SLDH Ch. 52.2: Beginning of Spring

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While she was thinking about it, her cell phone rang suddenly, the caller was Mi Shao, and Mi Wan answered the call.

“Sister, are you at home, are you at home?” Brother Mi yelled into the phone as if he had been stimulated by something, and Mi Wan’s ears were almost deafened by the shock.

“Keep down.” Mi Wan moved the phone away from her ears, still feeling pain in her eardrums, “What stimulated you?”

“Sister, are you at home?” Brother Mi’s voice was a little softer, but his tone was still excited.

“No, I’m at the pet shop.” Mi Wan replied.

“Then let us come and find you.”

“Us?” Mi Wan was taken aback, “Who are you with?”

“Yang Kaize, me, and Wei Ji.” Brother Mi seemed to have just remembered that he hadn’t explained himself to his sister yet. As for the reason for the excitement, he explained excitedly, “Sister, do you know that all the wishes we made under the wishing tree that day were fulfilled. Me and Yang Kaize really got the only two pairs of XX limited edition basketball shoes that were distributed in China, and Wei Ji also said that his grandfather’s illness was much better because of a new prescription. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, sister, have you checked your final grades? Did you pass it too?”

Mi Wan didn’t check because before the Chinese New Year, Han Xiao checked for her, and all subjects were passed with low margin. Otherwise, she would have to make up the exam after school started, how could she be as easy as she was now.

“I passed.” Mi Wan replied.

“I knew it! It’s amazing, sister, just wait, let’s go to the Sanskrit tree together today. We’ll take a taxi and come there soon.” After finishing speaking, Mi Xiaodi hung up the phone.

Mi Wan put down her phone speechlessly, thinking about it, she felt that she should also thank the little Sanskrit tree. However, Mi Shao was a little idiot, so she had to call the patient earlier, lest he travel all the way to the pet store and not find her.

“Little sparrow, you can ask the other party if he can come over now, I may have to go out later.” Mi Wan could only ask sparrow spirit to adjust the treatment time.

“Okay, let me ask.” The sparrow spirit quickly contacted the patient with his mobile phone.

Fortunately, the other party had plenty of time. Hearing that Mi Wan had something for which she had to go out in a while, he hurried over. After Mi Wan’s treatment was over, Brother Mi and his two classmates appeared in the shop beaming with joy. The group of people stopped for a while and went to the Sanskrit Tree excitedly.

Arriving at the wishing square, Mi Wan found that there was a large piece of red silk on the Sanskrit tree, and there must be an endless stream of people making wishes in the past few days during the Chinese New Year.

“Ah, how should I repay the wish?” When they arrived at the place, the several teenagers got tangled up. They only knew how to make a wish, but this was the first time their wish had been fulfilled, and they suddenly lost their minds.

“Every time my mother goes to the temple to fulfill her vows, she donates a lot of sesame oil money to the temple.” Yang Kaize said.

“But this is not a temple, and there is no donation box.” Mi Shao said.

“Sect… Sister Mi, how do you think we should thank the tree?” Wei Ji asked Mi Wan alertly. The reason why their wishes were realized was all thanks to the senior sister. Otherwise, how could the Sanskrit Tree agree to the wish to buy shoes?

Seeing Wei Ji asking Mi Wan, the other two teenagers also looked over.

“It’s actually very simple, just say thank you very sincerely.” Mi Wan thought for a while and then said, “If you have to do something, just silently promise a good deed that you can do while thanking, and then do it. Then it’s fulfilled.”

“I understand.” Brother Mi’s eyes lit up, then he turned around and faced the direction of the Sanskrit tree, clasped his hands together and silently bowed three times, and then promised, “When I go back, I will donate one-third of this year’s New Year’s money to the Hope Project.”

Yang Kaize heard this and learned in a decent way: “When I go back, I will also donate money to the Hope Project, and I will even donate half of the New Year’s money.”

“How can you do this?”

