CFCS Ch. 192.2: Anyang Saga (13)

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Xue Chengyu was completely at ease. He helped Jing Yang to walk to Xu Zhenren and asked with a high attitude, “Does Zhenren think this is recognized by the gods?”

“This…” Xu Zhenren’s shock had not disappeared, he didn’t expect Jing Yang to walk through the fire so easily without even burning his clothes, so of course he couldn’t say no. He looked at Su Huai hesitantly, and could only say, “This should be approved by the gods.”

“Should?!” Xue Chengyu’s voice rose, with dissatisfaction in his tone, obviously he was very uncomfortable with Xu Zhenren’s answer.

“It’s not wrong that since he was able to walk through the sea of fire so smoothly, he should have the protection of gods.” Xu Zhenren could only strengthen his affirmative tone due to Xue Chengyu’s majesty.

“Since it has been proved that my betrothal partner is someone recognized by the gods, can I just ask him to help me clear my evil spirits?” Xue Chengyu said.

“…” Xu Zhenren looked at Su Huai, and after receiving the hint from Su Huai’s eyes, he said, “This is the completion of the sea of fire, but if the matter of the hundred birds is not done, we cannot be completely sure that that he is the person who is recognized by the Gods. Therefore, this Taoist thinks that it would be better for His Highness to give it a try as well. With one more person, in the end, there will be one more chance of success.”

“For the sake of the prince, I am willing to try this sea of fire.” Su Huai looked at Xue Chengyu as he said this.

Xue Chengyu said blankly, “You don’t have to try it for me, I won’t be grateful to you, because I only believe that my betrothed is the one who is recognized by the gods and destined for me.”

“The prince is unwilling to accept my help. But this is what I should do as a Prince.” Su Huai looked at Jing Yang and said, “For the sake of the prince and for the common people, I will never let the fake ones pass the test and cause irreversible disasters.”

Under everyone’s attention, Su Huai walked towards the road of fire with a firm expression on his face.

Su Huai had done experiments before and knew that he might get a little burnt, but it wouldn’t be life-threatening. But seeing the red charcoal and the burning flames, he couldn’t help but feel a little timid. However, his expressionless face because he was too nervous made him seem calm.

Su Huai walked onto the charcoal fire and felt a burning sensation at first, but it was still in a tolerable range. He tried to make his steps bigger and faster, so that he could finish the fire road earlier. But his feet were getting more and more sore, making every step very difficult and he was unable to go any faster.

Others were a little surprised when they saw that Su Huai was also walking in the fire, and he was not burned and screaming, but after watching Jing Yang’s part, they were no longer surprised and shocked. They just thought, when did it become so easy to walk in the fire, are these two not ordinary people?

Su Huai’s walk was getting harder and harder. For a distance of 20 to 30 meters, on an ordinary floor, he would be able to walk in the blink of an eye, but he had a kind of hardship that couldn’t see the end, because it was too painful.

The muscles on Su Huai’s face began to twist because of the pain, which was in stark contrast to the scene where Jing Yang was walking in the fire just now. Everyone watching felt that he might not be able to hold on anymore, it was too painful, and the hem of his clothes was burnt to black, and the soles of his feet must also have been burned.

Su Huai originally wanted to show how hard it was for him to go through, so that others would feel that he had to go through the fire road for Xue Chengyu and endure this huge pain, so they would have awe and sympathy for him, and it would also make Xue Chengyu feel grateful to him. But with Jing Yang’s performance in front of him, his appearance only made people feel that since it was so painful, why should he try to take this path of fire, it just made people a little anxious.

Su Huai finally managed to finish the fire road. As soon as he stepped on the slate, he immediately collapsed to the ground. His attendant quickly lifted him up and sent him to the sedan chair to sit and gave him medicine.

“Hmm.” Xu Zhenren cleared his throat and said, “Since both of them have passed the test of the sea of fire, it means that there are only two people who are recognized by the gods. Who is the one who is really recognized by the gods? Tomorrow, we will see who can pass the test of a hundred birds flying around.”

“Prince.” Su Huai’s attendant hurriedly ran to Xue Chengyu’s side and said, “Our Prince invites you to come over.”

Xue Chengyu didn’t even look at the attendant, he helped Jing Yang to walk towards the sedan chair, “Come on, you should be tired too, go back and have a good rest.”

“Hey…” The attendant saw that Xue Chengyu ignored him and was anxious. Xue Ye called out, but he didn’t have the guts to chase after Xue Chengyu, so he could only run back to Su Huai himself.

All the onlookers, whether ministers or commoners, were very shocked by what they saw today. The picture of Jing Yang walking through the fire road was played repeatedly in their minds, making them feel that maybe Jing Yang was descended from an immortal, so he was the one who was truly recognized by the gods.

As for Su Huai’s painful walk through the road of fire, although they all saw it, no one recalled it again and again.

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