found this place.

But because their magic couldn’t spy, they could only come back to report the news. It was precisely because they couldn’t do it that they confirmed that it was the existence that Lu Xiaoqi was about to find.

After all, it was not easy to place a curse on the general without them noticing.

Sun Xiaoquan came back with an angry ghost baby, his face gloomy: “He found us, ghost baby was injured trying to save me.”

Mo Gungun was stunned and muttered twice.

Lu Xiaoqi covered his mouth: “Shh, we’ll talk about it when we get back.”

Now that the source of the curse had been found, it was best to make a decision before taking action. The ghost baby needed immediate treatment.

Mo Gungun nodded obediently and brought the ghost baby over.

Xiao Hong covered his nose with tears in his eyes: “That master or something, it stinks so much!”

The ghost baby, who was originally breathing weakly, opened his eyes with difficulty and giggled at Mo Gungun. He seemed to be finally satisfied, and he said “Mom” in his mouth, and then it became a little blurred.

Lu Xiaoqi was very fast, and they quickly left the military headquarters.

On the way, Mo Gungun read the four chapters countless times with tears in his eyes, and finally rescued the little ghost baby, but he was too weak. It just struggled to stay awake for a few minutes before turning into a small point of light. Mo Gungun put him into the pendant to raise him.

Sun Xiaoquan held back tears and said, “Is he okay?”

Mo Gungun shook his head: “It’s much better.”

Sun Xiaoquan finally breathed a sigh of relief. He wiped his face vigorously and said guiltily: “It’s all my fault! If it hadn’t been for me…”

Xiao Wen slapped him: “It’s indeed you who acted recklessly and acted out of impulse.”

Sun Xiaoquan staggered after being beaten but did not resist. The tears he was holding finally fell: “I was wrong.”

Xiao Wen glared at him, but finally turned around and ignored him.

This guy finally knew that force was sometimes useless, especially when he was not capable enough and may even cause harm to the people around him.

Mo Gungun was stunned. This was the first time he saw Xiao Wen so angry.

Returning to the floating island, Lu Xiaoqi frowned.

On the surface, it seemed that the master who cursed him was the master, but tracing the origin, it was not the same person at all.

That master, he was a Zerg in human skin.

In other words, the Zerg took action and adopted human methods to attack him. The military headquarters was already full of moths, and he didn’t know how many people were actually minions of the Zerg clan.

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