SLDH Ch. 82.2: Water Control Technique

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The loach demon drove a yellow school bus to pick them up, and there were already five small frys inside. It was Lingling’s group that had had a quarrel with them.

“Hmph~” As soon as the two sides met, they looked at each other with disgust.

But the little frys were very happy today and had no intention of quarreling with them. Especially Yaya, she was talking about today’s spring outing all the way. One moment she said that the egg rolls made by XX’s mother were delicious, the other moment she said that XX’s father had brought beautiful gifts to every child, and the next moment she said that XX had invited them for his birthday.

“It seems that you are very happy in the human kindergarten.” Lingling couldn’t help but mock them.

“Of course.” Yaya raised her head proudly. In the demon clan’s kindergarten, the parents of the demon clan would not prepare delicious and fun things for them.

“Then have you learned any spells?” Lingling challenged, “The teacher has been teaching us the innate spells for the past two days. We have all learned the water control technique~~”

“Lingling, they must not have learned it, who would know about demon magic in human kindergarten? My mother said that they will definitely have no future.” Shasha and Lingling mocked in unison.

“We can too!” Duoduo said unconvinced.

“Then do you dare to go back and compete?”

“If you want to compete, let’s compete!”

If it were a competition with anything else, the little frys would definitely not dare to compete, but they happened to learn the water control technique today, although only Xiao Hai learned it at that time, but Xiao Hai kept explaining it to them on the way back, so the other four little frys gradually mastered it.

The loach demon glanced back and did not stop them. As members of the demon clan, only by fighting could they grow faster.

After a while, the car arrived at the parking lot dedicated to the aquarium. Several small frys got out of the car and jumped into the water eagerly, and then dived all the way into the aquarium. Although these ten little frys were young, they were all fierce and talkative masters. They competed as soon as they said it, and they didn’t even put their schoolbags at home first.

Five small frys vs five small frys.

Other demons from the water tribe who were passing by stayed to watch the fun.

“Hey, is this a competition?”

“Counting the time, the kindergarten should be activating the cub’s talent at this time.”

“That’s the water control technique.”

During the discussion, the frys on both sides were ready for battle, waiting for the loach demon to shout start.

“Start!” said the loach demon.

As soon as the words fell, frys on both sides used their demonic power at the same time, and then water flowed up from the backs of both sides at the same time. However, what rose behind Xiao Hai’s five small frys was a water dragon, while what rose behind Lingling and the others was a loach.

This comparison showed the superiority and inferiority of both sides.

Immediately the two parties met, and the water dragon swallowed the loach in one gulp. Then, without losing its momentum, it directly rushed the opponent’s five small ones several hundred meters away before stopping.

There were screams coming from the distance.

“At this level, you dare to claim that you can control water!” Little Fat Fish mocked.

“…” Suddenly, the scene became quiet, because if the water dragon just now was used as a reference, many of them didn’t know how to control water~~

After a while, Yu Feihang, who got the news, hurried over and asked the few frys:

“Who did you learn your water control skills from?”

“Little crow.” The five small frys replied obediently.


Wanwu Group.

After receiving the report from the Fish Tribe, Quan Juncai entered the Demon King’s office and reported the matter of the little fish to the Demon King: “I also heard from Xiao Rui about the crow spirit recuperating in the kindergarten, but I didn’t pay much attention at the time.”

“Then you go there in person tomorrow to see where this crow spirit came from,” Fan Chen said.

“Okay.” Quan Juncai also had this intention.

“If there is no problem with the other party’s identity, find a way to leave him in Popcorn Kindergarten.” Fan Chen added.

“You want him to be a teacher?” Quan Juncai immediately guessed the demon king’s plan. In fact, he had been looking for a suitable demon teacher ever since he had sent the several cubs to Popcorn kindergarten. After all, these cubs were also the future of the demon clan, and they could not stop learning spells just because they were going to a human kindergarten.

It was just that he searched for more than a month and still couldn’t find a suitable teacher. Instead, he found the crow spirit.

“Yeah.” Fan Chen did have this intention.

“Okay, then I’ll prepare a contract in advance and bring it over.” As he spoke, Quan Juncai was about to leave when he suddenly spotted a wilted plant on the windowsill out of the corner of his eye. This was the Demon King’s office. How did such a listless plant appear?

“Sir, did you quarrel with the future Demon Queen?” Ever since he learned that Mi Wan and the demon had finally confirmed their relationship, Quan Juncai’s title for Mi Wan was upgraded from Master Mi to Demon Queen.

In fact, Fan Chen didn’t deliberately tell the fox demon, but he would be silly and happy from time to time in the past few days, and the plants around the Wanwu Group would also bloom and bud from time to time. It was difficult for Quan Juncai not to notice it. Fortunately, their group was in the suburbs and there were a lot of illusions placed around them. Otherwise, this strange phenomenon would have been captured on video and posted online.

“No.” Fan Chen shook his head.

“Then why are you unhappy today?” Quan Juncai asked curiously.

Fan Chen looked at Quan Juncai tangledly, with an expression on his face that he wanted to say something but didn’t know how to.

“Sir, I’m not as good as you in other things, but you can’t compare to me when it comes to emotional matters.” He didn’t necessarily have to take care of his demon king’s emotional affairs, but he wanted to, mainly because if this matter was not resolved, his demon king would be in a good mood sometimes, and sometimes in a bad mood. The plants in the whole building would then have to wither and bloom again and again. The cycle would keep going back and forth, which would make them tired.

Fan Chen struggled for a while, expecting that Quan Juncai would not dare to go out and talk nonsense, so he confided the words in his heart: “Wanwan… doesn’t want to be intimate with me.”

“Sir, you are too hasty.” Quan Juncai was shocked. It was really hard to tell that the Lord in their family was such a wolf.

“Is kissing too hasty?” Hadn’t they already kissed?

“…” I was wrong, my thoughts were not pure, and I forgot that you were still having a pure first love.

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