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Jing Yan could hear clearly!

After Qiao Xiaoxi woke up, he said sweetly, “Jing Yan, I have a little pain in the back”!

Jing Yan’s intuition told him that this sentence was not simple!

Qiao Xiaoxi must have been dreaming, something must have happened in the dream!

Qiao Xi: “…”

The little chick quietly turned his head away and whispered: “No, I didn’t dream…”

The big black wolf came over and whispered: “If you didn’t dream, why did you suddenly recover your humanoid form?”

If he didn’t have a dream, how could he have recovered so easily!

Qiao Xi: “…”

How did Jing Yan become so smart at this time!

The little chick didn’t say a word, but the big black wolf put his head near him, urging: “Qiao Xiaoxi!”

Qiao Xi glanced at him, and softly complained: “… pervert!”

Jing Yan was sure now, so he covered his chest.

Damn, Qiao Xiaoxi was literally drowning him with candy!

After regaining his senses, he became even more excited: “When Hei Yu hypnotized you a week ago, who was the other protagonist in your dream?”

Little Chicken turned around and showed his back to Jing Yan.

Jing Yan quickly let out a wolf howl: “Was it me? Was it me? Damn it, I really envy the me in your dream!”

Qiao Xi was almost ashamed: “Don’t say it!”

Jing Yan was still fighting the chicken blood injecting him: “You, what did Hei Yu hypnotize you for? Why did you want to have a spring dream related to me—uh!”

The little chicken slapped the big black wolf in the face, and said angrily, “Don’t ask! Don’t ask! Don’t ask this question! Don’t ask the butterfly also!”

Jing Yan couldn’t calm down at all, he had suddenly discovered so many truths, how could he still calm down! He couldn’t wait to run around the palace twenty laps with his chick in his mouth!

Suddenly, a voice came from under the tree.

“By the way… how long are you two going to stay on the tree?”

Qiao Xi quickly peeled off the leaves and looked down, only to see five pairs of eyes staring at them.

Qiao Xi: “!!”

How long had they been watching them!

Jing Yan was happy at the moment, and he said happily with his tail wagging: “Just coming down!”

After saying this, he lightly grabbed Qiao Xi, and fell to the ground as soon as he jumped up.

At this moment, the servants in the palace were all lying on the fence of the corridor, talking a lot.

The eldest prince had always been indifferent to people. The servants had only seen the eldest prince’s slightly friendly side when Young Master Jiao Yue and the others appeared, but they never thought that the arrogant eldest prince could act so crazy.!

Everyone’s eyes couldn’t help but focus on the little chicken who was carefully placed on the ground by the big black wolf.

This change was because of this little chicken?

By the way, this seemed to be the prince from the bird clan, right?

Jing Yan didn’t care about other people’s eyes and rubbed the chick who was too shy to speak again, softening the stiff body of the chick, he then lay down and let the chick jump on his back.

The attendants were even more astonished – the eldest prince was willing to let someone ride on his back?!

At this moment, Jing Yan held his head high and his tail twitched, looking extremely proud.

As soon as he saw Hei Yu, he was about to speak when he suddenly remembered something, and when he looked back, he encountered the death gaze of the rookie chicken.

Hey, Qiao Xiaoxi is too shy!

Although he was very curious about why Hei Yu had hypnotized him, but Qiao Xi didn’t let him ask, so he should not ask first, otherwise it would be bad to provoke Qiao Xi.

Thinking of this, Jing Yan flicked his tail in a pleasing manner, and said with his chest held high: “Hei Yu, there is no need to hypnotize Qiao Xi anymore, he is already healed!”

Hei Yu was taken aback for a moment.

Jiao Yue raised his eyebrows and asked jokingly: “Okay?”

Qiao Xi shook a little, and poked Jing Yan hard with his beak!

Although it seemed that Hei Yu and the others would know about it no matter what… but he was just shy!

