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“What’s the matter with me?” Lin Xin took a long while before whispering this sentence, the hand hanging by his side couldn’t help but quietly grab the corner of Shen Lou’s waist. This was the first time that Shen Lou took the initiative to hug him, how could he be willing to push him away, even if Shen Lou said something unpleasant, he would admit it.

“You sucked the devouring spirit, why didn’t you tell me? You lost your spiritual power, why didn’t you tell me?” Shen Lou lost control, his eyes turning red at an angle that Lin Xin couldn’t see.

When they parted for the last time, Lin Xin was lying on the bed where they had been lingering for days and nights, smiling and reaching out to him, “Shen Qingque, please hug me.”

Shen Lou was silent for a long time, but finally did not come forward, and only said, “Lin Xin, take care of yourself.”

The absurd teasing for several days and nights made him hate Lin Xin’s dirty tricks, and also hate his own obsession. So much so that he turned his head and left decisively, without giving him any tenderness. After leaving Luqitai, he realized that his spiritual power had recovered, and the spirit-devouring spell in his dantian had disappeared without a trace. Reluctantly, he went back to find Lin Xin, but the man had already died at the hands of the coalition forces that attacked the “Demon’s Nest”.

In the next few years, when he dreamed back at midnight, he always saw Lin Xin reaching out to him, crying or laughing, or arrogant, or weak and pitiful, and saying the same sentence to him over and over again: “Shen Qingque, please hug me.”

Stretching out his hand, there was nothingness, and he couldn’t hug him no matter what. Hearing Shen Lou mentioning this, Lin Xin was a little embarrassed, “I didn’t do this to ask you to thank me.”

At that time, Shen Lou was hit by the devouring spirit, and the spirit vein was sealed. He used the secret method to transfer the devouring spirit to himself, and also took advantage of the opportunity. Later, he was attacked by others, and without his spiritual power, he could only be slaughtered by others, and his death was not heroic. He didn’t do this for any noble reason, it was just what he wanted to do. Well, in fact, it was a bit of bad intentions, he wanted Shen Lou not to forget him, and to remember him forever.

“I don’t want to thank you, I hate you!” Shen Lou tightened his arms, just now when Lin Xin turned and left, he even had the urge to chain him up. Lock him firmly in the house, on the bed, and not allow him to go anywhere, so that he would never disappear again. He was probably really crazy.

Hate me, hate was always longer than love. Thinking of what he said at the beginning, Lin Xin’s vision suddenly blurred, and to receive the hug from this past life, he was begging for kindness.

The autumn wind picked up, and the sycamore leaves in front of the palace fell down. The two sat down by the wooden corridor, and finally they could have a good talk with peace of mind. “I don’t need to take revenge now, but I need power, and I want to keep the title and not let the crown prince become emperor again.”

Lin Xin said without any concealment, the Luli-discretion order would be implemented soon, and the power of the princes of the four directions would be reshuffled, and the catastrophe of the spirit was also approaching, and there was not much time left for him.

“Although I don’t like Feng Zhong, I agree.” Shen Lou nodded.

Lin Xin was very surprised, and tilted his head in front of Shen Lou to look at him, “After I died, what did Feng Zhang do to anger people?” It was not easy to make Shen Qingque, a loyal minister who was a model to the world, turn his back.

Shen Lou looked at Lin Xin who was close at hand, and couldn’t help but smile, “It doesn’t count, but if he ascends the throne, Da Yong will go back to the old way, and it would be meaningless for me to be reborn.”

“Do you know, has he been reborn?” Lin Xin could hear something unusual from these words, because his body was tilted too much, and he would fall down if he lost his balance and was quickly caught by Shen Lou into his arms. He lay down and couldn’t get up. Anyway, this Shen Lou had already been slept with, so he didn’t have to pretend, so he simply threw his face away.

Shen Lou didn’t intend to let go, just hugged him like this, “Well, I won’t let Feng Zhang be the emperor anymore, and he is not my master. So, you don’t have to…”

“Oh, I made a loyal minister and good general turn into a traitor, that’s great.” Lin Xin said pretending to be melancholy, and after he finished speaking, he couldn’t help secretly laughing.

What he feared most in making this decision was that Shen Lou would break up with him. He planned to explain it to Shen Lou slowly in the future, but he didn’t expect that he planned to stand with him from the beginning. It was like preparing to risk your life to pick ganoderma on the cliff, but the ganoderma fell into the back basket by itself.

Shen Lou looked at him and smiled slightly. “Xin’er!” The brief tenderness was interrupted by Zhu Xingli’s angry roar, Lin Xin sat up with a grunt, seeing Feng Zhong behind his master with a face of “I have already filed a complaint”, he couldn’t laugh or cry.

“Master, why are you… hey!” Before he finished speaking, Zhu Xingli grabbed his ears. “I’ve already heard from Zhong’er, what are you going to do to cut Luli and you even accepted the Mojian[1]!”

Zhu Xingli dragged his apprentice over, and said angrily, “I’m giving you food and drink, and didn’t I order a sword for you already?”

The Mojian was a treasured sword handed down from ancient times, but it was extremely evil, and it was said that it was dug out from an ancient battlefield. Before Feng Zhuoyi wanted to use this sword, he specially showed it to Zhu Yangai, in order to get rid of the evil blood in the knife. But Zhu Yangai had no choice but to warn the emperor that if the person who used this knife was not mentally strong, he would be easily influenced by the demon knife and become cruel and bloodthirsty.

Mojian was also the nickname given by Zhu Yangai.

