CFCS Ch. 227.2: Ending (2)

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The Heavenly Empress, whose body had not yet recovered, was almost dying because of the catastrophe she endured again. She might have been able to keep her primordial spirit in the Yushen Pool. But as long as she thought that Yu Ji gave birth to the child of the Heavenly Emperor, she couldn’t keep her emotions from falling, so the sharp energy in the Yushen Pool broke apart her soul, and her soul flew away from the ninety-ninth heaven and reached the realm of nothingness.

Although Yu Ji also endured the catastrophe but because most of the catastrophe was borne by the Heavenly Empress instead of the Heavenly Emperor, although she was also injured, she did not die. She returned to the heavens with her newborn child. Although this child was born to her and the mortal emperor, it was the emperor’s own son after all, and it also brought down the catastrophe. Although it was not like the prince Jing Yang, one was born a god, but the other was also an immortal at the moment he was born.

After the Heavenly Emperor’s tribulations were over, he returned to the Heavenly Realm. After learning everything, he was thunderously furious. The Heavenly Emperor removed the godhood of the water god and demoted the water god to live in an extremely cold and barren land.

As for Yu Ji, the Heavenly Emperor imprisoned her in the Thunder Tower and punished her to suffer from lightning strikes forever. No matter how hard Yu Ji begged or how she admitted her mistake, the Heavenly Emperor showed no mercy to her, he had only anger and hatred for her.

The Heavenly Emperor was going to the realm of nothingness to collect the soul of the Heavenly Empress. Even if he was the Heavenly Emperor, he didn’t know if he could come back after going to the realm of nothingness, so he entrusted Jing Yang, who was still in his infancy, to the god of war Shang Wang and let him raise Jing Yang up.

Shang Wang was the ancient god of war, a few generations older than the Heavenly Emperor, because he had been living in the east of the ninety-ninth heaven, guarding the entire heaven, and was revered as the god of war in ancient times, even the Heavenly Emperor had to show him respect, so he was the only person who the Heavenly Emperor could entrust not only Jing Yang, but because he was going to the realm of nothingness, so the entire heaven also had to be entrusted to Shang Wang.

Shang Wang himself had no children, and it was also the first time he helped others to raise children. He originally thought that as long as the child grew up well, he would not have failed the entrustment of the Heavenly Emperor, but he watched that little person grow up little by little with his own eyes. In the process of getting along, actually a different feeling emerged between them.

Shang Wang didn’t know how to raise a son, so he treated him well based on his own feelings, and unknowingly, he raised a little lover who was spoiled by him to become unruly and willful. However, Jing Yang, as the prince of heaven, must know what he should know, so Shang Wang found many capable gods to be his teachers to teach him.

So when the two were alone, they could be intimate, they did everything that lovers should do, and Jing Yang rode on the head of Shang Wang and acted recklessly. But as long as anyone else was present, they were serious, like a pair of real father and son who were truly loving and filial.

They lived too long as immortals. Jing Yang had lived for tens of thousands of years. Although the prince had a lot to do, sometimes he still felt that the life of an immortal was really boring.

In order to have some fun, Jing Yang used the Qiankun mirror to see what ordinary people were doing and thought it might be interesting to refer to. Then he became obsessed with watching all kinds of bloody love lives in the world, and he not only watched, but also learned, and after learning, he wanted Shang Wang to cooperate with him.

The overbearing village head fell in love with me series, the devil’s sacrificial lover series, and the dog-blood incest series, which were so-called role-playing games, all had to be played with Shang Wang’s cooperation, and if he didn’t cooperate, he would get angry and ignore him.

Shang Wang was really helpless and speechless about Jing Yang’s hobbies at the beginning, but as the last god from the ancient times, he could understand how boring living for too long could be, so he cooperated with him when he wanted to play. Jing Yang played all the characters he found interesting with Shang Wang in private, and after playing for more than 10,000 years, he finally got tired of playing.

Although Jing Yang was tired of role-playing, but because he was too involved in the play, he often switched between various emotions, sometimes willful, sometimes sad, sometimes lively like the sun and sometimes gentle like water. Shang Wang had long gotten used to cooperating with him, anyway, Jing Yang was only like this when the two got along in private, but when facing other people, he was more serious than him, and the majesty of the prince of heaven was quite enough.

Jing Yang had not seen his father for tens of thousands of years, but he had always been the prince, and he had no intention of inheriting the position of the Heavenly Emperor, which meant that the current Heavenly Emperor was still alive. Jing Yang felt that it would be good to be the prince all the time, this would keep could his hope alive that maybe his father and mother would come back someday.

But Jing Yang was already tens of thousands of years old, and it was time for him to marry a princess, so various goddesses and immortals often appeared in front of him. Jing Yang had no interest in those goddesses and immortals, he would feel very uncomfortable if touched by them, because he only wanted to be intimate with Shang Wang.

Jing Yang thought, Shang Wang is many times older than him, and he hasn’t even married a wife, so why do those gods insist on me marrying a wife?

Then he thought, before he was born, Shang Wang had lived for a long time, much older than his father, why didn’t he marry a wife? As the ancient god of war, and the only ancient god that still existed, a god that even the Heavenly Emperor had to be in awe of, wouldn’t there be any goddesses who would want to marry him? This was obviously abnormal.

So Jing Yang began to investigate silently, and found that there were many goddesses and immortals who wanted to marry Shang Wang, and there were not a few who used various means to get close to Shang Wang, but he hadn’t noticed it at all before.

In fact, the reason why Jing Yang didn’t find this out was that on the one hand, he didn’t have that consciousness before, and on the other hand, Shang Wang deliberately didn’t want him to know, so he never found out.

And Jing Yang, who had begun to have this awareness, was often jealous because of those goddesses who create opportunities to approach Shang Wang, but they were all small troubles. Shang Wang just regarded it as the interest between the two, and he would not be angry, in fact he would coax him, because although Jing Yang had a bad temper, he was also very easy to coax.

Until the Red Flame Goddess and the Snow Mountain Goddess fought for Shang Wang, and the Snow Mountain Goddess was injured because she couldn’t beat the Red Flame Goddess, then Jing Yang learned that Shang Wang actually went to visit the injured Snow Mountain Goddess, and he didn’t come back for several days after going there. This time the vinegar jar was completely overturned.

As the prince of heaven, Jing Yang didn’t need to go down to the earth to experience calamities, he only had to do it after becoming the Heavenly Emperor. Although he had done role-playing for more than 10,000 years before, it was just a fun game between him and Shang Wang after all and had nothing to do with real life in the mortal world. So he had always wanted to go down to earth to experience the life of a mortal, but Shang Wang had always refused, saying that after he became the Heavenly Emperor, he would naturally have the opportunity to go down to experience mortal life.

This time Jing Yang overturned the jar of jealousy, and just entered into the willful character emotions, so thinking about what Shang Wang didn’t let him do before, he insisted on doing it. So he went to the reincarnation platform where the gods descended to the world, and reincarnated.

Jing Yang originally just wanted to vent his anger and hoped that he would go back to the heaven after the first life, but he didn’t expect to be taken advantage of by others like his father, which led to his thousands of reincarnations without his knowledge.

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