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Christmas Eve.

On this day, Mi Wan received several apples, including those from Han Xiao, Jin Mingxuan, and Liu Gu, as well as some supplementary gifts from some girls in the class, saying that their class gave each other Ping An fruit[1] last year, only Mi Wan didn’t show up, so they gave it to her this year. Mi Wan accepted it with a smile and gave back a package of snacks.

Back at the old house, Butler Ye found that Mi Wan was holding a pile of colorful Ping An fruit, and he was very relieved. His young lady had made a lot of friends at school.

“Miss, the pet hospital will open tomorrow, and the young and old will not be able to come back from abroad, but the young master said that he will reach there in time.” Butler Ye took a pack of nuts and fed Nutty beside him. Since one person and one beast exchanged gifts, Steward Ye especially liked this little squirrel at home, and often bought some new flavors of nuts online for Nutty to eat.

“You invited them?” Mi Wan was surprised.

“Of course, this is the first time Miss opened a shop, and as family members, they must attend and support. In fact, the young master adjusted his itinerary a week ago, but suddenly there was heavy snow in country M and the plane was delayed, so he couldn’t be here. The husband and wife will not be able to come back until the New Year, but the young master said that even if he has to ask for leave, he will definitely be there.” Butler Ye was afraid that Mi Wan would be sad, so he explained the reason why everyone couldn’t be there and emphasized that her brother Mi Shao was so determined that he even asked for leave to come there.

But tomorrow was the weekend, so asking for leave was nothing at all. Butler Ye tried his best to comfort Mi Wan.

Hearing that the Mi family’s parents were still recuperating, Mi Wan couldn’t help but ask: “Then what…my dad was so mad at me that he has been recuperating for half a year and hasn’t recovered yet?”

Butler Ye heard Mi Wan’s question. There was another burst of relief in his heart. Although the miss had never asked about her family, she was still filial: “You don’t need to blame yourself too much, in fact, sir’s health has never been very good. In the early years, because of the management of the company, he suffered from severe strains. He just needs a few more days to rest.”

Mi Wan nodded, and she said, how could it take more than half a year to recuperate because of anger at his daughter, and if the relationship turned out to be bad, then she’ll keep half of the eggs from next month for him and let Butler Ye send them to him to make up.

After returning to her room after dinner, Mi Wan did not go to wash directly, but took out an invitation from her schoolbag. This was what Butler Ye helped her to prepare and asked her to send out so as to invite her classmates to come and play tomorrow. Mi Wan didn’t know many people in the class, so after giving them away to the more familiar people, there was still a lot left in her hand.

She picked one, took a pen from the desk beside her, and wrote Fan Chen’s name on it, Mi Wan was about to go out the window, when she suddenly thought of something, turned around and took a Ping An fruit from the table. With the fruit in her pocket, she jumped down from the second floor through the window. Then she trotted a few steps to the front of her own courtyard wall, kicked a few steps, and climbed over the wall as light as a swallow.

The two most direct benefits to her losing weight were: First, she could easily walk out the window from the second floor without worrying about being discovered by Butler Ye. Second, when she climbed over the wall, she finally didn’t have to lie on the top of the wall and pant for breath.

After clapping her hands, Mi Wan took out the invitation and Ping An fruit from her pocket and held them in her hands, and then she walked towards Fan Chen’s living room. Only when she walked to the door, the door of the living room automatically opened from the inside, and Fan Chen was already waiting in the living room.

“What’s the matter, that you couldn’t say it on the phone?” Fan Chen asked curiously.

“I’m here to give you a gift, didn’t I say that I’ll give you a gift in return for Christmas.” Mi Wan didn’t forget that she had accepted the other party’s Christmas gift early, so first she handed over the Ping An fruit in her hand.

Fan Chen took it and said with a smile, “It’s just an apple.”

“That’s just a gesture, this is the real gift.” Mi Wan handed over the invitation that she had prepared earlier.

The fact that Mi Wan was opening a pet hospital had spread throughout the demon clan in the past few days, and Fan Chen naturally knew that her pet hospital would open tomorrow. At this time, when he took the invitation, he still took a serious look at it. Mi Wan’s handwriting was very beautiful, different from the delicacy of ordinary girls, with an uninhibited free and easy air, Fan Chen thought, if she wrote it with a brush, it must be a bit better than this.

“You really decided to open a hospital to treat demons?” Fan Chen closed the invitation and put it aside.

“The invitation has been given to you, what do you still doubt?”

“Aren’t you afraid that people from the Demon Hunters Association will come to you?” Mi Wan was going to help the demon race so openly and in an aboveboard manner, the Demon Hunters Association would definitely not do nothing.

“Look for me? I won’t make any money if they look for me?” Mi Wan didn’t care about the thoughts of the Demon Hunters Association. The reason why she listened to Bai Feng’s opinions before was because she was concerned about the balance between humans and demons.

