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When he arrived at the subway station, Jiang Li’s cell phone rang. He took a look and saw that it was from his elder brother Bi Xi. It had been almost a year since he left Dragon Palace to live alone, and his eldest brother was still worried, and would thus call him every three days.

The two brothers talked for a while, and then returned to the cliché topic.

“I can take care of myself,” Jiang Lan pursed his lips, and the corners of his mouth curled down in frustration: “I couldn’t stay in the Dragon Palace forever. And Bai Ze also said that my turning point is among the human race.”

Taotie was a dragon’s son, but he was also a fierce beast. Dragons had been auspicious beasts since ancient times, but since Jiang Lan had gained consciousness, there had been two forces in his body tugging at each other. In ancient times, it was the instinct of a fierce beast that drove him. Later, the Dragon Clan found him, and his elder brother Bi Xi brought him back to the Dragon Palace, where the auspicious aura of the Dragon Clan in his body gradually overwhelmed the ferocity. He liked the life in Dragon Palace, but Taotie’s instinct reminded him all the time that even if he tried hard to disguise himself as a harmless person, one day, he would still be unable to control his instinct and might destroy everything he cherished.

Jiang Lan was afraid of such a vision coming true, and he had been trying his best to suppress his instinct, but in recent years, his hunger had become stronger and stronger, and it had become more and more difficult to suppress. It was as if there was another voice in his mind bewitching him to devour everything. He always remembered that when his elder brother brought him home, he took him to meet Bai Ze, and at that time Bai Ze said to him: “You have to remember that Taotie is greedy by nature, but you are not Taotie, don’t be fooled, you are just yourself.”

Jiang Lan was dazed, but Bai Ze refused to say any more. It’s just that since then, he had named himself Jiang Lan, and was always alert to himself[1].

Until a year ago, he felt that the hunger in his body was becoming more and more difficult to suppress, so he went to see Bai Ze again. At that time, Bai Ze, who knew everything, had become a little old and confused, and was rarely sober. When he saw him, he only said “Your turning point is in the human race”, and then fell asleep again.

That’s why Jiang Lan made up his mind to come out of the Dragon Palace and struggle alone in human society. It was just because he wanted to be Jiang Lan, and not the monster gluttonous beast that even the transgressors turned pale upon hearing about in ancient times.

When he brought out Bai Ze, Bi Xi really stopped trying to persuade him to go home. Hearing him sigh on the other end of the phone, Bi Xi asked, “I heard from Hu Can that you plan to find another part-time job?”

Speaking of this, Jiang Lan was finally happy, even though he tried hard to suppress it, the corners of his slightly raised lips still leaked out and he felt a little proud: “I have found it. I have been admitted to the establishment of the Hanyang Sub-district Office. After May 1st, I can report there.” Human beings made waves, and people were also arranged in small and inconspicuous units such as the sub-district office. It was not only human beings who had to squeeze their heads in the career exams, but the demon races and monks also had to squeeze their heads to grab those places. Jiang Li’s idea was that since the missions of the secret service team were unstable, he would go to the grassroots and take the initiative to find work. Although most of them were little demons and little ghosts doing things but if they were added up, it could be counted as performance plus bonuses.

Thinking of the new life in the future, Jiang Lan couldn’t help but roll his eyes with a smile.

Even Suan Ni in his pocket couldn’t help showing half of his little furry head, and echo, “Fifth Brother is super powerful!”

Jiang Lan glanced around, and quickly pushed back this younger brother who liked to take the lead. The tone of Bi Xi on the phone became more relaxed, and he said: “Since you want to go, go, it will be hot soon, I will ask Uncle Gui to deliver the summer clothes I bought for you and Xiao Ni soon.”

This time, Jiang Lan didn’t refuse again, and hung up the phone after saying “um”.

