SLDH Ch. 52.1: Beginning of Spring

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On the sixth day of the Lunar New Year, the Spring Festival holiday was over, and people who had gone home for the New Year began to return to work one after another.

In some coastal tourist cities, tourists had also left one after another, and the lively beaches quietened down. The sanitation workers rolled up their sleeves to clean up. They wanted to take advantage of this time to quickly clean up the garbage around the coastline, because after a while, new tourists would come.

It was just that the garbage on the coast was really difficult to clean up. The garbage here had just been cleaned up, and a wave came, and a new pile of garbage was washed back to the shore. The staff at the coastline were used to it. They knew that the garbage in the sea could never be cleaned up completely. They just needed to clean it up several times frequently so as not to affect the overall view.

“Lao Wang, how are you doing over there?” The sun was about to set, and it would be dark in a while. Today’s work was basically over, and Lao Li dragged a bag of garbage to ask his partner in the distance.

“I’m coming soon, wait until I pick up these clothes.” The clothes were soaked in sea water, and they were so heavy that the old man couldn’t pick them up with the trash pliers, so he had to squat down and pick them up with his hands, “This seems to be a cotton jacket, how can such thick clothes be found on the seaside?”

“What’s so strange about this, someone must have gone out to sea on a boat overnight, fell into the sea, or it might have drifted over from somewhere far away.” Lao Li came over and explained, “You just transferred here, so you don’t know that there are all kinds of garbage in the sea.”

“Then shall we go out to salvage the boat?” Lao Wang asked.

“No, the sea is too big. Where can we salvage it? Besides, the garbage in the sea will be picked up by the waves one day. We can just pick it up on the shore.”

“Oh.” Lao Wang seemed to understand and nodded his hand understandingly, the two chatted and left slowly in the afterglow of the setting sun. Behind them was the beach that had just been cleaned up. The silver-white soft sand reflected a layer of soft gold in the setting sun.

This was one of the most famous scenic spots in the East China Sea, Sunset Golden Beach. Countless tourists came here every year, but the irony was that because there were too many people coming, the beach was crowded with people, until the beach couldn’t be seen at all, so where could they see this scene.


The waves washed over the beach over and over again, and from time to time they brought over a few pairs of shoes, or a few bottles, and then the waves receded, and at the same time, the sound of the sea was conveyed to the depths of the sea.

A huge black turtle was lying in a cave on the seabed. He silently digested the conversation between the two sanitation workers, and then touched his chin with his short brown claws in a very humane way: “So there is so much garbage in the sea because the sea area is too big and humans can’t clean it, and they are waiting for the waves to send it back. Well~~~ Then I will help you.”

After making this decision, the old turtle closed his eyes and withdrew into the turtle shell, and then used all his demon power to perceive the garbage in this sea area, and then left a mark. The old turtle was one of the earliest demons in the East China Sea. He may even be one of the earliest creatures in the world. Even if he just slept every day, after a long time, his cultivation would have reached the peak of the ninth rank. At this time, the demon power of the ninth-level peak was infinitely expanded, and the vastness of the sea area radiated by the demon power was unimaginable.

But the old turtle had never consumed its demon power to such a large extent, so when it released half of its demon power, it became a little sleepy.

“Ah, it’s getting dark outside. That’s it, send these up first, and I’ll talk about the rest when I wake up.” The old turtle was shaking and anxious, and a burst of demon power was released from the turtle shell. The surface of the sea suddenly set off a huge wave, rushing towards the beaches of various coastal cities.

Fortunately, it was not fishing season at this time, so there were no fishing boats on the sea, and it was late at night, so when the huge tsunami-like waves rushed towards the shore, no one noticed and it did not cause a panic. The hundreds of meters high wave seemed to be conscious. When it rushed to the shore, it just spit out the garbage wrapped in it, and then quietly receded.

In the early morning of the second day, when the sanitation workers on the coastline went to the beach to clean up, they were stunned by the sight in front of them. Garbage piles tens of meters high filled the entire beach.

“It is reported that in the early morning of this morning, a large amount of garbage suddenly appeared on the coasts of major cities along the East China Sea, including XX city and MM city. There were no traces of vehicles driving on the shore, and the garbage seemed to appear out of thin air. According to expert analysis, this batch of garbage is likely to be those washed ashore by the waves, some people even think that this may be a warning from the sea to humans. Now sanitation workers on major coastlines are actively disposing of this garbage.”

Mi Wan saw this news early in the morning, and immediately looked at it with a strange expression. Then she glanced at the direction next door, and then started to flip through the comments below.

1L: Wsipe, so much garbage, it would take a tsunami to send it over.

2L: If there is a tsunami, could those people by the sea still sleep peacefully until morning?

3L: Am I the only one who noticed that there is so much rubbish in the sea? I swiped through the pictures, and I actually saw diapers. Why are diapers in the sea?