Fan Chen chuckled, he clearly understood that the reason why Mi Wan changed her mind to open this pet hospital was because of the truth about the balance of heaven and the Tao that he told her. Looking at the fair face of the girl in front of him, he couldn’t help but ask: “You… are you not afraid that I might have lied to you?”

Mi Wan blinked and understood: “I am afraid, so… I still have a hand.”

Fan Chen raised his eyebrows.

“The demons who enter my hospital must promise me a condition in addition to the full medical fee.” Mi Wan said, “Any demons cured by me must not take the initiative to harm humans. If they violate it, I will chase them for thousands of miles and kill them.”

Mi Wan gestured to show her ferocity.

Fan Chen couldn’t help laughing and praise: “It’s really a good idea.”

“What are you laughing at, do you think there is no deterrent? I am still very powerful as a demon hunter, even five hundred years ago, for your demon clan, I was a person making them afraid of the wind.” Mi Wan proudly raised the double chin that could be seen now that she had lost weight.

“I know, otherwise you won’t be trapped by Qiankun Vine.” Fan Chen nodded.

Speaking of Qiankun Vine, Mi Wan suddenly remembered something: “Why didn’t you take action five hundred years ago, if you did, the war between humans and demons might not have lasted that long.”

“I was sleeping at that time.” Fan Chen replied.

“Sleep? Your demon clan was about to be annihilated, but you could still sleep.” Mi Wan was really shocked, what an irresponsible bigwig, she couldn’t help but want to give the demon clan a handful of sympathetic tears.

Fan Chen smiled lightly and did not answer this question directly.

“So…” After being shocked, Mi Wan suddenly reacted to one thing, “The first thing you did when you woke up was to send Qiankun Vine to kill me?”

“No.” Fan Chen shook his head, “Qiankun Vine was the means to wake me up. It was the use of Qiankun Vine because of which it was placed in the demon clan to wake me up.”

“Why after hearing, I sound a bit like a sacrifice to wake up the devil?” Mi Wan touched her chin at her metaphor.

“Can’t you think of something better?”

“For example…the bride of the river god?” Mi Wan changed to a better metaphor.

Fan Chen subconsciously imagined that scene, his expression was stunned for a moment, he actually… had some expectations? If he woke up and saw not a world full of savages, but the girl in front of him, even if it was the appearance of the other party before she lost weight, it should be good.

The next day, Mi Wan woke up refreshed. She was inexplicably excited when she thought that it was the first time in her life that she had her own property. The old house also seemed to be infected with Mi Wan’s joy, and everyone was in high spirits, especially Mrs. Zhang, who kept complimenting Mi Wan whenever she saw her.

“Miss, you look so good today, you look like a star.”

“Yes, yes, I said I would look good if I lost weight.” After more than a month of “hard” weight loss, Mi Wan’s weight had successfully fallen below the 120 mark and she had officially entered the ranks of only slightly fat. The facial features, which were originally deformed by the accumulation of fat, had already revealed their delicate appearance, especially the pair of round eyes, now her every frown and smile had a charming agility.

“Yes, yes…” The servants in the living room, whether they were sweeping the floor or passing by, all incarnated as a “boasting family” with Mrs. Zhang.

“jijiji~~” The little squirrel was not far behind, as he stepped on Mi Wan’s shoulder for a while, but no one knew what it said.

“Miss, it’s time to go out.” Butler Ye was going to go with Mi Wan today to help greet the guests who came to the store. Although Mi Wan repeatedly insisted that not many people could come to the store, Butler Ye insisted on going. Mi Wan pondered that Butler Ye should have accompanied her to detoxify in this old house, and he had nowhere to use his abilities, so he just grabbed some work and tried his best to give full play to his talents, so she couldn’t bear to refuse again for a while.

When they got to the store, Mi Wan was startled by the long line of flower baskets at the door: “Uncle Ye, did you buy too much?” The long line almost went to the school gate.

“I didn’t buy it, it was given by someone else.” Butler Ye said with a smile.

“Someone gave it, who?”

“Young master gave 20, and the rest were given by your own friends.” Having said this, Butler Ye was again relieved, “Miss, your friends are better than this old man imagined.”

Her friend? Fan Chen? No, how could someone who could stop her from changing the flowerpot for flowers spend money on giving her these flower baskets. Han Xiao and the others? Even more unlikely, it would be good if they sent at most one.

Mi Wan curiously leaned over to the flower basket and began to read the banners:

Wishing prosperous business – Eagles (twenty in total.)

Wishing boss a prosperous business – Sparrows (twenty in total.)

Wishing prosperity – -Cat family (twenty in total.)

Wishing you a lot of money – Chicken family (twenty in total.)

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[1] Christmas Eve, translated as “ping an ye“, overlaps with “ping an“, meaning safety and peace, in China. The apple, pronounced “ping guo” in Chinese, is also called “ping an guo” is thus sold during Christmas.

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