Jing Yan was attacked by the chick’s mouth, but his tail swung faster, and his tone was full of pleasure: “Well! Just after sleeping with me for one night!”

“Sleep for one night?!” Chris was shocked, “You two didn’t put the things in his dream into practice—”

“No! No!” Qiao Xi was going crazy again, “We just slept normally!”

Jing Yi tilted his head: “Eh, fake. Can you get better if you just got a good night’s sleep?”

Qiao Xi: “…”

Of course it was impossible.

Everyone looked at the two with meaningful eyes.

Qiao Xi chose to bury his head in the big black wolf’s fur.

Jing Yan was so happy that he kept smiling like a fool, and his tail was about to fly away.

On the way back, everyone was gossiping about them. Jing Yan wanted to show off to the world, so he was naturally happy to participate in this “press conference”, but Qiao Xi was thin-skinned. Whenever the big black wolf was about to float up, he would poke him with his chick’s mouth!

No one thought that so many things could happen in one night.

These two… were better than they thought.

Chris shouted: “You guys are too hot and heavy in the morning!”

Jiao Yue raised his lips and said, “Qiao Xi was frightened by Jing Yan just now?”

Jing Yi: “My brother finally got his wish. In other words, thanks to Hei Yu’s hypnosis!”

A Xue chuckled lightly.

Jing Yan nodded in agreement, and said to Hei Yu reservedly, “Thank you.”

Hei Yu also said reservedly, “You’re welcome.”

In other words, he hypnotized him to help Qiao Xi master the transformation as soon as possible, and immediately afterwards, Qiao Xi had a c dream, and the object of the c dream now seemed to be someone. So Qiao Xi’s “thinking” was…

Tsk tsk, he looked at the chick on the black wolf’s back.

Qiao Xi directly covered his face with the black fur on Jing Yan’s neck, and didn’t want to speak anymore…

After returning to the wooden house, Jing Yan looked at his room, pondered for a second, and said deeply: “From this evening, Qiao Xiaoxi, just sleep in the same room with me.”

Everyone’s eyes gathered together, Qiao Xi’s hair exploded slightly: “I, I still want to sleep alone!”

Jing Yan was struck by lightning: “Why? Are we not already there? Aren’t you in love?!”

“It’s too fast… but, anyway, I still have to sleep alone!” Qiao Xi shyly jumped off the wolf’s back and ran to his house with his thin legs.

Even though he was like that with Jing Yan in his dream and Qiao Xi also admitted that he really enjoyed it, ahem… But if all that were to come true, he would be a little embarrassed! What he thought in his head was really different from what they saw in reality!

What’s more, everyone was watching!

Jing Yan chased after him: “But you knocked on the door of my house on your own initiative last night…”

The little chick turned around and ran towards the big black wolf, wanting to stab him to death with his chick’s mouth!

The big black wolf lay on the ground to be poked, then he roguishly hugged the little chicken, and the wolf and the chicken got together.

“It’s nothing to see!” Chris yelled, “It’s too much, dog abuse!”

The others glanced at him.

The little leopard muttered: “Damn, I’m going to call Ye He!”

…Oh, the misery of being a single dog is the worst.

Qiao Xi was rubbed on the ground by Jing Yan, his feathers became messy, and his body felt hot.

There was a small chuckle from Jing Yan’s throat.

When he stopped, he said softly, “Qiao Xiaoxi, I’m so happy.”

Qiao Xi was panting.

After a while, he hugged the big black wolf’s head and said softly, “I’m also very happy.”

Jing Yan backed away a little, and Qiao Xi got up from the ground.

Jing Yan looked at the little chick and really felt that he couldn’t see enough. The chick was so sweet that his heart was bubbling with sweetness.

“Qiao Xi, I’ll ask the doctor to check on you again in the evening. I’ll go to the palace to deal with some things later, will you go with me?” Jing Yan asked.

“I can’t help you.” Qiao Xi wondered.

