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Today was Monday, and it is also the last day they had to work and go to school during the whole recording process. Since the next stop was Beicheng, they would be recording around the clock.

Early in the morning, Zhai Xingchen made breakfast.

Everyone got up one after another at 7:30, the rain had stopped outside, and the sun was shining brightly after the rain, but the temperature was still a bit low.

It was the first time Hu Ying wore formal clothes, and Zhai Xingchen didn’t recognize him at first glance.

“You’re so handsome.” He praised sincerely.

Hu Ying said: “I’m going to attend a more formal meeting today, and I’m going to speak on stage.”

Today was also his highlight moment.

He would let the audience know that Hu Ying was not only beautiful, but also charming when he was doing business.

Wen Nuo left early in the morning, and Duan Yihua went out early without having breakfast. Huo Cheng and others came out of the bedroom one after another, and everyone sat down to have breakfast together.

Only Pei Xu was not there.

“He went running again.” Zhai Xingchen said.

Pei Xu almost got up with him, the two of them ran into each other in the bathroom.

He felt that Pei Xu’s insistence on exercising every day was an advantage.

It was really important for men to exercise.

When your physical fitness improves, everything will improve.

Wouldn’t it be a blessing to be his wife.

“Do you have class this morning?” Hu Ying said.

“I have an exam this morning.” Zhai Xingchen said.

Hu Ying wiped her mouth: “Let’s go then, I’ll give you a ride.”

Yan Zhi suddenly said: “Are you on the way?”

Hu Ying turned to look at him, and Yan Zhi said: “I mean, if you still have to go around, it will be too troublesome to send him.”

Zhai Xingchen also nodded: “Yes.”

He could take the bus, which was also very convenient, and he wouldn’t have to walk very far.

Who knew he would hear Yan Zhi say: “I have nothing to do, I’ll be your driver.”

This excuse was very good, Huo Cheng listened and gave Yan Zhi an extra look.

Among the six of them, it was true that he was the strictest.

He had nothing to do.

“I’m envious of you.” Huo Cheng sighed quietly.

Yan Zhi pretended not to hear.

Hu Ying left the door early, only Huo Cheng dawdled around, and finally left.

Zhai Xingchen put away Pei Xu’s breakfast and left him a note.

The two of them went out together, and as soon as the car drove out of the red and blue cottage, they saw a black figure running towards them.

It was Pei Xu.

Pei Xu was sweating profusely again. The temperature rose today, so he only wore a pure black T-shirt. The T-shirt was completely soaked, and it stuck to his strong back, making his skin white and red.

Yan Zhi stopped the car, and Zhai Xingchen opened the window and said, “I put your breakfast in the microwave for you.”

Pei Xu nodded.

Yan Zhi had completely different feelings towards Pei Xu as Huo Cheng, so he asked with a smile, “Are you going out today?”

Pei Xu said, “Will leave later.”

Yan Zhi waved his hand at him, and drove away.

Zhai Xingchen said: “I don’t know how far he ran today.”

His eight-pack abs were almost showing.

Pei Xu opened the door and went in.

The red and blue cottage was already empty, and in the huge living room, countless cameras were pointing at him.

Pei Xu first drank a bottle of mineral water, walked to the kitchen, and brought out the breakfast that Zhai Xingchen had left for him. He opened the plate and found a sandwich.

And a glass of still warm milk.

“Brother Pei is okay. I heard that he didn’t eat breakfast before, but after he came to our show, he eats it every day.” The staff said.

“After all, our Xingchen made it.” Someone joked.

After Pei Xu wiped out his breakfast, he went to wash the dishes.

After washing, he went back to take a shower. At 8:40, Pei Xu went out and took out the flowers in his room. He seemed to be throwing them away, but after a moment of thought, he put them all into the vase in the corner of the living room.

“The flowers bought by Huo Cheng and Yan Zhi!”

“He actually took the flowers bought by Huo Cheng Yan Zhi out of his bedroom, why?”

“Maybe, he doesn’t want to see them?”

“Fuck me, interview him!” Guo Bing shouted.

At noon, Hua Xu’s employees stood aside energetically, watching a bunch of “Red and Blue Signal” staff coming in and out.

“Everyone doesn’t need to be nervous, be the same as usual, what to do, we just want to shoot some office material.”

In fact, everyone was not nervous.

Everyone was curious.

Their Boss Pei actually went to participate in a romance reality show, and they had expressed their shock at this countless times in private.

In good conscience, Pei Xu was a good boss, he paid well, the benefits were good, and he never lost his temper, but their company atmosphere was really not good.

Pei Xu came back from studying abroad, and he liked equality. The difference between their company’s office and ordinary companies was that they only had purely open spaces. Everyone was in one office, with a chair and a desk, including the leaders, there was no exception, and no one had their own independent office, but the leaders just had their cubicles located in the corner.

Pei Xu himself was fine, but they were under a lot of pressure.

The boss could see their every move, and he was still such a boss who didn’t smile and always showed a bad face!

Pei Xu in love?

Didn’t dare to think about it, can’t figure it out!

They don’t know the inside story, so they could only make up a lot of stories among themselves.

“Boss Pei definitely wouldn’t take the initiative to fall in love, that’s for sure.”

“No one can force him, so he must not be forced.”

