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Before that, he had only regarded Yu Fei as his childhood playmate and the sister of his friend Xie Lin. Although she was very beautiful, in fact she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, but it was strange that he really didn’t think about her in that regard.

Until that day she broke into his room and startled him, while he was lying on the bed and chatting with Shen Xigou on his mobile phone. He was dazed, as Yu Fei pressed him to the corner of the bed, looking like she wanted to force him.

“I like you, Zhou.” Yu Fei said to him seriously, “Can you understand?”

He was frightened by Yu Fei’s turbulent aura. In the next few days, she stalked him, he didn’t know how to reply to her, so he struggled for several days, and avoided Yu Fei a little. The atmosphere between the two was strange, therefore Xie Lin could easily see it.

One day when Xie Lin was playing the piano in the piano room, in order to hide from Yu Fei, Fu Yuanzhou followed him and hid inside the room, listening to Xie Lin as he played the piano with his mind wandering.

Xie Lin sat in front of the piano and pressed his fingers lightly on the black and white keys. After a while, he said, “Xiao Fei confessed to you?”

“How did you know?” Fu Yuanzhou suddenly stood up with an incredible look on his face, “Did she tell you?”

Xie Lin continued to play the piano without saying a word. After a few seconds, Fu Yuanzhou reacted and sat down slowly again with a complicated expression, then he said: “Did you see that she liked me earlier?”

“Yes.” Xie Lin said.

“When did you see it?” Fu Yuanzhou scratched his head, why didn’t he see it at all?

“A long time ago.” Xie Lin said.

“Is it? You are too keen.” Fu Yuanzhou was slightly startled.

Xie Lin’s hand suddenly stopped playing the piano.

“Only when it comes to you.”

He looked at him, his tone calm.

“Only you can’t see who likes you.”

At that time, Fu Yuanzhou was speechless, but he was unconvinced. He felt that he was not slow to this point, but now he had to admit that he was indeed not very sensitive. Whether it was Ran Shutang or Yu Fei, they had almost reached the point of confession before he could finally confirm it.

Xiaofei liked him.

Whether Xiaofei was a man or a woman, he fell in love with him again.

At this moment, Fu Yuanzhou’s heart beat very fast, and the wavering that had occurred before appeared again. It was a question he had thought about, but he didn’t dare to think about it.

If Xiaofei confessed to him this time, what would he still do? Would he want to accept him?

Fu Yuanzhou once felt that it was impossible for him to accept it. Whether it was falling in love with a man or the difference between Omega and Alpha, it was destined to be impossible for him to be with Yu Fei.

At that time, he also felt that Yu Fei might not like him this time, but now, his persistence had been shaken.

Although such a thought was dangerous and terrifying, it did appear in his mind.

Did men have to be so unacceptable to him?

Facing Yu Fei, Fu Yuanzhou easily softened his heart, not only because they were lovers in their previous life, or because Yu Fei was younger than him, but also because he had a deep sense of guilt towards Yu Fei.

When they got together before, it was Yu Fei who took the initiative to pursue him, but it was him who took the initiative to propose their break up, because he felt that he would drag Yu Fei down.

Yu Fei entered the entertainment industry and became more and more famous. In the future, she would have definitely become popular in the whole circle. But at that time, Fu Yuanzhou’s mother had just passed away. Everyone said that she was mad at him when she died. He was in a mess and in a bad situation. So, for Yu Fei’s future, he decided to break up with her.

He didn’t dare to see Yu Fei, so he broke up with her through a text message. Yu Fei came to him, crying that she didn’t care about other things, begging him not to break up with her, he couldn’t bear it, but he could only be cruel, as he didn’t want to be the cause of her infamy.

In the beginning, Yu Fei’s reputation was very bad, and the black material that slandered her was flying all over the sky. Yu Fei often cried secretly because of that. Fu Yuanzhou would be so angry that his hands would shake at that time.

He watched her get through it all the way. He felt sorry for her and didn’t want her to experience the same thing again.

So, he decided to break up, and in order to avoid her, he even went abroad and hid with Shen Xigou.

He deleted all of Yu Fei’s contact information, although he had it memorized thoroughly, but Yu Fei refused to give up and called Shen Xigou, who came in with his mobile phone to find him.

“Do you want to answer your girlfriend’s call?”

Shen Xigou stood beside him and handed him the phone. Fu Yuanzhou stared at the phone sadly and shook his head silently. Shen Xigou took the phone away. He didn’t know what, but Shen Xigou said something to Yu Fei, and after that, Yu Fei didn’t call again.

“Don’t cry.”

He sat on the sofa with red eyes, and Shen Xigou also sat down, rubbing the end of his eyes with his fingertips: “I’ll accompany you, okay?”

Later, Xie Lin called him and told him to come back, and said, “She has given up. She said that she would have a good time with you, and she didn’t want things to be too ugly between you.”

Fu Yuanzhou had stayed abroad for a long time and wanted to go back. Wanting to take a peek at Yu Fei one last time, he planned to return to China. Shen Xigou wanted him to stay, but he declined, saying that he would come to him in the future.

“I miss the time you studied here, Seven.”

When saying goodbye, Shen Xigou hugged him and said to him, “You were the happiest at that time, without any troubles, there are many people and things that make you sad in that country, why do you want to go back? I don’t want to see you sad.”

“You have to go back after all.” Fu Yuanzhou said in a hoarse voice, “I will see you later, thank you this time.”

“You are welcome to come and find me anytime, I’m always here.” Shen Xigou’s eyes darkened a little, “but I prefer you to stay.”

Fu Yuanzhou shook his head and got on the flight back home.

Xie Lin came to the airport to pick him up. When he saw Xie Lin, he was full of mixed feelings. He was Xie Lin’s friend, but Yu Fei was also Xie Lin’s cousin. What must be his mood?

“I’m sorry…”

He and Xie Lin apologized at the same time.

Xie Lin looked at him and said bluntly.

“You breaking up is what I wanted.”

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