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After Pei Jin saw this news, she was still confused. She didn’t know what had happened, she replied, [Little Five: What epic beauty?

Mengmeng messaged her a link very quickly, [Mengmeng: It’s this post. Today, our school’s posts were all blown up because of the transfer of a beautiful girl named Pei Jin from Class 8. Brother, you are also called Pei Jin, and you just transferred to Class 8, and the conditions are right. And there are only so many transfer students. So, are you actually a young lady?]

Pei Jin pursed her lips. Mengmeng’s last question was actually something she had expected. She had thought that Mengmeng would know about her being a girl.

Pei Jin admitted it bluntly. [Little Five: Yes, I am a girl. Sorry, I have lied to you all the time.]

After Pei Jin finished this message in fact, she had some apprehensions. Mengmeng always thought she was her little brother. She had kept something from her for so long, would Mengmeng be angry? In other words, Mengmeng wouldn’t want her “gay friendship” at all?

Pei Jin waited nervously for Mengmeng’s reply. She originally thought that Mengmeng would question her and would be angry, but unexpectedly, Mengmeng was not at all angry at all, she was even very excited.

[Mengmeng: In other words, I have an extra friend who is an epic beauty? Oh my God, if I let others know, they wouldn’t be envious of me.]

[Mengmeng: ah ah ah ah ah ah, before I was thinking about how you won over Brother Xun, the reality is so ah! Speaking of it, Brother Xun deserves to be Brother Xun, handsome and rich, that’s fine, if he is also so insightful, he will not give other men a way to survive!]

[Mengmeng: No, I found one thing! Sister, when you hooked up with Brother Xun before, did he know that you were a girl?]

Pei Jin jumped heavily when she saw the last question.

She and He Xun did not hook up! And He Xun had a girl he liked.

As for that time at literary bookstore that had made Mengmeng misunderstand when He Xun had kissed her forehead, it should be just to make Xu Yi give up as soon as possible.

Pei Jin let out a breath slowly. She thought about it carefully, and then replied to Mengmeng, [Little Five: Brother Xun probably didn’t know that I was a girl. And me and him, not what you think. If He Xun knew, he wouldn’t not have said nothing. Since she slept with him for so long, he didn’t mention a word, so he should have no idea that she was a girl.

Mengmeng thought that Pei Jin was embarrassed, so she said so. But she wouldn’t take Pei Jin’s sentence “I and he are not what you think”. Brother Xun had been so obvious; how could it not be the kind of relationship she thought?

[Mengmeng: Haha, I’m in class, Sister, I won’t talk to you anymore, I will come to play with you when I have time.]

[Little Five: Good.]

After the end of the chat with Mengmeng, Pei Jin just opened the post.

In just a short period of time, there were many more replies to this post.

She took a few glances at the front several floors and felt that the messages were similar, so she used the reverse sorting method and scanned the latest messages casually.

[2562410: Is this a human! This is exactly a little fairy!

[Tan XX in the first class of high school: I specially registered an account for this elder sister. Does anyone in the third year and Class 8 of high school get her contact information? It can be her number or WeChat information, begging!!!]

[One grass in the twelfth middle school: same request!!!]

[Hx: Haha.

The mocking message “Haha” was particularly conspicuous in the comments of a crowd kneeling and licking her pictures, asking for phone numbers, and her contact information on WeChat.

Pei Jin tilted her head, shook her finger, and accidentally clicked and refreshed it. Unexpectedly, as soon as she refreshed, she saw the latest message posted by the name Hx.

[Hx: You just chase, if you catch her, I will lose.]

Pei Jin saw this message and thought about who this Hx was. Sure enough, as soon as his intriguing message came out, many people in the post began to attack him frantically.

[Hx, which class? There is a way to report the class name.

[Hx, which green onion are you? Are we going to have to chase you?

[Hahahaha, it seems like you are chasing her, which mental hospital released this psycho?]

[Whether you lose or not doesn’t matter a fart, someone like her won’t even look at you if you look at her. What’s the excitement of being alone in a self-delusion?

[Hey, if you say that, I am going to chase Pei Jin, why?

Before, when she saw the post that praised her for her appearance, Pei Jin actually found it quite boring.

Because many words were similar, they seemed to have the same meaning. But looking at this Hx’s provocative reply, she found it a little bit interesting. But she couldn’t help but look down on Hx silently in her heart, as he was picking on a group of people. Should he be called stupid, or should he be slapped? Although the forum was anonymous, his attitude was a bit too arrogant.

There were still two minutes to class. Pei Jin took advantage of this time and continued to stay in this post to watch.

Because of Hx’s reckless provocative behavior, this post had become even more popular than before, but now it was directly popular. At the beginning, more people flocked to this post to reply to this post, and Pei Jin almost couldn’t see it, because as soon as it was refreshed, many new replies would be posted.

She thought everyone was attacking in groups, and if Hx was smarter, he would stay hidden, be a low-key person and leave a low-key message. But she didn’t expect that within a few tens of seconds, he returned with a few more interesting ones.

