RCFS Ch. 126: Smash 1

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“Miss Ye is really noble, and she is definitely a talented woman worthy of Di Junxie!”

A black card ripped open the golden mouth of the upper class.

Even many people began to be more attentive to Ye Yunxi.

“Young Emperor is really lucky to have such a generous girlfriend, perfect match!”

“Congratulations, you must call me to drink your wedding wine!”

People complimented her, but Ye Yunxi’s expression did not change, the little bird was still snuggling up in the arms of the emperor, nodding all the way, leaving everyone with a talented and beautiful back, leaving the impression of a perfect match.

However, after exiting this door, Ye Yunxi’s smile changed, and she put her finger on the man’s waist and pinched it hard!


Di Junxie was in pain, and subconsciously clasped the hand, but the little hand was slippery like a loach, and instantly broke free, while the girl’s soft body also instantly moved away.

“I can do anything with my hands and feet!”


Then she’ll pinch!

The man squinted his eyes, his waist and eyes hurt so badly, it must be swollen, he could tell without looking at it, she was not big, but her hands were not small!

However, after the pain, it felt slightly numb, and it seemed to be climbing up his back, bringing along a strange feeling.

Inexplicable, kind of cool.

Di Junxie restrained his anger but couldn’t help but let out a wicked smile: “You can do more with me.”

Ye Yunxi: “…”

[Ding! Peach value +10!]

Because the host was so angry, the system let out a weak voice, and then closed its mouth.

“Let’s go, I’ll take you home.”

Di Junxie took her to the car and drove away.

The office building in the business district was in hand, and Ye Yunxi was not idle. The marketing team was busy in creating the hype, and then she brought Ye Junpo into the office. With her brother on the side, she didn’t need to do anything else.

It’s just that the two of them were shocked by the sudden arrival of the office.

“This, this is our office building?”

Ye Junpo felt incredible, everything was too dreamy!

He used to be stretched thin before, let alone filming, he couldn’t even eat food. It’s been so long, Yunxi actually built such a big office building for him, and it also came with a marketing team!

“Dad, you are the boss here, and brother is the vice president here, so there’s no delay between filming and making money, right?”

Ye Yunxi smiled. If you want to be bigger and better, you have to keep up with the infrastructure and train troops in the army, moreover they must be equipped with weapons, right?

“It’s not, Yunxi, but where did you get the money?”

Ye Junpo thought it was incredible. The rent on this floor is not cheap, right?

Where did the girl get the money?

“Oh, we got sponsorship.”


Ye Junpo raised his voice and said excitedly: “Sponsorship? Who gave it? We’re going to advertise it! Is it cosmetics or drinks? Oh, then your footage is still there. I have to retake it, I have to do it again with a drink!”

Ye Junpo thought seriously, his whole face turning a little red from excitement.


It was the first time that someone actually sponsored what he filmed!

God help me, I don’t know if I can take more sponsorship and shoot the next scene!

“Oh, it’s a family in the empire. They asked to put the family’s name in the end.”

Ye Yunxi could only tell lies with her eyes wide open, but it wasn’t all fake. Although the emperor family didn’t sponsor money, they sponsored a big living person even if nothing was to be advertised.

Emperor, the sword of the empire!

Ye Junpo took a deep breath, and Ye Yunji was also shocked.

The families of Sword of Empires couldn’t wait to make their relationship clear with the Ye family, and now they came to sponsor?

Yunxi, how did you do it?

[Ding! Awesomeness XP +10!]

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