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Lu Rong had just stepped off the rooftop, and then went up to the rooftop again, but this time he was going to be scolded.

According to his observations, Ji Wenfeng’s pace was faster than usual, and his demeanor was irritable. He went straight to the edge when he got on the roof and tried to calm down with his hands on the handrails. Then he said: “I don’t allow it.”

Lu Rong: “…”

There were too many things that Ji Wenfeng forbade him to do, and Lu Rong was not sure what he was forbidding for a while, so he decided to use rhetorical questions, that was, repeating Ji Wenfeng’s words: “You don’t allow it?”

This would make Ji Wenfeng feel his resistance, which would not only stabilize his character setting as a rebellious and noble slave, but also lure him to continue to expand on the “not allowed” matter.

As expected, Ji Wenfeng was furious, and pressed him step by step until he stood still in front of him, then putting his palm beside his face, he said: “What do you think? Do you think I will let you do whatever you want and open one eye and close the other?”

Lu Rong was terrified, could it be that his idle buying and selling had been exposed to Ji Wenfeng?

He walked aside in embarrassment and looked into the distance, not making eye contact with Ji Wenfeng. This was not something that could hurt his self-esteem for him. He also wished that like Ji Wenfeng, he was born with everything he should have and didn’t have to worry about money, but he wasn’t. Over the years, he had habitually made money and saved money, and he had also developed a character and habit of thrift. He couldn’t just watch Ji Wenfeng’s clothes being thrown into the corridor—or let them fall into Wang Xiufen’s hands. She would only sell them to peddlers by the catty, ruining these trendy brands, but he was different, he had washed those clothes neatly, ironed them, took pictures of them and uploaded them to Xianyu, and he was further selling them to those in need, so that these idle things could play the greatest role, and by the way, they were also sold at a good price.

He knew that Ji Wenfeng would definitely be ashamed of this kind of behavior: he knew how picky and fussy he was. Living under the same roof, they were both the young masters of the Ji family in name, but he actually picked up his rags and sold them for money!

Lu Rong didn’t want Ji Wenfeng to know at all. He also couldn’t bear Ji Wenfeng’s sharp gaze at this time. He thought that he had cultivated enough to be able to deal with other people’s eyes calmly, but at this moment, he felt ashamed for the first time. He cared more about what Ji Wenfeng thought of him than he thought.

Seeing that he didn’t reply for a long time, Ji Wenfeng took his arm and dragged him before his eyes: “Why, are you acting dumb?”

Lu Rong stubbornly tried to shake off his hand, but failed, with an angry expression on his face, he tried hard not to look at Ji Wenfeng.

Although it was a gesture of refusal, Ji Wenfeng inexplicably sensed a trace of coquettishness from his behavior, and more than half of his anger disappeared. He squinted his eyes and asked, “Do you know that you are wrong?”

“What’s wrong.” He was just recycling waste.

Ji Wenfeng’s face darkened: “What do you mean? You still plan to continue dating him?”

Lu Rong: “…?”

What dating?

With whom?

He keenly felt that this was another wrong-frequency conversation, and suddenly turned his head to stare at Ji Wenfeng, trying to see the flowers on his face. Ji Wenfeng came to him to talk to him not about buying and selling Ji Wenfeng’s idle things, so something must have happened that he didn’t know about, he had to handle it very carefully, because he didn’t know if this situation he didn’t know about would involve his buying and selling Ji Wenfeng’s idle things. He really didn’t want him to know about the latter. Lu Rong’s current situation was like skating on thin ice. He knew that something was cracked, but he didn’t know exactly where.

Seeing Lu Rong’s pensive look, Ji Wenfeng elongated his face and said displeasedly: “Do you still need to think about it? I am your master, and all of you is mine. Do you think you have the freedom to fall in love?”

With his arms folded, one hand resting on the chin, he kept staring at Ji Wenfeng, who was close at hand, nodding his head as he talked, but his brain was racing: Who was Ji Wenfeng talking about?

Looking at his appearance, Ji Wenfeng’s beautiful phoenix eyes widened suddenly, showing an expression of disbelief, and then his handsome face went as cold as ice, and he shook his head at him with a sinking face: “You even don’t even know which one I’m talking about.”

There was no doubt in his mind that Lu Rong must be stepping on several boats at the same time, none of which was him, so he showed such an ignorant expression when he asked him to break the relationship.

Ji Wenfeng slammed the door and left: “Wait until you transfer to another school!”

Lu Rong: “…”

Ji Wenfeng’s thoughts were really hard to guess.

Lu Rong missed the morning self-study, so he called all the other school bullies who had a feud with him from the bathroom: “Did we ask you to fight recently? No? Really? Didn’t you come to the Boyue Longhu to look for me and you were beaten by the bag catcher with the surname Ji? Are you sure?”

The boss of the fourth middle school reacted particularly fiercely: “Well, I asked you before, and I wanted to fight you one-on-one, let me think about when… Cao Nima, whose surname is Lu, my fighter is still in the hospital! Do you know why?! Because your Chuang Wang and another Chuang Wang beat me and him up in Boyue Longhu for half an hour. You kept saying that you only had one Chuang Wang in your hand, but what happened?! You have two! A grass mud horse.”

