RCFS Ch. 127: Smash 2

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“That, Yunxi.”

Ye Junpo thought about it, but decided to say it: “Can you ask the sponsor to get more money?”

“What’s wrong?”

Ye Yunxi looked up and asked.

She had always earned the money herself, so where was there any sponsorship?

She really couldn’t get sponsorship for an unknown movie.

But when Dad said that, she had to ask what was going on.

Ye Junpo hesitated.

In fact, after filming this script, the production cost could be controlled within 4 million, which could be regarded as the lowest production cost possible, but there was one scene in it that made Ye Junpo very worried.

That was to smash the video game city.

Smashing the video game city was the climax of this drama, but you have to compensate for smashing things, right?

These video game equipment cost 1.8 million. They didn’t have extra investment, so they couldn’t afford to pay for it. But if they didn’t shoot, the whole movie would have no climax, and there would be nothing to watch.

So, he originally planned to shoot other things first, and put this one at the end, and try to see if he could get sponsorship before continuing to shoot, but how could sponsorship be so easy to get?

He brought his assistants to separate his outfits, how many companies he visited, how many phone calls he made, and people heard that the film had no famous director, no famous actors, and even the investment fee was pitifully low, let alone investing.

He worked with his assistant for most of the summer vacation, but he still didn’t get a dime, and instead wore out two pairs of shoes.

Really frustrating to death.

If Yunxi hadn’t said that the office building was sponsored by a sponsor, he might have wanted to cut this scene out, but Yunxi said that, so the thought that was dead had revived now.

“The scene of smashing the video game city, can we get a sponsor to sponsor it?”

Ye Junpo confessed everything, and looked at Ye Yunxi without blinking.

He was looking forward to it in his heart, looking forward to the perfect presentation of this drama to the audience, whether it was a foreshadowing or a climax.

This was his obsession as a director!

For a moment, the room was silent, and even Ye Yunji subconsciously looked at his sister, as if this was not his sister, but the thigh he wanted to hug tightly.

“Okay, I’ll go talk!”

Ye Yunxi nodded, for the sake of her family, she would risk anything.

The purpose of being a soldier was to defend the family and the country, the country was everyone, and she must defend it to the death, so she would also defend the small family now to the end!

Ye Junpo felt relieved, somehow, he obviously couldn’t pull it off by running and sponsoring, but he just thought Yunxi could do it!

He firmly believed that Yunxi would be able to do it.

“Okay, Dad is waiting for your news.”

Out of the building, Ye Yunji caught up with his sister.

“Yunxi, can you really do it? I feel like the scene we’re filming is like a child’s house. You’re trying to make dad happy, right? Are you really going to fight to the end?”

Smash the video game city?

It’s okay to go to the supermarket, night market, and bar KTV to give people some money to film a scene. Were they really going to smash the video game city?

Wasn’t that a big deal?

“Brother, if you treat it as a play, then it will be a child’s play, if you treat it as a big production, then it will be a big production, I am optimistic about this movie, and so is Dad, so, you must work hard to do your best.”

[Ding! Awesomeness XP +10!]

For a long time, Ye Yunji didn’t make a sound.

It was his sister’s words that echoed in his head all the time.

If he even looked down on himself, it must be bad, if it gets out!

Inexplicably, he thought of what his teacher said.

So, why couldn’t he always be the best when he designed?

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