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After reading the banners and signs with his young lady, where he had to go to prepare for the key reception in a while, Butler Ye said with a complicated expression: “These friends of the young lady are very interesting, and the pets they keep are quite strange, and there are… chickens?”

“Yeah, ah ha ha ha…” Mi Wan smiled awkwardly, these were living creatures anyway, and it was a loss that she had never treated plants, otherwise if there was a flower family, she wouldn’t know how to explain it to Butler Ye. Uh… she seemed to have cured the Sanskrit tree, but fortunately the little Sanskrit tree couldn’t change shape, and there was no money on him.

But these cats and eagles just sent flower baskets over, and the real person didn’t appear, otherwise Mi Wan would have turned her face to show them on the spot.

“Sister.” As soon as Mi Wan entered the store, she saw a little girl in a red down jacket jumping up and running in front of her.

“Little…Tongtong.” Mi Wan almost called out kitten.

“Senior sister.” Guan Li and Xiang Zhen also came out, but different from Guan Li’s happy expression, Xiang Zhen’s expression was hesitant to say anything.

“Sister, this is an opening gift from my brother and I to you.” After rubbing against Mi Wan’s arms, the kitten demon gave Mi Wan the gift box she had been holding.

“Isn’t there a flower basket already delivered at the door?” Mi Wan looked at Guan Li.

“That was given by the patriarch.”

Mi Wan understood with a simple introduction, this was the patriarch of each demon group, showing their favor. Mi Wan smiled, took the gift and thanked Guan Li, then turned to look at Xiang Zhen and asked, “Bai Feng let you come here?”

She took the initiative to mention it, so he immediately dragged the person to a corner where no one was around, and said in a low voice, “The association doesn’t seem to know about it yet, but with your status, it won’t last long. You should think about how to explain it to him.”

Mi Wan was surprised: “You didn’t tell Bai Feng?”

“I’ll report back today when I go back.” Xiang Zhen gritted his teeth, he was really kind, he shouldn’t have come to greet this woman without telling the association.

Mi Wan naturally saw Xiang Zhen’s intentions, and immediately smiled: “It’s alright, you can report it, and help me speak a sentence by the way.”

“Speak.” Let’s see what else you have to say.

“Wait.” Mi Wan turned around, went to the backyard and took out a price list and handed it to Xiang Zhen, “Tell him, I’ve opened the door to do business, and if someone pays me, I’ll treat the disease. If you want to stop me, simple, follow the price listed above.”

Xiang Zhen looked at the price on the price list, only to feel that his eyes were going dark and his palms were sweating. With this comparison, he now knew why Mi Wan had said that the price of a million yuan to teach him to draw a demon talisman was the price of cabbage. Nima, she was she not too embarrassed to accept 500,000 yuan for a physical examination. Where was this opening a shop to do business, this was straight-up robbery.

“Just like Guan Tong, I treated her for a cat’s eye soul worth 30 million yuan. If President Bai doesn’t agree to my rescue, just give me 30 million yuan. Everyone is a demon hunter, and I still have you in my heart. Yes, as long as you are willing to pay, I will preferably satisfy your demands.” Mi Wan thoughtfully gave an example as if afraid that Xiang Zhen would not understand.

“You…you…” Xiang Zhen stared at Mi Wan for a long time, unable to say a word, and finally he could only take the price list and retreat.

After a while, the university classmates Mi Wan invited also came over. Mi Wan greeted them for a while, everyone ate something, said a few words of congratulations, and quickly left in order not to affect the business of the store. After the guests left, Butler Ye didn’t have to be busy anymore. He stood at the door of the store and looked out frequently, not knowing who he was waiting for.

At this time, at the entrance of Xueyuan Road, three 15- or 16-year-old teenagers were getting out of a private car. Each of them was holding a gift. One of them was wearing an off-white down jacket with a handsome face, and while walking, he asked worriedly: “Mi Shao, do you think your sister still has that kind of egg in her hand?”

This was Wei Ji, who had asked for an egg from Mi Shao to nourish his grandfather. For this matter, Mi Shao had been lame for half a month because of not being able to eat the egg, so he had been feeling guilty all this time.