18L: Back to 3L, diapers are nothing, maybe when the sanitation workers are moving the garbage, there will be a few human corpses underneath.

19L: Is there any expert to explain?

20L: According to experts, it was washed up by waves, and the cause is still under investigation. However, I think it may be a certain immortal cultivator who used the Five Ghosts Transporting Technique.

21L: Are immortals sick, carrying garbage in the middle of the night?

22L: Can immortals not be environmentally friendly?

80L: It seems that there will be one more unsolved mystery in the world.

81L: I decided to call it the curse of the sea.

82L: I rub it. I am terrified after thinking about it. I will never throw garbage into the sea again. If it is accidentally washed away, I will swim over to get it back.

83L: +1

84L: +2

85L: +3

A series of added comments appeared at the end, and the corners of Mi Wan’s mouth twitched, so you guys who silently added 1 are the ones who had thrown garbage in the sea before?

Mi Wan took a screen shot of this news, forwarded it to Fan Chen, and asked: (Was that nine-level turtle who did this?)

Fan Chen‘s news came back soon: (It should be.)

Mi Wan: (Aren’t you afraid of causing a panic?)

Fan Chen: (Sometimes proper awe is beneficial.)

Mi Wan smiled and took a screenshot of the comment about not littering anymore: (The effect looks really good.)

Fan Chen: (I hope it can last longer this time.)

Mi Wan raised her eyebrows: (You sound a little pessimistic.)

Fan Chen: (Human beings are very forgetful.)

Mi Wan: (This is true, just like me, I’ve been with you for a long time, and I almost forgot that the Qiankun Vine that killed me belonged to you.)

Fan Chen: (…)

Mi Wan looked at the string of ellipsis, and she could imagine Fan Chen’s expression at this time, imaging that she couldn’t help but feel happy, so she suddenly jumped up from the bed in a happy mood.

On the other side, Fan Chen received a call from Quan Juncai: “My lord, the Demon Hunter Association has asked us to come forward and explain.”

“Explain what?” Fan Chen said in a deep voice.

“Why did you use your demon power without their permission to cause panic?” Quan Juncai conveyed the meaning of the Demon Hunter Association in a concise manner.

“Scram.” Fan Chen spit out three words expressionlessly.

“Understood.” Quan Juncai stroked his chin, showing a standard foxy smile, and began to think of words to convey the message. This was an order from Lord Demon King, he had to execute it well.

After breakfast, Mi Wan went to the pet shop. At this time, Xu Zhuang had already returned to work and was cleaning the pet shop wearing a mask. On the other side, the sparrow spirit was working hard to sort the garbage, and every time it was sorted, it would be taken to Xu Zhuang for a look.

“Old Xu, do you think this is the right way?”

Xu Zhuang glanced at the trash can, frowned, and said, “How many times have I told you that these packages are for medical use, and they are all toxic and poisonous waste.”

“Oh.” The sparrow spirit scratched his head and took it back to continue sorting.

“Be careful when sorting. Did you read the news about a lot of garbage on the coast this morning? I guess, during this time, the government will focus on environmental protection again. Garbage sorting must be the focus of attention. I still remember half a year ago, were you in the mood to be asked what kind of garbage was in the trash can?” Xu Zhuang said.

“I’ll wipe it, wait for my next garbage sorting app.” Sparrow Spirit was terrified, those old men and aunts were really scary.

As Mi Wan listened, she suddenly thought of Grandpa Mao Mao. When she first woke up, she was always caught by him to teach garbage sorting.

“Boss, are you here?” The sparrow spirit looked up and found that Mi Wan had arrived.

“Boss.” Xu Zhuang also greeted her with a smile.

“Do you want me to help?” Mi Wan asked with a smile.

“No, we’re almost done.”

Mi Wan nodded and didn’t insist. She found a place to sit down, and opened the worksheet arranged by the sparrow spirit, hoping to see if any demons would come over these days to see the doctor.

Flipping over the worksheet, Mi Wan took a cursory glance. Her work arrangement had been scheduled for a full month, and almost every day there were demons who wanted to come for treatment.

“Huh~~” Mi Wan snorted softly, she found that in the full month’s schedule, one day was blank. Mi Wan didn’t remember asking the sparrow spirit to give her free time, why was there no one scheduled to be treated on this day?

“Little sparrow, do you have something to do on the eighth day of the month?”

“Yes, I want to talk to you later.” The sparrow smiled and said, “I’m going to ask for leave to go home on the eighth day of the lunar new year.” What special significance did it have for demons? Mi Wan couldn’t help but glance at the calendar, only to see that the lower right corner of the space on the eighth day of the lunar new year was marked with a solar term: Beginning of Spring.

Beginning of spring? Mi Wan thought about it but couldn’t think of anything.

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