It was like self-contradictory nonsense.

“He probably wants to be on a show and expand our company’s influence, right? “Red and Blue Signal” is a national variety show after all.”

“So the boss is going on the show for the sake of us and our company?”

Everyone was very moved.

One must know that Pei Xu was born with a golden spoon in his mouth, a rich young man who could command wind and rain, a financial genius who even God was chasing to feed him.

“Red and Blue Signal” had been broadcast live twice before, and they had watched it. After watching it, their gratitude had turned into worry.

Their boss was too ungregarious!

When he and Lin Qingning went out, they were all embarrassed.

It was all thanks to Lin Qingning, who was an intellectual, educated and self-cultivated!

It was easy to get scolded for being so cold in the romance show, right?

This was not worth the candle to Pei Xu and the company!

Moreover, Pei Xu’s attitude towards the program group was the same as his subordinates.

He said to the program crew quite seriously: “You can shoot whatever you want, before other people shoot, you’d better ask them if they would like to appear in the scene.”

The program crew actually promised him.

Boss, you should be more friendly to the people anyway, you will easily be scolded if you broadcast it like this.

“Then let’s go to the meeting room to shoot a single interview.” The program team said.

The program team interviewed Pei Xu in Hua Xu’s conference room.

“When you went out this morning, we saw that you took something out of the bedroom. Were they flowers?”

Pei Xu looked at the staff: “Is there a problem?”

“Why did you take it out?”

“I don’t like it.”

“You don’t like flowers?”

“I don’t like flowers without roots, and I feel uncomfortable looking at them.”

Pei Xu said, “If you don’t believe me, you can interview your sister Zhou.”

“It doesn’t matter?”


Pei Xu loved to show a bad face, and he didn’t have much expression, so they couldn’t tell whether what he said was true or not.

“Is there anything else you want to ask?” Pei Xu looked serious.

Next door to the Red and Blue Cottage, the main creators who had finished watching all the content fell into an aggrieved silence.

Screenwriter Liu said: “Let Zhai Xingchen buy a bouquet of flowers in two days, and see how he handles it.”

Guo Bing and the others immediately turned to look at Screenwriter Liu.

Screenwriter Liu: “What’s the matter?”

Guo Bing and the others all gave her a thumbs up: “Teacher Liu, you are awesome!”

Screenwriter Liu said triumphantly: “Reality show is all in being able to grasp the details. If he treats it differently, we will edit it out. It is important to emphasize that this slap in the face can make all the audience scream.”

Action was better, and the program team immediately contacted Zhai Xingchen.

“Yan Zhi and Huo Cheng both bought flowers, wouldn’t it be better for you to bring a bouquet back when you come back today?” the staff asked.

Zhai Xingchen let out an “ah” and said, “Didn’t the two of them buy it just now? It will take two days.”

“It looked much better before. But the current flowers are still too few for such a big house.”

The program team had said so, what else could he say.

They were implying that he should act.

He understood.

He was a tool man, he knew it himself, but the program team didn’t know it. As one of the four guests on the blue side, he was too inactive towards the red side. The program team probably noticed it, so they had some opinions.

“Do you want me to take the initiative?”

When the staff heard this, they were immediately overjoyed: “If you can take the initiative, of course we would love it!”

Zhai Xingchen felt deeply guilty.

The 100,000 yuan remuneration would be available soon, and he still had to do something with the money.

Anyway, he had been completely passed by Hu Ying and the others now, and there was nothing wrong with taking the initiative. He reflected for a while. He had to step in from time to time to make the male protagonists jealous.

“Okay, I understand.” Zhai Xingchen said.

“Do you really understand?” The staff member was a little puzzled.

“Wait and see.” Zhai Xingchen was full of confidence.

The staff member smiled, and suddenly someone ran over and whispered something in his ear, the staff member raised his eyebrows, showing a look of surprise.

“What’s wrong?” Zhai Xingchen asked.

“Pei Xu came to the school to look for you.” The other party was a little excited, “Then, I will withdraw first.”

Pei Xu came to Zhongwu suddenly, and caught the program group by surprise.

It stood to reason that they would not follow the guests during work and school. These days their main shooting time was before work in the morning and after getting off work in the evening.

But Guo Bing didn’t even think about it, he immediately sent a film crew over: “Don’t get too close, just shoot from a distance.”

Everyone was very excited.

They all knew that Pei Xu had always been their most important guest, because among all the guests, he had the best comprehensive qualifications, not to mention his mother Pei Huanong was also a famous actress, so the commercial value that could be tapped should not be too low.

The group that happened to go to Hua Xu to shoot was on their way back. After hearing the news, they immediately turned around and headed straight for Zhongwu.

Everyone was holding their breath.

Who made Pei Xu pull so hard!

Pei Xu had no intention of disturbing Zhai Xingchen, he just wanted to walk around his school to see the environment here.

This was his second visit to Zhongwu, and this campus was very strange to him.

Who knew that he saw a very unexpected person the moment he entered Zhongwu’s gate.

He saw Zhai Xingchen.

This accident brought a spring flood-like surprise.

Zhai Xingchen stood in front of the fountain, smiling and waving to him. His black hair and white skin in the sun, seemed like the sea of clouds and haze, or the rising sun and stars bestowed by the gods.

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