Mi Xiaodi was suddenly angry, when he was donating one-third, he said to donate one-half. Wasn’t this deliberately demolishing his position?

“My sincerity is quite sufficient.” Yang Kaize said.

“Is my sincerity less?”

Seeing the two quarreling, Wei Ji couldn’t help but follow suit: “Stop arguing, you are no match for me, I will donate all my lucky money.”

“Huh?” The two teenagers who hated each other before immediately joined forces to bully the most sincere guy.

The three of them quarreled for a while, and soon stopped. Mi Shao looked at his sister and urged, “Sister, it’s your turn.”

Mi Wan raised her eyebrows, and imitated the three of them just now, and said in a serious manner: “In order to thank you for letting me pass the exam, I will go over and touch you.”

What? touch? Touch what?

Then, under the doubtful gaze of the three, Mi Wan walked straight to the Sanskrit tree, stretched out her hand, and stroked the trunk of the Sanskrit tree.

Touch the tree? Mi Shao and Yang Kaize suddenly showed indescribable expressions, only Wei Ji understood when he sensed a slight fluctuation of spiritual power: It turns out that the senior sister is using her spiritual power to thank the Sanskrit Tree.

“Shusha~~” (Thank you sister.)

The Sanskrit leaves moved automatically without wind.

Mi Wan smiled lightly and said in a voice that only the Sanskrit Tree could hear: “In the future, if they make unreliable wishes, ignore them.”

“Shusha ~~” (Well, I’ll only open the back door for my sister.)

Back door? The corner of Mi Wan’s mouth twitched, and she vowed secretly that she would study hard this year and never let the little Sanskrit tree let her through the back door again.

“Shusha~~” (Sister, it will be spring soon.)

Huh? Mi Wan was startled: “Is there anything special about spring?”

Did it mean the wind blowing in spring? The climate in spring was the most pleasant among all seasons, so was the little Sanskrit tree telling her that the weather would get better soon?

“Sister, don’t just touch it, I’ll help you by donating another third of my New Year’s money.” Mi Shao remembered that his sister’s pocket money was cut off by his elder brother, thinking that the other party was so picky because she had no money, he rarely became cooperative.

“Okay, remember to do what you say.” Mi Wan didn’t object, younger brother Mi was willing to donate more money, so of course she wouldn’t object. Speaking of which, she had made a lot of money recently, so it was time to donate some.

“Don’t worry, I’m not as miserly as you are.” Brother Mi said disgustedly.

Mi Wan smiled, said goodbye to the Sanskrit Tree, and brought the three teenagers back to the old house again, and asked the driver Xiao Zhang to send them back one by one after dinner. Before leaving, Wei Ji remembered what his grandfather asked him to convey: “Sister Mi, my grandfather has persuaded Liao Tingting to stay in China to study.”

“Really?” Mi Wan was delighted, “She agreed to be a demon hunter?”

“Well, she is very interested in hunting demons, and she also said that she wants to develop a skill so that she can talk to the turtle at home.” Wei Ji laughed, “Grandpa thought there was a turtle demon in her house, so he went to check it out. He found out that it was just the turtle shell that the turtle demon had left behind. It may be because of her natural spiritual veins, she is particularly sensitive to the evil energy, so she thinks the turtle shell is still alive.”

Mi Wan nodded but did not speak. She couldn’t tell Wei Ji that his grandpa went late, while the turtle demon had already returned to the sea early, and it rolled a pile of garbage ashore this morning, making headlines in the news.

In the twinkling of an eye, it was the beginning of spring, because the sparrow spirit took leave today, so he did not arrange any demons to come to the pet shop for medical treatment. Mi Wan was also happy and leisurely, planning to sleep in at home. But she was woken up before dawn.

When Mi Wan was woken up, the window of her room was being knocked by someone, and there was a demonic aura floating outside, obviously a demon was knocking on the window. But the demon who knocked on the window was definitely not Fan Chen, because every time Fan Chen called her, he would only release a wisp of demon power outside the window, never making a sound.

