TBVSR Ch. 51: Her Choice

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Hearing Qiu Li’s stupid question, Jiang Yu laughed out loud and rubbed his head vigorously: “Your brain is broken today, why are you asking such childish questions.”

“Who would you choose.”

Qiu Li insisted and asked, “You must choose one.”

Jiang Yu never thought about this question at all, whether it was Esmera or Qiu Li, both were very important to her at this stage.

Her hesitation made the light in Qiu Li’s eyes dim: “Forget it, just think that I didn’t ask anything.”

Seeing that he was a little unhappy, Jiang Yu poked his hard chest with her elbow: “This choice won’t exist as you said. In the case of choosing one of the two, you and Esmera, I want both, don’t be childish.”

“I’m childish.” Qiu Li grabbed her wrist, and then shook it away: “I know your choice.”

Jiang Yu was really angry when she saw that, even if she said that she chose him at this time, he probably wouldn’t believe it.

She really didn’t think about the importance of this matter, and she didn’t want to think about it.

Sometimes in life, you just can’t make a choice.

As her mother had asked, if one day, she had to make a choice between the dream she had been chasing for half her life and the person she really wanted, what would she choose?

Jiang Yu didn’t know how to choose at all. Maybe only when she was really standing on the edge of the cliff would she know how to choose.

“Is my boyfriend angry?” She looked at his gloomy face: “Isn’t it, that’s why?”


“You’re just angry.”

“No.” Qiu Li’s expression was a little irritable.

Jiang Yu reached out and squeezed the flesh on both sides of his cheek: “Then you can show me a smile.”

Qiu Li followed her gesture and smiled.

“Forget it.” Jiang Yu let go of him: “Your laughing is uglier than crying.”

In the last three days, except for eating and sleeping, Jiang Yu spent all of her time practicing dancing.

The details and emotional rendering of the variation solo in Act 2 of “Giselle” were extremely demanding. In such a short time, Jiang Yu could only do her best by practicing.

She used to think she was gifted and proud of herself.

However, when she entered the Esmera Art Center and saw that there were so many amazing dancers in both the ABC class and the DEF class, she knew that she had overestimated herself.

At this time, everyone had not yet reached the stage of fighting for talent, and everyone was working very hard.

That’s why she felt so uncomfortable when she learned that Wen Lun had let her down.

She really felt the overwhelming pressure of competition.

In the morning, she would go to the cafeteria to help Qiu Li with her work. In the past three days, Qiu Li had undertaken all her public services, allowing her to practice dancing without worrying about anything.

Jiang Yu had only three days and must fight against the odds.

The report performance started at 9:00 in the morning, and Qiu Li got up at 7:30, put on his most decent white shirt, and was ready to go to Esmera’s auditorium to watch his girlfriend’s performance.

When he was changing his shoes at the entrance, he received a call from Principal Dong, “Xiao Li, I want to discuss something with you.”

“Mr. Dong, tell me.”

Principal Dong glanced at Huo Cheng who was sitting at his desk, and said hesitantly: “This year’s scholarship may not be given to you.”

Qiu Li was silent for a few seconds and asked, “Can I know the reason?”

“As you know, we are a private school, and everything depends on the benefits.”

Principal Dong said earnestly: “This year, the school has spent a lot of money to build the science and technology museum, and the financial deficit has already been a lot, so the scholarship can only be delayed. I hope you understand.”

Qiu Li said solemnly: “We had an agreement. I transferred from No. 12 Middle School to Yuxi Middle School. In return, every semester, Yuxi Middle School was to give me scholarship worth 30,000 yuan.”

“There is an agreement. That’s right, but you see, didn’t I give you the scholarship on time for the first two semesters? This time it is the school’s financial deficit, so I can’t get the money.”

“If it’s a science and technology museum, I remember that you got it from Xie Yuan’s Technology Group’s investment…”

Principal Dong got a little impatient: “Do you think I’m deliberately deceiving you and not giving you the scholarship! I said there’s a deficit, so there’s a deficit! I really can’t come up with it!”

“So Mr. Dong, I want to know, did you tear up the agreement?”

Principal Dong’s face was also ugly, and he looked at Huo Cheng who was sitting opposite, and could only say: “I didn’t ask you to withdraw the scholarship last year, but I really can’t give it this year, if you are willing to stay, come down to take the college entrance examination, we welcome you. If you don’t want to, you can go back to your 12th middle school.”

After that, the principal hung up the phone and looked at Huo Cheng gloomily: “Satisfied, Mr. Huo?”

The corners of Huo Cheng’s mouth were raised, and his hands were propped up on the desk surface: “Thank you, Principal Dong.”

Principal Dong was suffocating in his chest in one breath, feeling extremely uncomfortable.

It really shouldn’t be the case that the principal was coerced by a student, but there was no other way. The Huo family’s influence in Beicheng was too great. The principal of a private high school in this district really couldn’t afford to provoke a consortium like the Huo family.

“Principal Dong, you don’t just want to gain benefits, but also fame.”

Huo Cheng stood up slowly and said straightforwardly: “There is still the last semester of senior year, even if you cut off his scholarship, he will not leave. The last few months are so critical, what other school in Beicheng is comparable to ours? The teachers and learning atmosphere of Yuxi Middle School are the best, he is not stupid, is it possible that he will return to No. 12 Middle School where gangsters gather? Don’t worry, your provincial champion won’t be able to escape.”

