KHSW Ch. 148

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“I thought it was your and brother’s child, so why did he call your mother?”

“His parents are no longer there. From now on, I will be his mother.”

It was true that the former Ling Xi was no longer there. Now, she was her reborn self. It was not wrong to answer this way.

“What, are you trying to adopt this child?”

Before answering, Ling Xi walked towards the little guy.

No, he had to go and ask his brother, how could he agree to such a big deal?

When Ling Xi got close, she realized that the little guy was sobbing softly. Ling Xi’s heart suddenly became nervous, “Baby, why are you crying?”

“Wuwu the fish is dead, Xiao Nuo doesn’t want the fish to die.”

“Ah” Ling Xi’s response was a little sluggish. Looking into the aquarium, the ornamental fish were all fine.

The little baby probably thought that the fish were dead, that’s why he cried.

“Baby, the fish are not dead, you see.”

Ling Xi gently hit the aquarium with her fingernails, and the ornamental fish that Xiao Nuo thought were dead moved to the other side.

Only then did Xiao Nuo stop sobbing, a smile appeared on his face, his hands clasped together, and he said “Amitabha.”

Seeing the little guy’s behaviour, Ling Xi began to worry. The little guy was raised as a monk for four years, and many Buddhist concepts were deeply rooted in his mind.

But she finally found him back.

“But Mom, why doesn’t it swim like the other fish?”

Ling Xi took a closer look, “Maybe it’s about to give birth to a baby fish.”

Xiao Nuo looked at her in confusion, “What is it like to have a baby fish?”


Chi Jingyu’s speed was comparable to that of “The Flash”. One moment he put down the luggage, and in another moment went to make a call, “Brother, are you busy now?”

A cold voice came from the other end of the phone, “What’s the matter?”

“Sister-in-law is back.” Chi Jingyu dared to guarantee that Xu Yizhi’s noble and cold energy would disappear immediately as long as he mentioned his sister-in-law.

Sure enough, Xu Yizhi’s tone subconsciously softened, “Well, then I’ll take a moment.”

Before saying the word “go back”, Chi Jingyu interrupted him in a hurry, “Brother, she also brought back a little monk, guess what the little monk called sister-in-law?”

After a while of silence, Chi Jingyu still compromised, “Did you know that he actually called sister-in-law mother, brother, you really decided to adopt a little monk.”

Still didn’t hearing the voice on the other end of the phone, Chi Jingyu said to himself, “Actually, that little monk looks distressing. If you adopt it, I will support it with both hands, what do you think.”

After a long time, just when Chi Jingyu thought he had ended the call, Xu Yizhi finally said, “What did she say?”

“Sister-in-law said that the child’s parents are gone, and she will be the child’s mother in the future, and she will not say anything more”

“Okay, I see, you are not allowed to tell anyone about this.”

“Don’t worry, I know.”

Xu Yizhi put down the document, and his eyes were full of complicated colours. Now that his and Ling Xi’s child was back, he was naturally happy, but only after hearing Chi Jingyu’s words, did he realize that Ling Xi seemed to want to forget everything that happened in the past. The reason why she would say that the child was adopted was probably because of his feelings.

It was time to tell her that it was him that night five years ago.

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