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After Tang Bai finished his last class, he walked out of the classroom and saw Xie Ruheng waiting for him.

“Brother Xie!” Tang Bai and Xie Ruheng walked side by side, while discussing the physical fitness plan that Xie Ruheng made for him: “One of the physical fitness tests is the endurance test. You can choose a running test or a swimming test. How is your swimming?”

“I can swim, but I don’t swim often.” Tang Bai said without hesitation: “But I think I have more advantages in swimming than running. I want to choose swimming!”

Xie Ruheng hummed, “Then you should practice more during this period.”

After making a training plan, the two of them went to the swimming pool. Tang Bai’s swimsuit was bought on the spot. Tang Bai was a little regretful that he couldn’t wear his super cute shark swimsuit.

“The changing room is over there, you go and change first.” Xie Ruheng stood in front of Tang Bai’s changing room as majestic as the door god, threatening all the military students with his eyes.

“I’ve changed~” Tang Bai’s soft voice came from behind. Xie Ruheng turned around without warning and saw Tang Bai who had changed into black swimming trunks.

The omega in front of him had skin like snow, with a slender body. His arms and legs, however, had bruises from today’s rock climbing. They were black and purple and looked very miserable. Looking at this made people feel pity for this body that seemed to be easily damaged.

In addition to the fragile feeling, the lines of this body were also particularly beautiful, especially the perfectly shaped waistline, which made people unable to take their eyes away.

Xie Ruheng paused on the spot. He hissed in his heart, his mind was congested, and there was only one thought left:

It’s pink…

“Brother Xie?” Tang Bai tilted his head in confusion. He lowered his head and looked at his chest. He didn’t find anything strange on his chest.

However, Xie Ruheng was aroused even more by Tang Bai’s sweet and sultry voice, which was as gentle as a feather’s caress. So, he walked into the changing room looking slightly embarrassed.

When Xie Ruheng put on his swimming trunks and opened the door, Tang Bai was doing stretching exercises with his back to Xie Ruheng. His slightly sunken waist and plump and perky buttocks were clearly visible, and he was even trembling slightly just seeing Tang Bai’s hard-working warm-up exercises.

Xie Ruheng forced his eyes away from below and landed on the area covered by the neck ring. He remembered that this area on an omega was very sensitive.

No! Stop it! Stop it!!!

Tang Bai felt the burning gaze on him. He turned his head and was involuntarily attracted by Xie Ruheng’s perfect figure for three seconds. “Brother Xie, how long are you taking? Let’s go swimming quickly~”

Xie Ruheng needed cold water to calm down, so he nodded quickly and strode towards the swimming pool.

It seemed that Brother Xie really liked swimming.

Tang Bai glanced at Xie Ruheng who was swimming butterfly strokes. He also happily entered the swimming pool and started flopping freely like an elf in the water.

He preferred exercising in the pool to running in the hot sun.

Tang Bai swam very fast. Although not as fast as an alpha, his speed was comparable to that of an ordinary beta. He believed that with more practice, he could lose less points in the physical fitness test.

Xie Ruheng was just thinking the same thing when he saw Tang Bai come out of the swimming pool after swimming two laps. His hair was wet, and water droplets dripped from the ends of his hair onto his delicate skin, sliding all the way down, and finally flowing from his small waist, it entered his swimming trunks.

The snow-like skin had turned slightly pink due to exercise, and Tang Bai’s face glowed red as he said: “I think I swam pretty well!”

Not only was it good, it was really killing him.

Xie Ruheng turned his head and saw two nosebleeds coming from the nose of an alpha not far away.


“You were really energetic today, running, rock climbing and swimming.” Tong Meng muttered while rubbing Tang Bai’s shoulders, “I wonder if you can get up tomorrow.”

Tang Bai said softly and coquettishly: “If I want to kiss Mengmeng, I can get up.”

Tong Meng’s heart instantly turned into a puddle of water, “Don’t act like a spoiled brat to me, I won’t do that.” He said with a smile on his face: “Whatever you want to eat, I’ll make you a midnight snack.”

Tang Bai rubbed Tong Meng’s hand with his little face, “I want to drink some sweet soup.”

Tong Meng covered his heart and said, “Just drink!”

After Tong Meng left the dormitory to make supper, Tang Bai slumped on the bed like a salted fish and slowly sent a message to Xiao Cheng: “There will be an etiquette test in a while. Do you need me to help you with etiquette tutoring?”

Xie Ruheng, who was hatching mecha eggs, said, “You’re quite busy.”

Career: “No, I heard that Xie Ruheng is preparing for the physical test with you. You must usually be very tired.”

Tang Bai sighed with emotion: “Military school training is really tiring. I heard that the amount of training for the mecha department is twice as strong as that for the mechanical department. I really don’t know how Brother Xie survived and became the best.”

Then Tang Bai couldn’t help but praise Xie Ruheng a few more times. Every line of his words was full of praise for Xie Ruheng. This made Xie Ruheng finally not help but ask about the confusion he had hidden in his heart for a long time: “Actually, there is one thing I have been thinking about. I don’t understand, Xie Ruheng is such an outstanding alpha and likes you, and you are very happy when getting along with him, so why do you only admire him and not have the love between AOs?”

Because we are OO!

Tang Bai and Xie Ruheng were very happy together, but he and Tong Meng also got along very happily. This was the harmony between sisters!

Tang Bai had a thousand words in his heart that he wanted to tell, but he endured it in order to keep it secret.

However, although the fact that Xie Ruheng was an omega could not be said, other things could still be disclosed to Xiao Cheng appropriately. After all, Tang Bai didn’t want Xiao Cheng to misunderstand him.

Others may think that he was green tea, that he was raising a spare tire, or that he had no boundaries and was casual when getting along with alphas. He was aware of all these negative comments, but he didn’t want Xiao Cheng to see him like this.

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