Lu Rong: “Okay, I know you haven’t been here.”

He sat in the bathroom and hung up the phone indifferently. He called all the people on the road who wanted to kill him, no, no one came to him, maybe Deng Te might know something.

He texted Deng Te on WeChat.

Lu Rong: Deng Te, you have been with Ji Wenfeng every night these days, have you ever told him anything about me?

Deng Te: No.

Lu Rong: Are you sure? Think about it carefully, what do you talk about when you stay with him.

King Chuang’s memory was not very good, so Lu Rong really couldn’t believe his “no” easily.

Deng Te thought about it carefully: In addition to boxing, we talked a few words about his little slave.

Lu Rong: Oh, you guys are still talking about his little slaves, ha ha

Lu Rong: What were you talking about?

Deng Te: Boss, why can Ji Wenfeng raise slaves? Aren’t we in a socialist people’s democratic era?

Lu Rong: Well, that’s right—what did you talk about his little slave?

Deng Te: Just some very common topics. How many meals should be fed a day, how much should be eaten in one meal, etc. I also want to raise one and I would like to ask him to understand the situation.

Lu Rong: You can’t raise one, it’s against the law.

Deng Te was heartbroken, it was like being rejected by his parents from keeping a puppy as a pet for the first time, and then he didn’t reply to his WeChat.

Lu Rong sat in the bathroom, put his hands into a pyramid shape and pressed his lips silently—it wasn’t his peers blocking him at the school gate, nor Deng Te, then who was he suspected of dating? Why couldn’t he find out anything about himself?

Lu Rong felt that this question was too difficult, so he surrendered to Ji Wenfeng, and sent him a WeChat message: “What the hell is driving you so crazy?”

Ji Wenfeng: “Hehe, you still don’t know where you are wrong, and you still want to coax me.”

Lu Rong: “…”

The situation had made him exhausted.

If this continued like this, Ji Wenfeng would really make him transfer to another school, Ji Wenfeng could do it.

Lu Rong had struggled in the south of the city for four years, and all his careers were rooted here. He couldn’t just leave the south of the city to develop in a new place. And he couldn’t transfer the entire villain team with him, his current situation was like a CEO who had no life to turn back to in middle age but was suddenly under threat of being dismissed.

At this critical moment, Lu Rong thought of someone who could help him.

He rushed into the classroom, sat down in his seat, and knocked on the back of the rotten girl in the front row.

The rotten girl turned around: “Have you had a fight?”

Lu Rong shook his head helplessly, lowering his eyes in despair.

The rotten girl became alert: “F**k, it’s so serious.”

Lu Rong nodded solemnly.

Rotten girl: “How serious is it?”

Lu Rong: “He wants me to transfer schools.”

The rotten girl gasped, and held his hand: “Rong Rong, mom can’t bear you leaving.”

Lu Rong nodded silently, accepting her kindness.

The rotten girl immediately entered a state of first-level alert and prepared for war: “It doesn’t matter if we are separated, the key is that you and your husband will also be separated after you transfer schools. You are already in a relationship while being in different classes, and you don’t have much time to be together in a day. If it becomes different school love, be sure to believe mom, 99.99% of cross-school romances have no good results.”

Lu Rong: “Yeah.”

The rotten girl quickly deployed a battle meeting: “What’s the matter? Report the situation.”

Lu Rong: “He suspects that I am dating someone else, but I don’t know who that other person is.”

Rotten girl: “… wtf?!”

Lu Rong nodded, that’s wtf.

Rotten girl: “He suspects that you are dating someone else, and you don’t even know who that other person is? Babe, if it were me, I would go crazy too. Transferring to another school is still easy, I might even kill you.”

Lu Rong: “…” Why was Ji Wenfeng’s thinking as hard to understand as a woman’s.

The rotten girl explained to him: “This shows that you are unclean and self-disciplined, so that some green tea d**k can take advantage of it! Your husband must have discovered the ambiguity between the two of you long ago, and you still blame him. He must have reminded you, he must have solemnly reminded you many times, just like the press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that ‘strongly protest’ all day long, but you never took it to heart. So in the end, boom!”

Ling Ren just passed by the window and picked up his pen and paper while writing in the column of Class 8: 10 points will be deducted for someone whispering. He knew that before the self-study was almost over, everyone would be like wild dogs running free. Today he made the decision, he made two morning self-study discipline inspections, and checked by just entering before the bell.

Fang Chang saw Ling Ren deducting points again through the window, and was furious: “Ling Ren, don’t bully me too much!”

Lu Rong woke up suddenly: “Ling Ren! It’s Ling Ren!”

Amidst the ringing of bells, the clamor of the classroom, and the din of Fang Chang and Ling Ren, Lu Rong had a flash of enlightenment. Ji Wenfeng reminded him that he would be fined 100,000 yuan for even saying a word to Ling Ren!

“Let me tell you, he reminded you.” The rotten girl looked at him lovingly from the side, like an old mother who was worried about her son and son-in-law. “Go and explain it to him.”

Lu Rong looked out the window at Ling Ren, who was wearing thin-rimmed glasses and exuding an aura of elite abstinence and didn’t know where to start to explain.

After all, he just met Ling Ren 20 seconds ago, and Ling Ren didn’t even know there was someone like him in school.

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