Jiang Lan lived in Jiahe Jingyuan in Hanyang District, which was an old community that was quite old. However, the environment here was very good, and most of the residents were locals and very kind. At the time, Jiang Lan fell in love with this place at first glance and bought a house in one go while taking advantage of the bonus. Now it seemed that his approach was very correct. If you replace him with a human or some other little demon, having your own houses, and a stable job would already be considered a very good life. Jiang Lan was contented and happy and was very satisfied with the status quo. It would be better if his stomach didn’t tell him that he was hungry all the time. When he returned home, Suan Ni crawled from his pocket to squat on Jiang Lan’s shoulders, as he rubbed his furry head against Jiang Lan’s face, and grunted, “Fifth brother, I’m hungry.”

The steak just now did not make him full at all.

“You eat the small cake first.” Jiang Lan gave him the packaged cake and went to search for food by himself. These human foods were delicious, but for him, they were just for tasting. If he really wanted to fill his stomach, he still had to eat something with aura.

Jiang Lan rummaged for a long time and found the last five pieces of jade. He bought them back at a huge price. He did the math and split the jade in half to make ten pieces. One piece a day would be enough for him to eat for ten days. Until the salary was paid. He went to check the food in the refrigerator. There were still quick-frozen dumplings and glutinous rice balls. After carefully putting away the remaining nine jade pieces, he squatted down and touched Suan Ni’s little head: “Do you want to eat beef dumplings today, or pork and cabbage dumplings?”

Suan Ni tilted his head and thought about it seriously and said: “I’m tired of eating meat stuffing, let’s eat something vegetarian today, let’s eat shepherd’s purse dumplings[2].”

Jiang Lan got up and went to cook dumplings for him. Suan Ni ate half of the small cake and kept half and pushed it to Jiang Lan when he brought over the dumplings. Jiang Lan squeezed his younger brother’s cheeks and said with a smile: “You eat, I can’t get enough even after eating this.”

Suan Ni’s cheeks were pinched, and his speech was a little leaky, and he seemed to be childish as he said: “You are too bad!”

Jiang Lan didn’t argue with him, he took a mouthful on his own initiative, and fed the rest into Suan Ni’s mouth. Suan Ni’s mouth was stuffed, and a pair of big golden eyes stared at him unhappily. Jiang Lan smiled and rubbed him, urging him to eat the dumplings while they were hot, and nestled on the sofa to play with his mobile phone.

As soon as he picked up the phone, Director Hu’s call came in. Jiang Lan waited for a while before answering the phone with a smile.

Director Hu really came to ask about the blind date. He had praised Ying Qiao before saying there was nothing in the sky and nothing on earth that could compare on him, and Jiang Lan couldn’t just say that Ying Qiao had a monthly salary of 3,000 and was a prodigal now. So, he could only praise Ying Qiao according to Director Hu’s words, and then conclude by saying: “Ying Qiao thinks we are not suitable.”

“How could it be unsuitable?” Director Hu muttered on the phone: “I asked Yue Lao[3] to read your destiny, Yue Lao said that your marriage line is tied with each other!”

Jiang Lan: “…” Didn’t Yue Lao only care about human marriages? He had never heard of any big demon looking for a partner asking Yue Lao see their marriage line.

But with short hands, he couldn’t refute anything. He just huh-huh perfunctorily, and then listened to Director Hu on the other end of the phone delivering a long speech by himself.

Director Hu babbled on the phone for a while, as if he had suddenly figured out something, and said a final word: “It’s about the future of the demons, and this matter must start well. I’ll talk to Ying Qiao first, if it’s really unsuitable, you two just act for a while, after our work starts smoothly, you can do whatever you want…”

Jiang Lan just wanted to refuse, but he heard him say again: “Of course it’s not for nothing, the remaining 10,000 bonus I’ll send you right now.”

“…” The refusal reached his lips and he swallowed it back, then Jiang Lan said, “Okay.”

Director Hu hung up the phone with satisfaction, and a few minutes later, Jiang Lan received a transfer notification on WeChat.

Jiang Lan looked at his younger brother who was looking at him curiously, patted his little head happily, and said, “I’ll take you to eat roasted pig’s trotters tomorrow.”

Suan Ni’s eyes lit up, and he happily jumped onto his lap and rolled over.

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[1] Lan means greed in Chinese. He is saying that he is alert towards his own greed.


[3] Chinese God of Marriage.

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