Who was it?

Mi Wan got up suspiciously and went to push open the window.

“Master Mi, good morning.” Outside the window, a flamboyant red fox was floating in the air, greeting her with a smile. There was also a little white fox squatting on his back, waving its paw lazily at her as a greeting.

“Quan Juncai?” Mi Wan recognized the fox demon.

“It’s me.” Quan Juncai nodded the fox’s head with a smile.

“Why are you knocking on my window early in the morning?” Mi Wan hadn’t had enough sleep yet, and she was a little annoyed at getting up at this time. If there was no reasonable explanation, she was not going to let him go.

“Master Mi, today is a good day, let’s go out for an outing.” Quan Juncai suddenly invited.

“Outing?” Mi Wan was about to say that she was not interested, but suddenly remembered something, and couldn’t help asking, “Good day, why is it a good day today?”

“Spring.” Quan Juncai replied.

It’s Spring again, and this was the third consecutive time that a demon had said Spring to her like that: “Is Spring a special festival for you demon clan?”

“Yes.” Quan Juncai nodded with a smile, “Spring is our festival. The festival of the demon clan. After the beginning of spring, the spring returns to the earth, and everything recovers. The spring breeze of this day has the power of blessing. After being baptized by the spring breeze of this day, all the demon clans can become stronger.”

“No wonder.” Mi Wan nodded in understanding, the big festival of the demon clan was equivalent to the Spring Festival of human beings, “Then I wish you a smooth festival, and I will go to sleep…”

“Master Mi, don’t you want to join in the fun? The ceremony is presided over by my lord, and he will also dance at the ceremony~~” Quan Juncai tempted with a trailing voice.

Fan Chen was the host, and was going to dance? Mi Wan subconsciously looked at the courtyard next door: So Fan Chen was not at home these two days because he was preparing for the ceremony, maybe he is hiding somewhere to practice dancing secretly?

Mi Wan suddenly became interested: “Where is your ceremony held?”

“Qianwu Mountain.” Quan Juncai said.

“Where is that?” Mi Wan had never heard of it.

“It’s just two thousand kilometers north of Kangcheng. It’s the highest mountain range in the plain area. But because of the steep terrain, only demons can pass through it.” Quan Juncai explained.

“Only the demon race can go there. You don’t want to fool me and leave me there, right?” Mi Wan raised her eyebrows.

“How dare I, you are the only hope of our demon clan now, if I get rid of you, will my master let me go?” Quan Juncai exaggerated.

“That’s right.” Mi Wan said casually, moreover Quan Juncai had no reason to harm her, even if she was really trapped there, she might not be unable to get out, “Wait for me to change clothes.”

Closing the window, Mi Wan simply tidied up, and then changed into more festive clothes. This dress was from a very famous fashion brand nowadays, and it was a spring dress designed to cater to the theme of a hundred flowers blooming in spring. The whole dress was embroidered with spring flowers of various colors. The colors were gorgeous, but not gaudy. On the contrary, it made people happy at first glance, as if seeing spring.

“Let’s go.” Mi Wan reopened the window.

“Master Mi~~” As a playboy, Quan Juncai naturally understood fashion, he even knew the designer of this brand, so he couldn’t help but whistle, and couldn’t help but read out the slogan of this season’s fashion “Seeing you is like seeing spring.”

It was a pity that on this day, all the demons would return to their original forms, to feel infinitely close to nature, otherwise he must wear this brand of men’s clothing to participate in the festival.

“What poem are you reading? Fly over so I can jump on you.” Mi Wan said angrily. These clothes of hers were sent by Mama Mi, so she didn’t know the slogan of the advertisement, but just picked out a spring dress that she thought was more festive.

Quan Juncai flew over obediently, and Mi Wan jumped onto the fox’s back, and then, ignoring the little white fox’s struggle, scooped it into her arms.

The spring morning was still a bit cold.

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