RCFS Ch. 128: Smash 3

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Ye Yunxi valued this movie very much.

4 million was invested, there must be a sound, right?

Although the reason for doing it at the beginning was that the system had issued a mission, but movies were not what everyone saw just because of the fame of the director or the popularity of the actors. The audience was not stupid, they would not go to the cinema and buy a ticket and sit for two hours just to watch an actor.

Haha, come on, if you don’t take good pictures, even if the little heavenly king is here, you will still sleep from beginning to end!

She firmly believed that this topic would definitely be popular, and it was taken from her real mission in her previous life. This incident also caused quite a stir in the military department, and that person was even commended by the first general!

Who wouldn’t want to watch such a passionate and tear-jerking scene?

So, she was also betting!

The 2.6 million borrowed by her father, plus the remaining 4 million in her own hand, she would use this play to turn the tables on the Ye family!

Those people in the provincial branch thought that they could earn 1.8 million a year from a small business, so they thought they could show off their power in front of their own family!

Don’t even think about it!

The family was the family, not only because of the pure blood, but also because the family was strong enough!

Although she had won the position of the heir of her family and returned to live in her family home, this drama was her first battle back in her family!

Not only did she want to fight, she also wanted to fight beautifully!

Therefore, the video game city must be smashed!

Secretly making up her mind, Ye Yunxi thought of someone.

So she came to the video game city, stood next to Brother Xiaoqing, didn’t speak, just looked at him with a half-smile.

Brother Xiaoqing was sweating profusely.

While being stared at.

He could hardly stand being stared at by Ye Yunxi.

But last time he suffered under this little girl’s hand, and now everyone in the video game city knew that he had an elder sister, and what’s more, she was younger than him!

This made Brother Xiaoqing, who was the leader of the video game city, feel very humiliated!

So he had been practicing the shooting machine desperately recently to prepare for his shame!


He hadn’t practiced well yet, the eldest sister came to the door first.

He just stood there without saying anything, her beautiful eyes filled with murderous intent, and she stared at him for an hour with a half-smile, watching Xiaoqing miss his aim frequently, basketballs were flying all over the sky, but he couldn’t make a shot, and there were even bullets. He even came back and accidentally hurt his own people.


Another brother had his head smashed, looked at Brother Xiaoqing with tears in his eyes, and complained silently: Brother! elder brother ! It’s not your brother who is staring at you, aiming at it and then throwing it will not succeed! ! Outsiders haven’t cut it down yet, but your own people are about to be cut down into slices by you!

Brother Xiaoqing was ashamed, and threw another ball. His palms were full of sweat, he slid the ball and smashed it straight at Ye Yunxi.

There were still a few brothers standing firm and not falling down. If the ball smashed the big sister, they didn’t know if the big sister would explode in the next second and kick Xiaoqing’s head as a ball…

But the big sister was very good at playing the basketball machine. She held the ball gently with her slender hands, supported it with one hand, and turned it lightly with the other. The basketball rolled around at her fingertips.



[Ding! Awesomeness XP +10!]

[Ding! Awesomeness XP +10!]

[Ding! Awesomeness XP +10!]

[Ding! Awesomeness XP +10!]

With another sixty b squares in hand, Ye Yunxi spun the ball and looked at Brother Xiaoqing with a smile: “The eyes are quite big?”

Brother Xiaoqing was trembling all over.

The rest of the brothers look at him and he looked at her, and then he turned around and want to slip away.

“Cough, big sister… big…cough, this, this is not addicted to playing, I didn’t notice so I didn’t pay attention.”

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