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“Why are you leaving in such a hurry? It’s already 12 o’clock, so just sleep here.” Li Jiming suggested.

Si Huang scanned the scene of the party, “Are you sure I can sleep if I stay?” Before they could answer, she then laughed and said, “It was a pleasure meeting you today, let’s get together later, I have to fly out tomorrow morning, my manager is waiting for me at the hotel.”

“Okay, okay, I know you’re a good boy, my old sister always talks about you, so let’s exchange numbers before leaving.” Li Jiming took the lead, and Ji Xiang and Simon also came to exchange numbers with Si Huang one after another, and sent her to the door together.

Xia Qitong handed her coat over, “My proposal will be valid forever, don’t forget it so quickly, think about it a little bit.”

Si Huang looked at his face, smiled softly and kindly, and smiled, “Just remember it, I will never forget your proposal.” Then she took her coat and put it on, waved to several people, and walked out the door.

The night was dark.

Si Huang drove quietly, while Xia Qitong’s figure appeared in her mind.

Although he said that he didn’t want that eagle today, there was no chance for him to get favors. But Si Huang knew that it was a great favor for Xia Qitong to introduce Li Jiming and others to her based on Xia Qitong’s attitude towards her all the time.

For people like Li Jiming, Ji Xiang, and Simon, many things would become easier after getting acquainted with them, and the benefits would only increase.

Si Huang did not deny that even without Xia Qitong’s help, she could successfully enter the business circle, but Xia Qitong’s move still made her take a shortcut.

The phone vibrated again.

Si Huang didn’t even look at it, she just put on the bluetooth to answer.

“Si Huang.”

The deep voice was like the shock of falling into the deep sea.

Si Huang suddenly felt that her heart was being suppressed by something, and her expression turned dull.

It seemed that it was the first time she heard Qin Fan call her name seriously in such a deep tone.

After a second of silence, Qin Fan’s voice on the other end of the phone rang again, “Still playing outside?”

Si Huang frowned lightly, feeling that Qin Fan’s tone was a bit weird, not as cold as in the past, and not as peaceful, it was so low that no emotion could be heard, as if the seemingly calm night sea was brewing an upcoming storm, the air was oppressive and dull, and even breathing was difficult.

A guilty conscience flashed in her heart inexplicably, and then it was erased. She didn’t commit crimes late at night, so there was nothing to be guilty of.

“On the way home.” Si Huang looked at the empty road and calmly responded to Qin Fan’s words.

“Be careful on the road.”

“I know.”

“What time will you be back tomorrow?”

“About 10 o’clock.”

“Well. Go to bed early when you get back.”

“Okay, I’ll hang up if you have nothing else to do.”


The call ended just like that.

Si Huang didn’t feel relaxed but felt even more inexplicable.

Regardless of Qin Fan’s voice, what he said was very strange and different from usual.

According to her understanding of Qin Fan, that man should have coldly reprimanded her for not going out at night and provoking men and women, even if she didn’t provoke anyone on purpose!

[Your Majesty…] Five Treasure’s voice suddenly came out.

Si Huang’s thoughts turned to it, one hand continued to hold the steering wheel, while the other reached into his pocket to bring out the Five Treasure.

The little ball of Five Treasure was nestled in her palm, its lovely eyes finally had some brilliance, [Will you stop loving me?]

“No.” Si Huang pressed its head with her thumb.

[Even if I become like this?]

“Even if you become like this.” Si Huang took a look at it, “I prefer the Five Treasure who is full of energy.”

[I’m hundred times better than that Ah Miao! Absolutely can’t let it climb over my head!]

Si Huang nodded, “Don’t worry.” With your small head, I’m afraid that Ah Miao won’t be able to climb on your head.

The Five Treasures turned over one by one and was then resurrected with full blood: [Wow ha ha ha——! Your Majesty, you cannot go back on what you say! So what if I turned into a hamster? This Lord Five Treasure is still the strongest and best treasure of His Majesty!] It crawled swiftly along Si Huang’s hand all the way, and directly landed on top of Si Huang’s head. Two small paws grabbed Si Huang’s soft black hair and stood straight facing forward. [Even if I’m a hamster, I will be the king of hamsters, the shame today, I will definitely get it back in the future! That fellow Costin, just wait!]

Si Huang: “…”

She shook her head.

“Squeak!” The hamster Five Treasures rolled down.


The process of returning from Liushui City to H City went smoothly, and it was inevitable that they would be recognized again. This time, Si Huang and the Yu brothers and sisters walked separately, separated by about ten meters.

