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Warning 18+ content; non-con kissing scene

Immediately a picture appeared on the LCD TV.

The selected material that Guo Chengxiong gave was indeed selected carefully. The protagonists in the movie were handsome and beautiful, and their bodies were also very good-looking. More importantly, this was not just selling meat as soon as they come. With an ambiguous atmosphere, apart from breaking the last taboo, the hero and heroine had kissed several times in just a few minutes, and the feeling was different every time, which was worthy of being a ’boutique’!

Si Huang watched blankly, unable to understand Qin Fan’s behavior, what was this? To test her willpower? Or did he simply bring a ‘brother’ to watch the film?

She watched with cold eyes, with the mood of watching a movie, and she could guess the plot of the next few minutes just after watching the first few minutes. Seeing that the hero and heroine had finally reached the highlight.

At the beginning it was the bed, and then there was a shot in the middle of the tub.

Si Huang glanced at Qin Fan, seeing the other party’s stern expression, he did not look moved at all.

She was puzzled. Was it really a test of willpower?

The following plots began to explode. After breaking through the taboo, the male and female protagonists who had tasted the forbidden fruit for the first time were simply transformed into slutty waves from a young age, playing with a variety of tricks.

When a normal man saw this kind of high-quality p**n, he would definitely be hooked, begging for seeds and high-definition recordings.

However, the two people who were watching now didn’t know how to appreciate it at all. They didn’t express their expressions, and they didn’t even respond at all. It was a waste of resources and an insult to the high-quality film.

Si Huang silently watched the third hand-to-hand fight between the hero and heroine on TV, and this time they were actually playing dress-up. The heroine dressed up as a man and rode on top of the man, shouting through the speakers to destroy her ears.

“What exactly do you want to verify?” Si Huang turned his eyes away and looked at Qin Fan’s face again.

This time she didn’t look away after just one glance, her eyes locked as if she wouldn’t leave until she got a definite answer.

Qin Fan’s expression paused, as if he had just lost his mind, and was brought back to his senses by her voice. Turning his head, he saw a flawless face, and countless calm theories in his mind disappeared.

In Si Huang’s vision, she found that the man’s expression was slowly changing, but it was not just the expression that changed.

His eyes had turned deep like a vortex at the bottom of the sea. As time passed, the vortex became bigger and more ferocious, with a repressed madness, as if everything he stared at would be drawn into it and destroyed. His expression became more and more stern, not like the usual expressionless facial paralysis, but a real sternness, frozen from his inner emotions, as if he was deliberately suppressing something, while afraid of being discovered by people, he had deliberately suppressed and hidden it.

This kind of him put strong pressure on Si Huang, which was even more stressful than when the two first met on Weiming Mountain, and there was a sense of crisis in her heart-as if, if she was not careful, the man would tear her apart and eat her blood and flesh into his stomach!

Si Huang instinctively clenched her teeth, pursed her lips, and tensed her body, ready to fight back at any time.

[Wow–! Such strong yang energy, don’t let it go, Your Majesty, breathe it in quickly!] The voice of Five Treasure sounded at this time.

The hamster on the sofa looked away from the TV, bouncing around very excitedly, and raised his hands to cheer Si Huang on.

After being told by it, Si Huang suddenly realized that Qin Fan was sick, and the movie must have had an effect on Qin Fan.

[Oh, Your Majesty doesn’t know how to do it? Just pop one! Just like on TV, mouth to mouth boo!] Five Treasure was still instigating.

It was no wonder, Si Huang understood after listening to it.

She slowly regained her composure, calmed her expression, and said softly, “Qin Fan, calm down.”

The dangerous man shook his shoulders, then moved his eyes down and it landed on her lips.

“Gulu.” There was a slight rolling sound of Adam’s apple.

For the first time, Si Huang hated her five senses for being too sharp.

Her fine hair stood on end instinctively, and she felt a sense of crisis that her throat would be bitten by the beast staring at her at any moment.

“What are you thinking?!” Si Huang’s voice turned cold with a sense of inexplicable shame.

Qin Fan pursed his lips straight, and said after a second: “What do you think I’m thinking?” The cold tone couldn’t hide the hoarse voice.

His expression and his words made Si Huang feel threatened. He curled his mouth coldly, then stood up. One hand pressed her shoulders and forced her down on the sofa. Due to too much strength, she couldn’t resist him. When Si Huang was pushed down and sat down upon, she could still hear a bang, and the sofa shook a few times.

“Let go.”

Qin Fan didn’t let go, his eyes were real, with a sense of sharpness of a knife and the persistence of a wild animal, his gaze lingering on her lips, finally turned… downward.

Si Huang didn’t know why she felt that his gaze was ‘severely’ leaving her lips, anyway, there was a feeling that it was difficult for the other party to look away, it was amazing!

The man’s gaze went all the way down, from her lips to her neck, staying on the Adam’s apple that was transformed by illusion for two seconds, which made Si Huang a little nervous. At the same time, she was glad that she did not hesitate to consume little pink, and always made the point of transforming masculine characteristics.

With the so-called magic skills, all Si Huang could do at present was to consume little pink to transform her body using illusions.

For example, the small protruding Adam’s apple on the neck did not exist, but it could be seen by people. Once you touch it, you would find that it was an illusion. In other words, phantom skills could only deceive people’s eyes. More importantly, at present, it could only be transfigured on oneself. The larger the range of transfiguration, the more the little pink was consumed, and it was consumed every minute, so Si Huang was currently only using this on the Adam’s apple.

