LGHIHW Ch. 13.2: Arc 1.9

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Immediately afterwards, a severe pain quickly climbed up his scalp along his temples, as if a huge sharp claw was crushing his head fiercely, or as if a hacksaw was pulling back and forth in his brain, trying to split him in half.

This indescribable pain could make anyone in the world collapse, but Zhuang Li just shook his body a few times before enduring it.

“System,” he closed his eyes, supported his forehead, and gasped, “Your counterattack is beautiful, which greatly increases the fun of this game.”

He covered his hot temples, grinning his teeth: “The war has begun, the attack will be organized soon, let’s wait and see.”

“This system is waiting for you, come and come! Come on, come on! Just a little bit!” The system jumped left and right on the verge of death.

Zhuang Li took a few deep breaths, then opened the laptop with trembling fingertips, and slowly sorted out the minutes of the meeting just now.

He tried to relieve the severe headache with work.

At this moment, a woman with exquisite makeup and a slim figure came over, put a stack of documents on his desk, and said with a smile: “Zhuang Li, please help me with these documents, before five o’clock. I have to hand it over to the team leader.”

Zhuang Li looked up at the woman, a few drops of sweat dripping down his pale cheeks.

7480 yelled in the noisy voice: “Don’t look at her smiling sweetly, she actually has 0 favorability for you. Do you want to know her evaluation of you? Toad, toad, toad who wants to eat swan meat[1], hahaha, in her heart, you are a toad, a toad, a toad…”

Zhuang Li looked away and said in an annoyed tone, “I’m not free!”

“Oh, just help me, my aunt[2] is here, and my stomach hurts.” The woman clutched her stomach and put on a painful expression.

She was very beautiful, and the way she frowned slightly was also very cute.

But Zhuang Li’s heart did not fluctuate. He flicked away the documents and said sarcastically, “Everyone gets the same salary and does the same job. If you push your job to me, why don’t you give me your salary too?”

The woman blushed and bit her lip, unable to speak for a long time. Seeing everyone looking over strangely, she had no choice but to hug the folder tightly and run away in despair.

7480 laughed and said, “Now her favorability for you is -10 hahaha…”

Zhuang Li was indifferent to this.

Not long after the woman left, a man ran in from the office next door and yelled: “Zhuang Li, please help me make a copy of all these documents and send them to the budget department on the 19th floor. Hurry up, Manager Lin is waiting for you!”

Zhuang Li, “Go yourself!”

“Hey, what’s wrong with you today? Did you take the wrong medicine? Hurry up, there’s no time! I’ll treat you to dinner when I’m done.” The man stretched out his hand to pull at Zhuang Li.

7480 continued to pierce his heart: “Host, this person’s favorability for you is also 0.”

Zhuang Li raised the cactus on the table to block the man’s hand and said in an extremely unpleasant tone: “In ‘you invite me to dinner’ and ‘I will help you with work’, there is no logical connection between them. The work is yours, you have to finish it whether you invite me to dinner, understand?”

The man was a face-saving man, seeing Zhuang Li’s resolute attitude, and everyone in the company noticing this, he could only nod with the papers in his hands, and say harshly: “Okay, I will do it myself, and if anyone in the company spreads your scandal in the future, you can’t blame me!”

The man stepped on the floor and walked aggressively up.

7480 immediately broadcast: “Host, his favorability for you has reached -99, hehehe.”

Zhuang Li frowned and continued to organize the meeting minutes, the shirt on his back was slowly soaked in cold sweat.

After a while, the head of the administrative department came in from the outside, saw the messy office, and habitually shouted: “Why is there so much toner on the floor? Who did it? Zhuang Li, Zhuang Li, find a mop!”

Zhuang Li lifted his sweaty head, and said in an extremely bored tone, “Get lost!”

The manager was stunned, and then got angry: “Hey, what did you just say? You let me go? What’s wrong with you, young man? It’s fine if you don’t respect your seniors, such a trivial matter can’t bother you? Letting you do it is a chance for you to exercise, why don’t you know what to do?”

Zhuang Li stood by the rattling printer and sneered: “You are so old and need exercise more than me, do it yourself, I’m going to the top floor to hand in the materials.”

He took the hotly printed meeting minutes in his arms and left straight away, leaving the stunned manager and a group of colleagues behind.

7480 gloated and said: “Host, my detection function is correct, and your EQ is really low. Do you know what your manager said about you? Mud can’t support the wall, hahaha, he actually used mud to describe you! Do you know how much he likes you? -38! And those of your colleagues, they all have less than 10. That is to say, in the company, there is no one who likes you! You, what a failure to be a human being!”

Zhuang Li sneered in his heart: “The system, those who use other people’s perceptions to evaluate their own value are eternal losers. I don’t need others to like me, I know how precious I am.”

7480: vomit!

Zhuang Li continued: “System, your favorability detection function is useless to me.”

7480: MMP, I’ll see how long you can be arrogant!

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[1] It refers to wishful thinking or unrealistic aspirations. This is used to describe someone who cherish foolish and exaggerated ideas.

[2] Slang for menstruation.

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