“Don’t worry, I asked Uncle Ye yesterday, and he said that my sister just took back ten of them some time ago.” Mi Shao was wrapped in a red and black coat, with Martin boots on his feet, making him look handsome and cool.

“Mi Shao, you said that your sister is very easy to recognize, how can you recognize her?” Yang Kaize, who had a pinch of red hair on the top of his head, asked curiously.

“You just have to look at the crowd…”

“The one who looks the best is your sister.”

“No, the fattest one is my sister!” Mi Shao said decisively.



After a few words, the few people walked to the door of the pet store. While Wei Ji and Yang Kaize were searching for the fattest figure inside, Butler Ye, who had been guarding the door, suddenly lit up and ran out: “Young master, you have come.”

Mi Wan heard Butler Ye’s voice, turned around curiously, saw the three teenagers approaching, and recognized Mi Shao standing in the middle at a glance. It was probably because of blood, so even though it was the first time they met but just looking at him like this, Mi Wan couldn’t help but feel a touch of intimacy in her heart. This intimacy separated Mi Shao from everyone around him in an instant.

“Uncle Ye, long time no see, where’s my sister?” Mi Shao asked, he couldn’t help but glance at the store, he even glanced at Mi Wan, but skipped over her without a pause.

“Miss is in the store.” Uncle Ye led the three of them in and waved to Mi Wan, “Miss, the young master is here.”

The three teenagers followed Butler Ye’s gestures and saw a tall, fair-skinned woman with a beautiful face walk over with a smile. Mi Shao’s expression was puzzled for a while, and then he seemed to see something familiar on the person in front of him, and then he couldn’t believe it: “You…you are Mi Wan?!”

“Call me sister!” Mi Wan slapped him and called him out on the past. The original owner had always been eager to hear her brother call her sister, but Mi Shao stopped calling her when he was six years old. Every time he saw her, he either called her by her name or called her a fat woman. The original owner was very disappointed but did not dare to say it. Mi Wan was not so polite anymore. She inherited the sisterhood of the original owner towards Mi Shao, so she just felt a touch of closeness in her heart. Seeing the little boy calling her by her first name, she immediately slapped him unceremoniously.

Mi Shao covered his head, and thought after being slapped by Mi Wan: Is this my sister? Is this my sister? Is this my sister? What about her plump body of nearly 200 pounds?

“Hello, Sister Mi.” Mi Shao’s little friends were much smarter. The two of them handed over gifts and called her sister sweetly.

“Just come and play, why are you being so polite.” With this comparison, Mi Wan felt that these two teenagers were much more well-behaved than her younger brother.

“I came here specially to thank sister. You gave Xiao Shao an egg before. Xiao Shao gave me one. My leg was fine the next day.” Yang Kaize said smartly.

Mi Wan snorted, smiled and accepted the gifts from the two of them.

“Then you guys have a good time, you can take any animals you like in the store directly.” Mi Wan said generously.

“Uncle Ye? Is she really my sister?” Mi Shao was still suspicious, and he pulled Butler Ye aside to verify again.

Butler Ye smiled smugly, he had known that the young master would be shocked when he saw the young lady again: “Yes, young master, the young lady has been losing weight all this time, and it can be regarded as a result.”

Was this just weight loss? Was this not a completely different person?

The three teenagers didn’t have much interest in Mi Wan’s store. In addition to accompanying Mi Shao, the other purpose of their visit this time was to help Wei Ji’s grandfather ask for two more eggs. So, after the three of them walked around symbolically, Mi Shao awkwardly walked up to Mi Wan and started talking to her.

“Why?” Mi Wan glanced at him.

“You… do you still have that egg?”

“No.” Mi Wan replied without thinking.

“Liar, Uncle Ye clearly said that you just took back ten of them some time ago.” Mi Shao frowned, this woman actually opened her eyes and said nonsense.

Mi Wan turned to look at Butler Ye, who had already turned around with a guilty conscience.

It was rare for her to see Butler Ye act like this, and she was suddenly amused. When she looked back at Mi Shao, who was looking smug about having caught her lying, she said something more heart-wrenching: “I won’t give it to you.”

“You…” Mi Shao wanted to leave on the spot, but thinking about his promise to Wei Ji, he resisted his anger and stayed, “It’s not worth it, we’ll buy it for you.”

“We?” Mi Wan sensitively grasped the key word.

