WMPLT Ch. 42.2

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When Hu Ying came back, he was stunned for a moment when he saw Zhai Xingchen and asked, “Have you changed your clothes?”

Zhai Xingchen told him what happened just now.

Hu Ying said: “You are lucky not to have been attacked by the pigeons. I used to watch other people feeding pigeons or seagulls at the beach, and I would always wonder if such a thing would happen!”

“Yeah, I thought I was the only one who had this worry!” Zhai Xingchen said, “Every time I see birds flying all over the sky, I wonder if they will drop something dirty!”

Because he was not wearing any clothes underneath, although his suit jacket was buttoned up, but there were only a few buttons on the suit, thus it faintly revealed the outline of his thin muscles.

Even if a young boy did not do any exercise, his chest would have simple and lean lines, let alone someone like Zhai Xingchen who practiced dancing all year round. Hu Ying glanced at him and said, “You are actually quite suitable for wearing a suit. You can try it often in the future.”

Pei Xu glanced at Hu Ying through the rear-view mirror.

There was actually nothing wrong with what Hu Ying said. He always liked to praise Zhai Xingchen.

But when he praised today, his tone was very calm and seemed too casual.

After they arrived at the supermarket, Zhai Xingchen actually bought pork belly and said he would make Mao’s braised pork.

Hu Ying felt that this was braised pork for him.

He did it simply from his heart.

Hu Ying felt gentle throughout the whole process.

He didn’t even know that he could be such a quiet person, as if he suddenly returned to his teenage years. The dazzling man was gone, and his gorgeous features seemed to have suddenly become restrained.

He regretted what he said to Zhai Xingchen when they had gone on that date.

Now Zhai Xingchen completely regarded him as a friend.

Pei Xu was in charge of filming with the handheld camera. He didn’t particularly take pictures of Zhai Xingchen. The camera even subconsciously gave more shots to Hu Ying.

Occasionally, the camera captured Zhai Xingchen wearing his own black coat.

“Is there anything you particularly want to eat?” Zhai Xingchen asked Pei Xu.

Pei Xu originally wanted to say crayfish.

Because when he was in the bar, he also heard Zhai Xingchen say that he liked eating crayfish.

But at that time, both Yan Zhi and Huo Cheng secretly peeled crayfish for Zhai Xingchen to eat, but he didn’t go forward.

He pointed the camera at him and said, “I’ll eat whatever you make.”

When Hu Ying heard this, he looked at Pei Xu with a smile: “My opinion of you has changed a lot.”

Pei Xu raised his eyes and looked at him.

Hu Ying said, “At first I… no, it should be said that it was us. We all thought you had a bad temper and were very picky.”

This was all well known, and even the people on the show team liked to call him Brother Stinky Face in private.

When Zhai Xingchen heard this, he looked up at Pei Xu, and said, “Brother Pei has changed a lot.”

He loved to smile now.

Pei Xu smiled lightly at him.

Look, he was smiling again.

Pei Xu looked good when he smiled, but Hu Ying didn’t notice Pei Xu’s abnormality at all.

He had no time to worry about Pei Xu, this light bulb.

Yes, he felt that Pei Xu was just a light bulb.

Although the three of them did not take any photos, and it was very common these days to take selfies and do live broadcasts with cameras, the three of them were still recognized quickly when they stood together. Zhai Xingchen made a quick decision, bought the groceries quickly, and hurried out of the supermarket.

When they came out, there were people holding up their mobile phones to take pictures of their car.

Zhai Xingchen didn’t panic at all this time.

This situation was something he had expected a long time ago. This season of their “Red and Blue Cottage” was destined to be a big hit. It was a nationally popular variety show, and even the minor supporting roles in it would become big hits.

Then he heard a boy holding up his mobile phone and shouting: “Zhai Xingchen!”

You see, the supporting characters were starting to become famous.

This was a really good omen.

He smiled and waved to the other person through the car window.

“Oh my god, Pei Xu is so handsome, Hu Ying is so beautiful, and Zhai Xingchen looks so pretty when he smiles.”

The boy stopped and sighed with his friends.

After returning to the red and blue cottage, Zhai Xingchen changed his clothes and returned Pei Xu’s coat to him.

Pei Xu took the coat back to the room, put it in the suitcase, and put it in a box with the roses Zhai Xingchen gave him.

The pink roses and black suit jacket resembled his sudden hot heart that had been cold all year round.

Zhai Xingchen started cooking.

Unlike before, the dishes he cooked this time were all very exquisite, comparable to those of a five-star chef.

Hu Ying became more and more excited, and the confusion and worries in his heart gradually disappeared. He stood next to Zhai Xingchen, leaned closer and said, “It smells so good.”

The braised pork looked delicious and soft, making people drool just by looking at it.

Hu Ying turned his head slightly to look at Pei Xu sitting at the dining table.

He really didn’t understand why Pei Xu didn’t go back to his room since he had to work.

Wouldn’t it be quieter if he closed the door?

But he must work in the kitchen.

This big lightbulb, he finally realized it.

He said to Pei Xu: “Brother Pei, will it affect your work if we talk like this?”

Wasn’t his subtext obvious enough?

Pei Xu had long noticed Hu Ying’s little moves.

Compared with Huo Cheng and Yan Zhi, Hu Ying was actually more lethal. Because Hu Ying liked physical contact very much.

Although everyone in the romance drama had the right to pursue love, no love rival was rational. Huo Cheng and Yan Zhi would be unhappy. And although he was calmer, he was not too happy in his heart, so he said: “If you two are together, it will be better. It’s not over, I’m used to it.”

“The two of us have such a tacit understanding that it’s too late to meet each other,” Hu Ying said. “I now feel that the biggest gain from participating in this show is getting to know Brother Xingchen.”

Oh, now he called Xingchen brother in one mouthful.

But after all, Pei Xu was not Huo Cheng, and he didn’t know how to talk with gunpowder and sticks. And he was also not like Yan Zhi, who hid needles in cotton wool.

He was relatively honest and inexperienced in love, so he didn’t say anything.

As a result, Hu Ying became more and more excessive. He had always been an activist. Later, when Zhai Xingchen prepared crayfish, he leaned over, opened his mouth and said, “Let me try it.”

Zhai Xingchen took one and put it in his mouth.

Hu Ying blew a rainbow fart: “It’s delicious. I’ve never had such delicious scrambled eggs with crayfish. Tell me why is your cooking is so delicious.”

Pei Xu couldn’t hold back this time. He picked up the mineral water on the table, glanced at Hu Ying with drooping eyes, and the mineral water bottle in his hand made a clicking sound.

“Hu Ying, Yan Zhi seems to be on an e-sports live broadcast today, do you know?”

Hu Ying turned to look at him after hearing this.

Sure enough, before Hu Ying could speak, Zhai Xingchen who was next to him said, “Yes, he seems to be going on the live broadcast. Do you want to give him a ranking?”

Hu Ying’s heart suddenly darkened: “Let’s talk about it later.”

Pei Xu took a sip of water and put it down.

It turned out that love rivals were naturally unhappy and hostile to each other, even the most indifferent men were no exception.

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