Jing Yan said warmly: “Just stay with me, I just want to be with you.”

“…” Qiao Xi said, “Okay, then wait for me to change and put on my clothes. I can feel my body has stabilized.”

Huh? After the fake pregnancy got over, did his transformation become stable?

Jing Yan didn’t think much about it, but said happily, “Okay!”

After the agreement was reached, Qiao Xi returned to his room.

He could clearly feel that his body had changed.

Sure enough, as soon as the door closed, Qiao Xi closed his eyes and looked for a feeling. When he opened his eyes, he had changed into his human body.

…It was because of Jing Yan that he could do it.

…He didn’t know why, but there was a particularly subtle sense of adulthood in his heart.

Qiao Xi blushed thinking.

While dressing, he thought again that the person in Jing Yan’s painting was actually him! And Jing Yan fell in love with him at first sight, that’s not…

Qiao Xi suddenly remembered the scene when the two met and stopped.



Thinking about it this way, when they first met, Jing Yan was mad because he had been woken up, but when he saw his human figure, he suddenly became polite.

He always thought that Jing Yan changed his attitude because he understood that he was an orc and not a real chicken, but thinking about it this way, could it be because of…

A knock on the door sounded.

Jing Yan’s voice came from outside the door: “Qiao Xiaoxi, have you changed your clothes?”

Qiao Xi walked over to open the door.

Seeing the humanoid Qiao Xi, Jing Yan, who had also turned into his humanoid form, blushed. Just as he was about to speak, the beautiful young man in front of him blinked and asked abruptly, “Jing Yan, do you think I’m good-looking? “

Jing Yan: Why ask such an obvious question!

He blushed and said: “You’re beautiful! I always thought you were the most beautiful in the world!”

Qiao Xi: “When we first met?”

Jing Yan enthusiastically confessed: “The first time I saw you, I thought you were super beautiful. Invincible and the best looking!”


Qiao Xi whispered: “Pervert!”

After that, he slammed the door shut!

Having won today’s second “Pervert”, Jing Yan was confused: “Qiao Xi? Why did you close the door? You…”

He suddenly thought that Qiao Xi would not think he was just lusting after him!?

Jing Yan’s face changed, and he explained in a panic: “Qiao Xiaoxi, I like you not only because you are good-looking! When you look at me, I have a feeling, that, that kind of feeling of being shot by an arrow, I It’s never been like this, you’re different to me! And, and I also think your animal form is super cute, even if you don’t change into a human form and always look like a chick, I-I will be You are so cute! No, I have already been killed by you!”

The door was opened again.

This time, Qiao Xi had covered his face and was squatting on the ground.

When Jing Yan saw it, he squatted down as well and said nervously, “Qiao Xiaoxi, if I didn’t really like you, I wouldn’t like it now, do you understand what I mean?”

“…What are you doing!” Qiao Xi’s voice was muffled.

“Are you angry?” Jing Yan nervously pulled Qiao Xi’s hand down.

Unlike what he had imagined, the young man was indeed not angry, but his face was flushed.

He slowly raised his eyes, even with a touch of red on the tip of his eyes, his eyes were both funny and helpless: “Why should I be angry…”

Qiao Xi just never really thought about it – even if Jiao Yue had once reminded him and Jing Yan had also praised him – but he always felt that their words might be comfort or kind encouragement to reassure him that he would be okay, so Qiao Xi didn’t take it seriously.

He didn’t even think that he could fascinate his boyfriend with his beauty…

 ——Why would he be angry about this kind of thing!


Just very happy!!!

Qiao Xi raised the corners of his lips and suddenly approached Jing Yan.

The two were so close that their noses were almost touching each other.

Jing Yan’s eyes widened and he quickly stepped back a little, blushing so red that he was about to bleed.

He covered half of his face with the back of his hand, obviously too embarrassed: “Qiao Xiaoxi…”

Qiao Xi: I’m so happy that I want to go around in circles!!!

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