PPM Ch. 104

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He just thought about the way others looked at her, and that feeling already made him extremely unhappy!

Li Shengxia’s face turned pale, she knew that Mo Nianchen was angry.

When he was angry, anything she said could make him even angrier.

However, she didn’t expect that if she didn’t speak, he would still be furious.

“Why, don’t you dare to speak?”

He didn’t wait for her to react, and he entered her without hesitation.

Li Shengxia was so shocked that her face turned pale, but she bit her lips tightly to prevent herself from making a sound.

She grabbed his shoulders, shaking her body.

Even though it was mid-November, she was dressed so thinly, but she couldn’t feel the cold at all.

The beautiful sky flowers bloomed all around her, seeming to hide her beauty and tenderness in them.

“Li Shengxia, say it! Say you are wrong! Say you will never lie to me again, say you will never put others in front of me again! Say it!”

“Mo Nianchen…”

“Say it! Say you love me! Say you want me! Say you will never do anything with other men that only we can do, say!!!”

“Mo Nianchen, I was wrong, I was wrong… No matter what I do in the future, I’ll tell you in advance, okay? Please, don’t be angry anymore… You’re so scary when you’re angry…”

“Scary?!” Mo Nianchen held her chin down and smiled coldly.

Did she know what really scary was?

It was not that he couldn’t touch her, it was not being rejected by her, it was not being hated by her, neither was it being played by her.

Instead, it was never seeing her again…

The most terrifying thing had happened to him in those five years. With those strangers, he kept piecing her together, looking for her shadow in different people and women, imagining that he still had her, imagining that he had not lost it…

It was not scary. Feeling pain, not hysterical, not sore. But, no matter how painful, how hysterical, how devastated she was, he still turned a blind eye!

The most terrifying person was her!

It was her who clearly possessed his complete heart, but never faced it squarely!

He had tried so hard to restrain himself.

He had tried so hard to be gentle to her, but what about her?

But she still looked at him with such distasteful eyes, and still played with him again and again…

It was better to be hated than to be ignored! Since she didn’t love him, and he didn’t want to be ignored by her, then he had to be hated by her, right?

The sound of rustling footsteps coming towards them sounded.

Li Shengxia said in a panic: “Someone, someone is coming… Let me go.”

But he just put his coat over her body and covered her lips, but he didn’t stop at all.

The leaves of the high-flying flower rustled. Li Shengxia’s eyes widened in horror.

‘Mo Nianchen…Are you crazy? Just let me go!’

Li Shengxia conveyed such a signal with her eyes, and just wanted to break free from his imprisonment, but his strength was too great, and she couldn’t move at all.

But her actions made the person walking towards this side hear the sound…

The person looked at the pillar that was clinging to the high flowers, and asked tentatively, “A Chen, are you here? The Emperor Taishang said tonight, he can’t come. It’s almost time for you to attend the banquet.”

Hearing it was Ouyang’s voice, Li Shengxia was frightened.

The columns were wide enough to cover their bodies, and there were various beautifully trimmed flower beds outside to cover them, and the promenade also clung to the top of the sky. As long as Ouyang didn’t keep walking in, he wouldn’t be able to see them clearly…

What scared Li Shengxia the most was that Mo Nianchen responded lightly to Ouyang: “Got it. You go first.” He didn’t stop moving.

If there was any strange sound, Ouyang would definitely… definitely hear it…

Crazy, crazy, this guy was really a heinous lunatic! There was absolutely no response to her panic.

However, Ouyang just glanced at Mo Nianchen, he could only vaguely see Mo Nianchen’s head, and he didn’t know what he was doing, so he turned and left with a little hesitation.

Fortunately… the footsteps slowly approached and then gradually moved away.

Li Shengxia breathed a sigh of relief. It was good for him to go, otherwise she really couldn’t imagine what would happen!

At the same time, Mo Nianchen was still moving frantically, no matter how much she begged, it was useless.

Li Shengxia’s voice trembled, trying her best to suppress the panic in her heart, and said, “Mo Nianchen, do you know how dangerous it was just now!”

There was a hint of unexplainable charm on the corner of his lips: “What? You are also afraid? Or, does it feel special?”

He leaned closer to her face, his breathing thin and transparent. His smile was cynical, with a hint of evil that was unique to him.


“You don’t want to be disturbed, do you?” Mo Nianchen didn’t wait for her to speak, he raised her hands above her head, put her hands on the beams behind her, and said in a low voice, “Just watch with peace of mind. Just follow me, don’t think about anything!”

The magnetic voice swept across her, scattered around, like flying leaves, playing the sound of nature.

Li Shengxia was stunned for a moment!

What he said lightly, in a place where someone might break in at any time, how could she feel at ease!

But she didn’t know why…

This time, she wasn’t angry at all…

Maybe it was because she knew why he was going mad…

Although she thought he was scary, she couldn’t help but feel a little happy in her heart.

Because she knew that, for her sake, he delayed the banquet several times.

He just wanted to dance the first dance with her…

He waited for her for a long time…

So, he should be angry…

“A Chen…” She murmured the name subconsciously, as if she didn’t even realize it. The name that she called out inadvertently.

She had never called his name so tenderly before.

So much so that Mo Nianchen couldn’t help but be taken aback when he felt her meticulous changes. He couldn’t even figure out whether the words ‘A Chen’ just now was his auditory hallucinations.

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