Principal Dong gritted his teeth and glared at Huo Cheng: “You don’t know him at all, he has no source of livelihood. The scholarship for half a year is only 30,000 yuan, and the consumption level in the north city is only enough for food and clothing. If there is no money for the next six months, what do you want him to live on!”

“Shit, doesn’t he know how to work part-time to earn money? He has to rely on the school to support him.”

Huo Cheng said with a contemptuous smile: “You are letting him learn to live independently in advance.”

“You think the provincial champion is so easy, that just being smart is enough? How can he have time to work part-time!”

“Oh, there’s no other way, just let him starve to death.”

Huo Cheng fluttered off this sentence, turned and left the principal’s office.

After Qiu Li hung up the phone, he sat at the entrance and pondered for a long time, then took out his mobile phone and glanced at the balance of last year’s deposit.

Only 1342.2 yuan left.

Originally, when the semester started, a scholarship of 30,000 yuan should have been credited to the account. When he was admitted as the provincial champion, the school also covered his tuition fee for one year.

Now that Yuxi Middle School unilaterally tore up the agreement, he should be able to sue the school for breach of contract.

But how could he have this time, he had to take the college entrance examination!

Principal Dong should have pinpointed that he had nowhere to go. Even if he didn’t get a scholarship, he would continue to stay in Yuxi Middle School, so he broke the agreement so recklessly.

Qiu Li’s personality was not easy to handle, so he immediately called the dean of the 12th Middle School and explained the situation.

The Dean of Academic Affairs was overjoyed, and in his words he wished that Qiu Li could turn back.

The teachers and students of the No. 12 Middle School were very poor, and the learning atmosphere was not good. The number of students who could be admitted to key universities was really limited.

If Qiu Li could come back, it would be a real help.

The dean of education immediately promised: “As long as you come back, we can give you 15,000 yuan worth of scholarships. The atmosphere is not as good as Yuxi Middle School. You should also understand that we don’t have the financial resources of Yuxi Middle School. But you can rest assured that we will give you what you say. We will never break the contract! If you agree, you can come to the school to go through the formalities now.”

Should he agree?

Qiu Li was in a tangle.

There were less than five months left before the college entrance examination. He would go back and forth about transferring schools, then how would he get the provincial champion title in the test, how would he get the most proud result, and go to see his mother.

If he didn’t go, what would he rely on for the next five months?

He could only go to work, which would also delay his studies.

Qiu Li clenched his fist, slammed the wall hard, and let out a low growl.

The bone-shattering pain in his hand reached his nerve endings.

During the period when he was ignorant of the world and when he could not care about life or death, he would not have cared about these things at all.

But now, Jiang Yu had rekindled his confidence and courage in life, and his foggy road to the future had gradually begun to become visible through sunshine.

It was only then that he really felt how the downfall of his youth hurt his self-esteem.

Jiang Yu walked into the women’s locker room. The locker room was very quiet. The girls were all nervously preparing for their performances. They didn’t have the usual state of laughter and slapstick.

She was about to turn off her phone when suddenly the phone rang. Jiang Yu saw that it was a call from her desk mate Chen Wei, so she picked up, “Chen Wei, you haven’t called me for a long time.”

Chen Wei’s voice was very low: “Xiao Yu, let me tell you something. I went to school in the morning to report for my scholarship, and I passed by Principal Dong’s office, I seemed to hear that… Qiu Li is going to transfer.”

Qiu Li thought about it for a long time, and finally stood up dragging his stagnant body, put on his shoes, and prepared to go to Yuxi Middle School to go through the withdrawal procedures.

He just couldn’t take this breath.

Principal Dong was sure that he would weigh the pros and cons and would not drop out easily, so he calculated him like this.

12th Middle School would keep him, as long as he worked hard. In any environment, he could get the score he wants.

But if he stayed in Yuxi Middle School again, he would lose face.

However, just as the elevator door opened, a white figure rushed out.

Jiang Yu stood in front of him, her cheeks a bit flushed, her slender figure outlined by the close-fitting sweatshirt, and the slender bangs on her forehead ruffled by the wind.

At that moment, his mind was empty.


Jiang Yu saw that she had finally caught up, her tense nerves loosened, she grabbed Qiu Li’s hand, and panted, “You absolutely must not drop out of school!”

Qiu Li reacted after a long time, then his face suddenly changed angrily as he said: “Jiang Yu, are you crazy! Where are you here now!”

She should be on the stage of Esmera’s training show, not here!!

“Listen to me, you must not drop out of school!”

Jiang Yu seemed more nervous than he was, she grabbed his sleeve, and said eagerly, “You have to study hard, you have to go to Beicheng University… You can’t go any other way, life has a long way to go. If you walk wrongly, everything will go wrong. Be good and listen to me, okay!”

Qiu Li’s heart was beating vigorously, he looked at the worry and anxiety in the girl’s eyes, and for the first time in his life… he felt at a loss, “Do you know what you are doing? You have an important performance today!”

Jiang Yu’s eyes were red, and she said excitedly: “You are about to drop out of school, how can I still perform! You are not allowed to drop out, if there is no money, I will support you, but you are not allowed to drop out.”

Qiu Li’s temples were beating suddenly, he never expected that night’s stupid question, Jiang Yu would tell him her decision with her own actions.

“You… choose me?”

Jiang Yu squeezed Qiu Li’s collar tightly, tears welling up, and said angrily, “You don’t need to ask, of course I choose you! You idiot!”

Qiu Li’s temples jumped suddenly on.

The next second, he rolled over and pressed her against the wall, kissing her soft lips forcefully.

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