Fortunately, Qin Fan didn’t seem to notice anything unusual, his eyes continued to look down, and finally stopped at a point that was important to both men and women.

“No response?” he asked.

Si Huang’s face was cold, “So what. Do you have to react after watching a movie?” She tried again, intending to break free from Qin Fan’s shackles, but found that her strength was not as strong as his, and she still didn’t want to be suppressed like this. He glanced at her key point while she pressed her knees across his legs.

Who knew that Qin Fan’s reaction was very fast, his legs spread out, and his body stepped back. Si Huang’s knee was pressed between his legs, and she almost hit the target, but in the end she still missed.

In this way, her posture was equivalent to sitting on one of Qin Fan’s legs, her knee touching the place where she shouldn’t touch.

The two just looked at each other.

The light was dark, the sound in the stereo came high and low, and the air became sticky.

As soon as Si Huang moved, Qin Fan said, “Do you like men?”

“…” Si Huang’s thoughts went blank for a moment, thinking he knew something.

This moment of silence fell into Qin Fan’s eyes and he understood another meaning, “What kind of man do you like?”

Si Huang’s eyebrows trembled, suppressing the surprise in her heart, she tried to control the topic with a deadpan expression, “Did you want to prove this?”

“No.” Qin Fan’s deep eyes never left her, “But this is very important.”

Si Huang took a deep look at him, and slowly broke into a wicked smile, “Oh, it’s nothing if you want to know.”

The palm on her shoulder tightened violently, and Si Huang’s brows were slightly wrinkled by the strength for a moment, and she was sure that Qin Fan should not know anything, or else he won’t strike so hard every time and show anger.

The smile on the corner of her mouth became even more sinister, her eyes were painted with a dark green demonic color, then she raised her chin, looked down at the man arrogantly, and said viciously: “Big, lively, good-looking, beautiful, worthy, tall.”

Qin Fan’s pupils suddenly shrank into needles, and then stared at the young man with his head raised as if on fire, revealing his fair and graceful neck.

That look seemed to want to break her neck and bite her into pieces. Si Huang felt, did she anger him too much?

“You can let me go now…”

Bang –

Si Huang’s eyes widened, looking at the man on top of her, then her brows turned cold.

Was this the rhythm of fighting as soon as you got angry?

She acted first and punched the man.

The feeling of fist touching flesh made Si Huang stunned.

Hit it?

It was indeed a hit, and even a hit on the face.

One side of Qin Fan’s face was beaten to the side, and the corner of his mouth was bleeding.

“Hello? Huh—!”

As she was full of surprise and doubt, something was stuffed into her mouth.

The man’s lips were completely opposite to his stern face, soft and fiery.

He wasn’t kissing her, it was more like nibbling on prey, sucking vigorously, pressing vigorously, and gnawing vigorously.

“Hiss.” The pain in the lips and the brain that hadn’t regained consciousness made Si Huang do a stupid thing and relax her clenched teeth.

The man’s tongue rushed in immediately, there was a moment of dullness, and then he accidentally touched the tip of Si Huang’s tongue, like thunder and fire, and it went out of control in an instant. It was an unskilled wild attack, only relying on the irrepressible impulse to swallow madly, the temporary failure of reason caused the collapse all the way, the forbidden fruit tasted for the first time was unbelievably sweet, the more you ate, the more you would not be satisfied.

What Si Huang first experienced was not shame and anger, but panic, a panic that seemed to come from almost being eaten, and a panic of bone-eating joy coming from the depths of her body.

The unparalleled fit and desire made her body instinctively want to get closer to the hot man.

[Marvelous! marvelous! Your Majesty, attack in one fell swoop!] Five Treasure’s voice sounded in her mind.

The sound awakened Si Huang like a basin of cold water being poured on her body. She widened her eyes and saw the handsome face of the man close at hand, and his half-closed eyes with only a slit left. She couldn’t see the emotion in his eyes clearly but could feel the deep sinking.

She felt her lips were hot, her chin was wet and cold, the root of her tongue was painful, and her heart was beating so fast that her chest hurt. It was conceivable how passionate the lips and tongues of the two had been.

Si Huang’s first reaction after regaining consciousness was to back away, but a big palm blocked the back of her head, and then a huge force made the back of her head hurt, and her lips were bitten even harder. When she looked up, she saw the man’s opened eyes, which were so dark that there was no light, and they were deeply engulfed. What was recognized as anger at the beginning, she only recognized it at this moment!

He was so serious!?

Si Huang was shocked at first, and then she calmed down and resisted, her strength was suppressed, her tongue avoidance was suppressed, and her face couldn’t move.

Men were irrational at times like this, and she couldn’t expect a man with a mental illness to calm down?

Si Huang’s eyes flickered, she stopped struggling, her face gradually turned red, her eyes were filled with mist, and she frowned in a very uncomfortable manner.

The man on her body paused and let go of her lips.

This was what Si Huang was waiting for, her expression turned cold in an instant, then she kicked out mercilessly, “Get off!”

If this kick had hit, the man would definitely have been crippled.

Qin Fan rolled over, and clamped Si Huang’s fierce legs with both legs, and Si Huang’s body was pressed from below to above.

When Si Huang felt the man’s terrifying capital with that leg, her expression dropped from zero to negative again, “Qin Fan, tell me, are you awake or still going crazy?”

Qin Fan’s deep eyes lit up, as if he had just seen Si Huang’s expression clearly, the annoyance flashed away on his face. He let go of Si Huang, stood up abruptly, and strode towards the bathroom.

Si Huang watched his back disappear into the bathroom door, with an uncertain expression.

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