“No, master, you heard about me, ouch!” Lin Xin was rarely picked up by the master, this time it was useless to pretend to be pitiful and clever, so he could only ask Shen Lou for help.

Shen Lou gave him a helpless look, picked up the small sword on the ground, flicked the dust, and let Zhu Xingli carry Lin Xin back for education. He himself stood up and went to the main hall of the East Palace to look for the brothers of the Zhong family. Now that he had spoken to Lin Xin, some things could now start.

The crown prince was discussing matters with the officials of the East Palace, when he heard that Shen Lou was coming, so he asked him to join him. “Guzheng is discussing with Zhan Shifu and wants to invite Beimo envoys to come to Yongdu.”

The crown prince roughly told Shen Lou about the content of the discussion just now, “The Northern Territory has just won a battle. If the negotiation is proper, at least it can be exchanged for ten years of peace.”

Ten years of peace may be difficult, Shen Lou lowered his eyes, “What does Your Highness want to talk about?”

“Naturally, marriage,” said Zhan Shi, a young man in Zhan Shifu, “Khan Ulorun has not married yet. It’s the right time to marry a princess.”

Today’s barbarian tribes were basically unified, and there was a common great khan named Uluolun Heruo. Heroes cherished heroes, Xuan Guogong Shen Qirui had always wanted to talk to Heruo, but the other party had not been seen.

“What do you think?” the prince asked Shen Lou. Anyway, trading a woman for border security was something only cowards would do. Shen Lou raised his head and looked at the crown prince, “Which princess does Your Highness want to marry over?” The royal family had not many heirs, and now the only one of the right age was Princess Yunxi who was almost pointed to by Shen Lou earlier.

Several East Palace officials looked at each other, and it was Zhan Shi who said in advance, “The ministers mean that it is better to make the daughter of the Shen family a princess, so that they can be closer.” Beimo and Beiyu were connected to each other. It was not considered a distant marriage. Shen Lou’s face turned cold instantly.

“Nonsense!” Feng Zhang slapped the table, “Qiuting is a good arrow general, sending her to Beimo, is it not sending the barbarians a great general!”

The young Zhan immediately knelt down, “Prince calm down, I’m stupid.”

“Be gone, be gone!” The prince waved his hands irritably and drove out a group of Eastern Palace officials who had made up their minds and rubbed his forehead with a headache.

“Your Highness, why worry, the selection of candidates is up to the emperor,” Shen Lou put the little sword on the table, “I heard that the emperor has just made Lin Xin the Marquis of Xunlu.”

This little sword was given to Shen Lou by Zhong Suifeng for fun, but Shen Lou gave it to Lin Xin again. Now that the Zhong family was completely under the command of the prince, the seal could be found out with just a quick search, so he directly spread it out.

Hearing the three words of Marquis of the Lu, the prince’s eyes changed slightly. This position was very important, but the few people he recommended did not satisfy his father, and he even chose Lin Xin who was not close to him. “I’ve tried to persuade him a few times, but my father didn’t listen. But you don’t have to worry, these policies and regulations proposed by the civil servants are aimed at some young lieutenants who eat vegetarian meals in the corpses, and it doesn’t hinder your Shen family.”

The crown prince didn’t ask Shen Lou how he got the news either, let alone ask what Lin Xin did for throwing the sword, then he took out a bow with exquisite carving from his sleeve, and handed it to Shen Lou, “When you go back, give it to Qiting for me.”

Shen Lou took the bow and remained silent. He knew that the crown prince was interested in Shen Yingying, and Shen Yingying was not indifferent, but he didn’t want to agree to this matter.

It started to rain at night, one autumn rain and another cold, the cold wind mixed with water vapor drifted into the house, making it even more lonely.

Shen Lou turned over, staring at the rain outside the window in a daze. It was not good to reveal his identity, Lin Xin would no longer act coquettishly with him, and pretend to be a young man to share a bed with him.

Suddenly there was a light sound from the window edge, and a black figure came in from the window, shaking the raindrops on his body, then he took off his outer shirt, and jumped over.

Shen Lou pulled back the quilt silently, the black shadow sneaked in like a cat looking for warmth and shivered into his arms. Neither of them mentioned how they slept together again, and the room became quiet for a moment, only the patter of rain outside the window continued.

“Your Master…”

“I told Master about my desire to rebel!” Both of them spoke at the same time, Lin Xin emerged from the bed and said aggrievedly, “Master hit me, you see, it made me red.” As he spoke, he opened his inner shirt, revealing a palm print on his shoulder.

“…” Shen Lou turned away from looking at the white and round shoulders, and stretched out his hand to straighten his clothes, “What do you want to do in the future, first discuss with me, there are some things you don’t know.”

Lin Xin looked up. Then he smiled and said, “Why should I tell you?”

In the darkness, Shen Lou’s smiling eyes reflected the flickering rain, as if thousands of stars were hidden, “Didn’t you tell me all the time?”

Did you know that I crushed He Liuhun’s soul?

I lied to the emperor, saying that I was worthy because I did not fail the emperor’s kindness.

I have become the Marquis of Lu.

I’m going to rebel.

He wanted to tell Shen Lou all the bad things that he thought of, and get some approval from him, which would be subtly influenced, so that he would not make him hate him when he settled the score in the future. Lin Xin originally planned this way, but he didn’t expect that Shen Lou to be reborn as well.

Feeling a little embarrassed, Lin Xin gritted his teeth and turned around, “You obviously have memories since you were a child, why did you lie to me to make me warm your bed?”

Shen Shizi, who was smiling calmly, instantly blushed.

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[1] Now demon sword that swallows the hook would be translated as Mojian (lit. demon sword).

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