“Sister Mi, in fact… I want the eggs.” Wei Ji took the initiative to stand up. He knew that chicken demon eggs were precious and must be difficult to obtain, so he begged Mi Shao to come over, but he didn’t want to make Mi Wan angry. Now, “My grandfather had a major operation at the beginning of the year, and he didn’t get better even after recuperating for half a year. The last time I saw that the eggs you gave Xiao Shao worked wonders, I thought of coming back to you and asking for two.”

Mi Wan stared at the young man in front of her for a while, and when she entered the door, she realized that although this young man named Wei Ji was not very old, his cultivation was not bad, and his spiritual power was even one point higher than Xiang Zhen’s.

“Sorry, this egg is useful to me, so I can’t give it to you.” Mi Wan still refused.

“Wei Ji, let’s go, we don’t care about her eggs.” Mi Shao only felt that Mi Wan was not giving him any face, and angrily pulled his little friend to leave.

“Wait a minute.” Wei Ji thought of his grandfather who couldn’t sleep because of the pain every night, broke free from Mi Shao’s hand, and continued, “Sister Mi, can we talk in another place?”

Mi Wan was startled, guessing that the boy wanted to identify himself to her, so she nodded and took the person to the backyard.

At the same time, the sparrow spirit brought He Li and Yu Feihang and his wife to the door of the store. Yu Feihang glanced at the noisy environment in the store. He didn’t get out of the car for fear of waking up his sleeping wife in the fish tank. Instead, he turned his head and said to the sparrow spirit: “You go first and say hello to the master, I will go directly to the backyard in a while.”

“Okay.” The sparrow demon nodded and got out of the car alone.

Here, Mi Wan took Wei Ji to the backyard and asked, “There is no one here, what do you want to say.”

“Sister Mi, are you a demon hunter?” Wei Ji asked straight to the point.

“That’s right.” Mi Wan nodded.

“My grandfather is Wei Hongyi.”

“Oh.” Mi Wan said expressionlessly.

Wei Ji was stunned, why did Sister Mi not respond when she heard her grandfather’s name: “He is an eighth-order demon hunter.”

“Oh.” Mi Wan raised her eyebrows and said in her heart, it’s quite amazing.

Wei Ji usually disdained playing his grandfather’s banner the most. He finally tried it once, but it didn’t seem to have any effect. He blushed in embarrassment and anxiety for a while.

“Since your grandfather is such a powerful demon hunter, why don’t you go to the chicken demons and ask for eggs.” Mi Wan found it a little strange. The current level of the demon race was not high. Wei Ji’s grandfather was obviously a big demon hunter in the world. Getting an egg should not be difficult.

“Chicken demons won’t give eggs to my grandfather.” Wei Ji shook his head with a bitter look on his face.

“Why?” Mi Wan was even more curious.

“Because my grandfather is one of the two existing eighth-level monster hunters.”

Mi Wan understood, the Demon Hunters Association didn’t want the demon clan to grow, and the demon clan naturally didn’t want too many high-level demon hunters. And the biggest enemy of human beings was lifespan, no matter how powerful a demon hunter was, they couldn’t survive longer than an ordinary demon.

At this moment, Mi Wan felt a wave of demon power floating around, she immediately knew that it was Yu Feihang who was coming, and was about to send Wei Ji away, when she saw that the young man was also very sensitive, and he had already condensed a palm of spiritual power, facing him. The water mist condensed in the air was becoming visible.

Yu Feihang’s cultivation base was not shallow, and he immediately retreated when he sensed the danger. Wei Ji patted the air and widened his eyes in horror.

“Wei family?” Yu Feihang saw Wei Ji’s appearance clearly, his expression instantly became terrifying, and the demon power all over his body was about to attack.

Wei Ji knew that he couldn’t beat him, but he still brought out his own magic weapon. On top of his spiritual power, a green jade flute hung in the air. Seeing the jade flute, Mi Wan’s pupils shrank suddenly, so she dodged and rushed in, blocking Yu Feihang’s water arrow while holding Wei Ji’s jade flute.

While turning her fingers, Mi Wan could clearly see that at the bottom of the jade flute, there was a line of traditional small characters: Xuanwu Mountain, Bai Yifeng.

Master’s magic weapon.

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