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The past was like a flash of light whizzing by in front of his eyes. Knowing that the past had happened, his soul must also have the memory of two lives. The intimacy of these days was actually all illusory, and it would disappear with a single touch. There was a blank moment in front of his eyes, Lin Xin was at a loss, and couldn’t help thinking along with Shen Lou’s question.

Marquis of Xunlu, what did he choose it again? Supreme power, a chance for vengeance, and, moreover, blood on his hands.

In his previous life, he took over this decree from Emperor Yuan Shuo, and the first thing he did was to return to the Zhao family, kill the young master of the Zhao family, crush his soul, and take back the jade pendant left to him by his father. Weaving rope with blood-stained silk sash, braiding his father’s jade pendant and master’s forehead pendant together, he hung it around the neck.

Afterwards, he began to conquest Luli from various families, ceding land and cutting the nobles, but to the Zhong family in the Western Regions, he was the most vicious, it was charged 30% higher than others. Year after year of high annual tribute, the Zhong family was overwhelmed, and it found it difficult to survive.

Zhong Changye couldn’t bear it and wanted to compete with Lin Xin on the sword stage. According to the rules of Da Yong’s world of cultivating immortals, if two immortals went to the sword competition stage to solve problems by means of martial arts, regardless of life or death, nobody was not allowed to seek revenge.

Zhong Changye stood in the cold wind, his plain white robe with wide sleeves fluttering in the wind, “Lin Xin, we are considered family friends with your father, why are you targeting the Zhong family so much?”

Lin Xin pulled out the scimitar from his waist, and lunged over, the cold light of the blade reflected on his face, full of murderous intent, “I advise you not to talk nonsense, your two useless sons are still waiting to collect your corpse.”

“You little bastard who killed your master, today I will clean up for your master’s house alone!” Zhong Changye was furious, his vast spiritual power enveloped the entire stone platform, and the long sword surged forward with the roar of dragons and tigers.

Zhong Changye was a master-level master, with high spiritual power and exquisite swordsmanship, and was extremely difficult to deal with. Lin Xin fought very hard in that battle and almost lost his life. In the end, he had no choice but to pump his own soul power, “You killed my father! Killed my mother! Killed my master!”

The life-threatening blow directly cut Zhong Changye’s throat, and blood gushed out of Zhong Changye’s mouth. He opened his mouth, as if he wanted to say something, but he couldn’t make any sound. Lin Xin’s eyes turned red, he grabbed the head and crushed the soul, “Ah—”

The soul turned into little fluorescent lights and drifted away in the palm of his hand.

He had avenged his master, he needed to tell Feng Zhong the news quickly! Leaving Mogui Mountain, he ran back to the imperial city with his sword. As soon as he entered the Ziwuxian Gate, he met an immortal who did not know for what had come to seek revenge. He took his palm without looking at it and kicked him to the ground.

“You don’t know how to live or die!” Lin Xin sneered, holding the handle of the Demon who swallows the hook but did not draw out the sword, “Kill him!” With an order, the royal guards stepped forward and hacked the man to death.

Letting go of the hand holding the sword, he entered the room swaggeringly. Wherever the Marquis of Lu went, everyone retreated. Countless sights of hatred or fear shot from all directions, but no one dared to step forward.

“Brother!” Lin Xin found Feng Zhong and walked over quickly.

Feng Zhong saluted politely, but Lin Xin threw himself into his arms unexpectedly. “Hold me, don’t let me fall.”

The hoarse voice was like the noise coming from the old bellows, not very clear. He didn’t draw his sword just now, it wasn’t because he held it up, but because his body was already at the end of its strength. The spiritual power was exhausted, and the soul power was weak, so he reluctantly took that palm that hurt his internal organs.

“Xinxin!” Feng Zhong, who had been estranged from him for a long time, couldn’t pretend anymore, and firmly supported his body. Lin Xin buried his face in his senior brother’s chest, spit out a mouthful of unbearable blood into the heavily sealed prince’s gown, then grabbed his coat to cover it up, “Don’t let anyone look at it.”

He was Marquis of Lu, when meeting the gods he would kill the gods, the Marquis of Lu must always straighten his back, neither getting hurt nor falling. Before he fell into a coma, he heard Feng Zhong sigh softly, “Why do you need to be this Marquis of Lu, what did this thing bring to you!”

The past, like a sand building collapsing, gradually dissipated. Lin Xin came back to his senses and straightened his back bit by bit. He was Lin Zhuxian who cut the deer, not Lin Zhuxian who would be hugged by Shen Qingque to comfort him. Looking up at Shen Lou, the deep blue eyes no longer had the pretended innocence of the past, instead there was a half-smile, with a bit of cold sarcasm, “So, you are also reborn?”

“Yes.” Shen Lou frowned while looking at him.

“When did it happen?”

“Eight years ago.”


Lin Xin closed his eyes, trembling with anger. Eight years ago, that was to say, the first thing he saw after he was reborn was the original Shen Lou. Unfortunately, he thought he could deceive people from the beginning, but in the end, it was just an empty dream. Shen Lou, whom he had known since childhood, might be kind to him, but the reborn Shen Lou would never like him, and would only have a heartfelt loathing for him. After all, he touched Shen Lou’s bottom line, he was a traitor.

In the previous life, after the death of Emperor Yuan Shuo, the crown prince succeeded him by sealing Zhang, and he and Feng Zhong rebelled against him. To the false, reckless, bloodthirsty title of the Marquis of the Lu, there was added another infidelity and injustice. Since then, the loyal and patriotic Shen family had completely opposed him.

Later, when Feng Zhong died on the battlefield, he had nothing left, so he tied his only obsession in this life – Shen Qingque, back to his fief Luqitai.

“Lin Zhuxian, you lunatic!” Shen Lou was chained to the head of the bed, struggling desperately. Lin Xin put his face on the warm chest, and smiled foolishly: “Shen Qingque, you hate me, hate is always longer than love.” Whether it was disgusting or hating, these days of being coquettish and foolish, was still a joke.

Lin Xin opened his eyes and bent down to pick up the demon that swallows the hook, “It must have been hard for you to get so close to me these days, and I’m sorry that I didn’t become the loyal minister and general you hoped for.” Then he rubbed it twice and threw it neatly to Shen Lou’s feet and said in a serious tone: “Since you are also reborn, let’s each rely on our own abilities and see if you can still protect your precious Crown Prince!”

After that, he turned around to leave. Shen Lou was stunned for a moment, then he grabbed Lin Xin’s wrist, and pulled him back fiercely, “Lin Xin, you dare to try!”

“Why, could it be that His Highness Xuan Wang fell out of love with me and couldn’t bear me?” Lin Xin let him hold his wrist indifferently, and leaned over with a smile, “Honestly speaking, sleeping with you is the best bliss I have tasted in my life, even if we are not our own masters, if you want to… um…”

Without saying a word, as he spoke, he bumped into Shen Lou’s arms unexpectedly, and was held tightly by him, almost strangling his flesh and blood, “Lin Xin, how can you be so cruel?”

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