[Hx: It’s late. Now, you don’t even have the chance to pursue her, because Lao Tzu has already come.]

[Hx: Listen well, she is mine, so don’t even think about it.]

[Hx: Finally, this post can be deleted.]

Pei Jin looked at these few messages sent by Hx, and her heart felt both angry and funny.

Who was this Hx, that he could add so much drama by himself? He had such a mad tone, was this making himself an enemy of all the people in the post? Although the posting was anonymous, what should he do if he caused public outrage?

At this time, the class bell rang, and Pei Jin put away her mobile phone and began to concentrate on listening to the class, but she always felt that something was missing while listening to the class.

After transferring to the twelfth middle school, she no longer needed to sit in the first row because she was not the shortest student in the class anymore. But after realizing the absence of He Xun in the last row of the classroom, she always felt a little uncomfortable.

In the days before, she had become accustomed to He Xun’s existence, and suddenly being separated from him, she could not avoid the feelings in her heart.

She didn’t know how Brother Xun was now, whether he was sleeping in class.

In the previous two days, she and He Xun had not actually talked a lot. He Xun seemed to be busy with something, but she didn’t know exactly what he was doing. Fortunately, she transferred to the No. 12 Middle School, which was very close to the boys’ college, and from time to time she could gather with her former classmates.

At the end of the last class in the morning, the bell rang for the end of class.

Pei Jin’s deskmate was called Yu Yuan, a girl who liked to chase stars. She was very enthusiastic and talkative, which immediately dispelled Pei Jin’s loneliness and anxiety caused by her new school transfer. Nowadays, communication was very developed, so although the post made a lot of noise because of her transfer, in fact, only one morning had passed since she transferred.

It was lunch time after class, and Pei Jin just wanted to ask Yu Yuan if she would like to go to the cafeteria for lunch with her, but Yu Yuan suddenly let out a big sound.

Pei Jin was taken aback by this sound. She hurriedly asked, “What’s the matter? What happened?”

Yu Yuan was full of excitement. She lowered her head and stared firmly at the phone screen. She was so loud that the whole class could hear her, “I heard that the school grass of the men’s college next door has transferred here!”

The school grass of the men’s college next door?

Wasn’t that He Xun?

Pei Jin bit her lower lip, her heartbeat sped up slightly for some reason, “Really?”

Not only Pei Jin, but the other students who were still in the classroom and did not go to the cafeteria to eat could not help but ask this question.

Yu Yuan was so excited that her cheeks had turned red, and she was holding her mobile phone tightly, “I think it’s true, because someone met He Xun at the door of the principal’s office! Ah, ah, ah! The big guy is coming to our school!!!! So happy! I’m telling you, the boss looks super invincible and handsome, really, the kind that can kill people with just one look!”

“Are there any photos?”

Yu Yuan regretfully curled her lips, “No, but everyone who met him at the door of the principal’s office said so! They said he was several times more handsome than the male god Zhang Xuan in our school! So exciting, so exciting!”

At this time, another male student in the class also spoke, “I just saw the news from the student union group that He Xun should have really transferred to our school. Someone secretly took the photo. Although it is only a vague back view, it should be him. But he didn’t come alone, and his two friends also came together with him.”

As soon as the girl heard the news, their hearts all began to agitate.

“Three came all at once? Damn?”

“I have always heard that the handsome guys in the boys’ college next door are one better than the other, but unfortunately I didn’t get to see it. This time I should be able to see the real person?”

“I don’t know He Xun and him. Which class will my friend transfer to? It would be fine if he transferred to our class.”

“Ah, ah, I heard that He Xun is not only handsome, but also super rich at home. Hasn’t he only attended private and aristocratic schools since young? Why did he suddenly transfer to an ordinary public school like ours?”

The boys and girls in the class were all chattering and discussing in excitement.

Because today’s news was too great, they didn’t even want to eat for the time being. An epic beauty just transferred to their school today, but they didn’t expect the school grass from the aristocratic school next door to transfer over immediately as well.

What’s going on today, why were the big shots going to their school one after another?

Yu Yuan had been staring at her phone to check the latest news in the group. The boy who spoke just now belonged to the Student Union, so he had a source of information. Sometimes with good luck, he could get first-hand news. She was not in the student union, but she had a relative who taught in this school, so she also had her own news channel.

She was chatting with her relative now.

After reading the latest news from her relatives, she couldn’t help but scream out.

“Ah, ah, it seems that He Xun is going to transfer to our class!!! Also, his father, Mr. He, came this time, and the principal personally received him. I heard that Mr. He donated two buildings in one go. It’s a big deal!”

As soon as Yu Yuan said this, “Wow”, “Oh my God”, “Is it so awesome” sounded one after another in the classroom.

Pei Jin bit her lower lip and couldn’t help but confirm it again, “You said… He Xun is going to transfer to our Class 8?”

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