IHSB Ch. 77

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Gu Nan “…”

With a point of his finger, he cut off the connection between his mobile phone and the large projection screen.

Suddenly there was a burst of wailing in the studio.

“No, boss!”

“Show us your sister again, the Nuan Nuan on the video is even better than the photos!”

“Boss, let’s just watch and don’t talk, don’t go!”

Gu Nan ruthlessly refused and the group of people wailed as he left the studio with his mobile phone.

When he got to the door, they vaguely heard the sweet voice of Nuan Nuan talking.

“What’s wrong with big brother?”

That voice was more natural and sweeter than any loli dubbing they had ever heard. It was a pity that such a good sister was not theirs.

“A group of people are crazy.”

Gu Nan explained lightly, looking at the delicate and obedient little face on the screen, feeling tender in his heart, and asked her in a soft voice what she was doing now.

Nuan Nuan talked on video call with her elder brother for a long time. Although her elder brother seldom spoke, Nuan Nuan’s little mouth babbling sounded extremely sweet.

“Big brother, Nuan Nuan ate sweet-scented osmanthus cake today. It was as white as snow, with fragrant honey on top. It was sweet and soft. I also made a friend. He’s a good-looking brother…”

The corner of Gu Nan’s mouth slightly rose, he felt that the sweet-scented osmanthus cake was definitely not as sweet as his sister.

It was just that friend…

Gu Nan squinted his eyes, and asked clearly, knowing that it was Su Ran from the Su family, he was a little relieved, although he didn’t know him, but the next heir that Mr. Su brought around with him to educate him personally, he had still heard about him.

The little girl muttered, yawned a little and felt sleepy, but she was reluctant to hang up the phone.

Then the sound became smaller and smaller, the phone suddenly fell on the bed and Gu Nan could only hear Nuan Nuan’s whimpering in the end.

Gu Nan frowned, wondering if Nuan Nuan’s quilt was covered properly.

Just as he was thinking about whether to wake her up, Nuan Nuan’s bedroom door was opened.

Wearing a shirt and cropped slacks, Bai Mohua walked in yawning, some paint was still stained between his thin white fingers, and his soft hair was a bit messy.

“Nuan Nuan?”

Bai Mohua walked to the bed and glanced at the little girl lying on the bed in pyjamas, “You’re asleep.”

He carefully picked her up and stuffed her under the quilt. He glanced at the phone on the quilt, and picked it up, he was immediately met with Gu Nan’s stern face.


With a scream, the phone flew out immediately, Bai Mohua froze his fingers and his cat’s eyes widened, obviously frightened.

“That’s not right…”

The man looked familiar just now.

“Brother Gu Nan!”

With a scream, Bai Mohua crawled on the bed with all his hands and feet, then grabbed the phone in his hand, knelt down on the bed and apologized repeatedly.

“I’m sorry Brother Gu Nan, I thought it was a ghost when I saw you suddenly just now, ah! No… I didn’t mean to say you were a ghost, I meant that you looked like a ghost, and it wasn’t…” Bai Mohua explained incoherently for a while, before Gu Nan interrupted him.

“Shut up.”

Bai Mohua became obedient in an instant, drooping his head and shoulders without speaking, and just staring at the person on the phone.

“Don’t disturb Nuan Nuan.”

Bai Mohua made a gesture of zipping his mouth to show that he understood.

“Cover her with a quilt so she doesn’t catch a cold. Look at the temperature in the room. Don’t adjust it too low or too high.”

“Cover her up and go out.”

Bai Mohua followed suit one by one, and finally tucked up the quilt carefully for Nuan Nuan, who was sleeping soundly, and went out.

Gu Nan: “…leave the phone behind.”

Bai Mohua hurriedly ran back and put the phone on the bedside table before slipping away.

He just slapped his forehead when he walked out of the bedroom, “That’s not right! This is my bedroom!”

And brother Gu Nan talked a lot today, and gave so many orders so carefully, my God! Was that really Brother Gu Nan?

Turning back to the bedroom, Bai Mohua yawned and climbed onto the bed, got under the quilt and fell asleep comfortably as if hugging the warmth of a small heater.

My little cousin is so warm, hehe…

When he woke up the next morning, Bai Mohua excitedly took Nuan Nuan to his studio, and on the easel in the middle, the drawing paper that was originally blank was now clearly covered in lines.

The room was well heated, and the youthful and clean boy was wearing a sweater and white cropped pants, holding the little girl’s hand as he ran over excitedly like a child showing off his favourite toy.

“Look at this Nuan Nuan, this is the composition I thought about last night. I’ll give it to you as a gift when I finish it, okay?”

Inside the booth, little pets were being fed.

Two good-looking hands on the left and one on the right were respectively holding snow-white and delicious pastries, one of which had been bitten by a small gap, and the obedient little girl sitting on the low stool with her small face propped up had round cheeks, and ate a lot with a look of happiness.

The two people feeding in the painting were weakened, revealing a kind of hazy feeling, people couldn’t see their faces clearly, but they could vaguely see their youthful demeanour, only the little girl in the middle was particularly clear, but this was still an unfinished work.

“Looks good, second cousin is amazing!”

Being praised by his little cousin’s earnest and soft voice, Bai Mohua felt extremely satisfied, even more satisfied and happy than his own painting being rewarded.

He scratched his head, his white ears gradually turned red and he was actually shy.

“Just wait, I’ll be able to finish it soon.”

After speaking, he sat down, and continued to draw, and Nuan Nuan didn’t bother him, sitting on the small stool next to him very obediently without making any sound, hugging Little Orange who was meowing around her feet, with two pairs of clear and clean eyes round and watching him draw.

People were often very focused when doing something they liked, and Bai Mohua was no exception. The moment he started drawing, he seemed to be a different person. The childishness was gone, and he became steady and focused.

It seemed that for him, this was not just painting, but injecting his soul into that painting.

Painting was a very boring thing, because a good work took hours or even days to complete, and during such a long time, the painter had to sit on the stool and immerse themselves in their thoughts. Every detail, every color was conceived here.

An hour passed quietly like this, and Nuan Nuan watched with her own eyes that the painting became more and more vivid and richer in details under her brother’s hands, and the little girl became more and more shocked and admiring of her second cousin.

Is the second cousin’s head really a camera? Every fur texture on her dress had been drawn!

The second cousin’s hands were really magical.

“Nuan Nuan.”

Someone called her, Nuan Nuan turned her head and saw her mother standing at the entrance of the corridor.

The little girl immediately ran over with the little orange cat sleeping in her arms.


Mother Gu smiled and rubbed her head. The delicate and beautiful little girl tilted her head softly, her fluffy little head arched affectionately in her mother’s palm, as soft as a kitten.

“Your friend came to look for you.”

Nuan Nuan beautiful big eyes looked at her blankly, what friend?

“He also has a big black dog with him.”

Nuan Nuan immediately remembered who it was, and she smiled softly with crooked eyebrows, and said softly.

“Brother Su Ran is here.”

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