Si Huang was wearing a hat, a scarf around her neck, and black-rimmed glasses. You couldn’t see most of her face. She walked alone with her head down, and no one passing by recognized her. Seeing that they were about to get to the airport exit, Si Huang planned to find a car to pick them up first and wait for the Yu brother and sister in the car.

Unexpectedly, a hand suddenly stretched out from the side, grabbed her arm fiercely, and pulled her away.

Just as Si Huang was about to resist, she heard a familiar voice, “Follow me.”

“How did you recognize me?” She was so tightly covered.

Qin Fan looked back at her and didn’t speak.

This glance made Si Huang feel that her heart had been stabbed severely. His quiet eyes were as deep as the sea, but one glance seemed to involve her whole body.

This gave Si Huang a momentary illusion that her question was stupid. No matter how she dressed up, this man could catch her at a glance.

A familiar motorcycle was parked on the side of the road, Qin Fan threw the helmet to her, “Wear it. I greeted Grandma Yu already.”

Si Huang took off all the disguise props, put the helmet on, and turned to him: “In such a hurry?”

Qin Fan put on his dust-proof goggles, “Yeah.”

The motorcycle started.

Si Huang, who was sitting on the back seat, used her mobile phone to send messages to the Yu brother and sister.

Yu Xi, who had just left the airport exit, was staring at the information on his phone, not knowing whether to be happy or to cry, thinking: He is probably the most relaxed yet tired agent, right? The only artist with him loves free activities too much!

City H was very cold in the morning, and the wind brought white snow to his body.

Apart from the sound of motorcycle along the way, neither of them spoke.

Si Huang remembered the last time she met Qin Fan before leaving H City, and the two broke up unhappily.

Yesterday’s phone call also didn’t seem to be very harmonious.

“Are you angry?” Si Huang asked the doubts in her heart.

The man was silent for two seconds before he said, “What do you think I would be angry about?”

“I came home late last night, or you must be thinking I provoked women again?” Si Huang laughed to herself as soon as she finished speaking, “Aren’t you treating me too naively for my age, has a woman ever thrown herself into your arms?”


“That’s it, you have no reason to show embarrassment to me.”

“You’re right.”

Her feeling was right, today’s Qin Fan, there really was something wrong. Even if she couldn’t see Qin Fan’s face, Si Huang could sense something strange from his words.

“I didn’t feel your sincerity.”

She didn’t know if it was because of the wind and snow, but Qin Fan’s deep voice seemed to be a little colder, “Sometimes people’s emotions cannot be controlled.”

Si Huang didn’t know what he was doing. What do you think, don’t bother to ask and explore.

Qin Fan also drove silently.

They finally reached the hilltop club.

Si Huang saw a weekend holiday sign hanging in front of the club.

Qin Fan opened the door with a key and took Si Huang to a room.

“What are we doing here?” Si Huang glanced around, the room was not big or small but fully equipped with all that could be needed, the living room, bathroom and furniture, “Aren’t you here to check my homework?”

Qin Fan knelt down and connected the data cable of the mobile phone to the TV, “Verify one thing.”

Si Huang: “Is it related to me?”

“Yeah.” After connecting the data cable, Qin Fan returned to the sofa in front of the TV and sat down, holding the remote control in his hand, “Come and sit.”

Si Huang looked at him with a stern expression, deep eyes, and he didn’t seem to be joking at all. She felt that it was really a big deal, so she walked over and sat on the sofa.

The curtains in the room were all drawn, and the light seemed very dim, only the LCD screen of the TV was turned on and the blue light was flickering, shining on the faces of the two of them.

Fighting videos? Or a military training video? Si Huang guessed, looking forward to it.

Five Treasure, who was originally in her pocket, poked its head out, crawled out slowly, and sat on the sofa with its feet spread out, staring at the TV for a moment.

Qin Fan clicked a few times with the remote control, and a folder named ‘Boutique’ first appeared on the LCD screen, and then a row of Japanese and English appeared after clicking on it.

For the two academic masters, they could understand the meaning of the foreign characters above.

Si Huang’s expression flashed strangely, and he turned to look at Qin Fan, “What do you mean?”

Qin Fan was expressionless. From the impulsive thoughts that surfaced last night to now, nothing could stop his determination and move him.

Although before coming here, he really didn’t know that the videos inside would be this.

“Look carefully.”

Qin Fan domineeringly selected one at random.

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Qin Fan: … (What a good name! Hehehe!)

Xia Qitong: He is my male god.

Qin Fan: … (The male god?! Hehehehe!)

Si Huang hung up.

Qin Fan: … (Passed…Paused…Paused…)

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