CFCS Ch. 193.1: Anyang Saga (14)

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In the imperial capital, from the officials down to the common people, they were all discussing the matter of Jing Yang crossing the sea of fire. If not for the fact that many people had seen it with their own eyes, they would not be able to imagine that this was true.

Even King Annan was surprised that Jing Yang was able to walk through the fire so smoothly, and the emperor was even more shocked and puzzled, because Su Huai had told him that only he could do this, but Jing Yang not only did it, he did it better than him.

Compared with Jing Yang, Su Huai’s appearance as he walked through the fire path in great pain made the people feel that it was very obvious who was recognized by the gods. It’s just that they didn’t get the final result. Even if their hearts were already biased towards Jing Yang being the one recognized by the gods, there was no way for anyone to be sure that the result would be the same as they thought.

Some people who understood the open and secret struggle in the imperial court felt that, after all, Su Huai was the prince, if he was not chosen as the person recognized by the gods, the royal family would not allow such a thing to happen. However, the Annan Palace was not a fuel-efficient lamp. They were obviously protective of Jing Yang, and they will definitely not let it go.

This night, most of the people in the imperial capital stayed up all night, because they were too curious about what the scene would be like tomorrow, who would successfully become a person recognized by the gods, and would something unexpected happen in the middle? These thoughts that made them unable to sleep peacefully.

Jing Yang went to bed after washing up, lay on Xue Chengyu’s chest, squinted and asked, “Is everything ready for tomorrow?”

“I let others arrange the other things.”

“Oh.” Jing Yang just asked casually, anyway, those things didn’t need him to worry about, what he really cared about was another thing, “Today, the look in the Prince’s eyes while looking at me was a bit strange, did you see it?”

As soon as he said this, the cold light in Xue Chengyu’s eyes flashed, “I saw.”

“I think he recognized me?” On Mount Wei, the prince looked at him with a very wrong look, and it could even be said to be a little evil.

“It shouldn’t be, he just has no good intentions towards you.” Xue Chengyu said, “He has been vigorously looking for people who look similar to you in recent years, as long as someone is a little bit like you, no matter who it is or whether that person wants it or not, they will be brought into the Prince’s Mansion by him, and they will be spoiled for a while in reality, and then when he would feel that they are not like you, they would be tortured to death by him not long after. Although you were wearing a human skin mask today, your eyes couldn’t be covered. He must be interested in you because of your eyes.”

“This person is really disgusting.” Jing Yang felt that this Prince was too perverted, and he felt disgusted when he thought about it. This kind of person is simply a pervert with a robber character. If he really became the emperor, he would definitely be a tyrant, and don’t know how much suffering the people in this world would have to suffer.

“No matter what he thinks of you, I will never let him succeed. If he dares to take action, I will let him know what it means to neither live nor die. Even if he doesn’t take action, I will not let him feel better.” Xue Chengyu had already thought about what to do with the Prince in his heart, just because he had been obsessed with An Yang for so many years, and now he had moved his thoughts towards Jing Yang in a way that he shouldn’t, he would not forgive him lightly.

“This kind of person can’t be made better. Letting him suffer and then die can be regarded as revenge for those who were tortured to death by him.” Jing Yang said.

“Go to sleep.” Xue Chengyu hugged Jing Yang, wrapped him in his arms, bowed his head and kissed his forehead and then said, “Don’t worry about other people, you just need to think about me.”

The imperial capital was all discussing Jing Yang, Su Huai didn’t achieve the effect he wanted, so he was naturally angry. He smashed everything he could touch, but he still felt annoyed, he felt that he absolutely couldn’t let Jing Yang go.

Su Huai’s mind was a mess, he forgot that his feet were still bandaged, and he stood up suddenly, then a piercing pain spread from the soles of his feet to his whole body, so he screamed and fell back on the bed.

His attendants stood in the corner, trembling with fright, and did not dare to ask him when they heard his cry.

Su Huai was lying on the bed, tears of pain coming out of his eyes. When the pain was relieved a little, he carefully lifted his feet onto the bed, and said loudly to the attendant, “Come on, prepare a paper and pen!”

The attendant quickly brought a pen, ink, paper, inkstone, and a low table, bypassing the smashed objects on the ground, he placed them on Su Huai’s bed.

Su Huai wrote hard on the paper, but he didn’t know if it was because of anger or because of the pain in his foot, which made his hand holding the pen tremble constantly, but the handwriting was very ugly.

After Su Huai finished writing, he folded the paper and handed it to the attendant, saying, “Let the guard send it to Xu Zhenren, and let him do what I wrote on the paper. If he doesn’t do it, he knows what the consequences will be.”

The attendant was careful as he took it, he then walked out quickly and handed the paper to the guards and let them deliver it to Xu Zhenren as quickly as possible, and then told them what Su Huai had said.

Su Huai was sitting on the bed, his breathing still could not calm down, he couldn’t accept the fact that he was being compared with Jing Yang. Over the years, his life had been smooth sailing in the imperial capital, and he had not been so frustrated for a long time. Further, Xue Chengyu’s attitude towards him made him even more angry. He was an ordinary man with a long face, he just had better-looking eyes, why did Xue Chengyu only treat him differently? Just because he saved him?

The more Su Huai thought about it, the angrier he became. He didn’t fall asleep all night and sat on the bed directly until dawn. He was simply waiting to set off for Mount Wei.

Jing Yang had no dreams all night and slept quite peacefully, so he was in good spirits after waking up in the morning.

Xue Chengyu got up earlier than Jing Yang and went out early in the morning before coming back.

Jing Yang was having breakfast when he saw that Xue Chengyu was in a bad mood when he came back, so he looked at him and asked, “What happened? Did something happen?”

“Nothing happened, but it’s almost too soon.” Xue Chengyu said, “Don’t worry, even if it’s just the delusions of those people who want to hurt us, nothing will happen.”

Xue Chengyu didn’t say what was going on, and Jing Yang didn’t ask any questions, anyway, their opponents were only the family surnamed Su, and they had been in the Annan palace for a long time. Everything was under control, and there was nothing to worry about.

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