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There was a semi-open glasshouse coffee shop on the rooftop of BH Media Company. The occupants here were mainly employees of BH Media Company. During lunch break, there were always people who were willing to sit in the glass room next to the window and enjoy coffee and the sun.

However, during working hours in the afternoon, the glass room was usually deserted.

Gu Nian carried her handbag into the coffee shop, where there were only two tables of guests.

Sitting at the table in the corner, a frowning young man was scratching his head at the computer with scattered documents on the table, he looked like an office worker, but was probably not from BH Media.

The other table was not far away, just by the glass wall. A man in a suit and leather shoes with his long legs spread out leaned in his chair to look at the scenery outside the tall building.

Hearing the soft sound of high heels tapping on the ground, the young man at the round table did not look up, but the man in suit near the window turned back. Seeing Gu Nian approaching, Zheng Haolei smiled and stood up: “Miss Gu is finally here?”

Gu Nian lowered her eyes without emotion, walked around Zheng Haolei, and sat straight on the diagonally opposite corner of the table furthest away from him. Putting down her handbag, she raised her eyes: “Why would Mr. Zheng invite me to meet here?”

Zheng Haolei sat down disapprovingly and smiled dazzlingly: “I had business affairs that needed me to come to BH Media to negotiate. I just happened to hear that Miss Gu will come here today to sign a contract. After all, it is fate that I missed you back then. Then shouldn’t I have to wait to see Miss Gu?”


Gu Nian lowered her eyes, looking dispirited, and had no interest in talking with Zheng Haolei. But Zheng Haolei didn’t mind. If Gu Nian could be arranged here, his plan would be more than half successful.

The waiter at the West Point House brought a cup of coffee, and Zheng Haolei made a “please” gesture: “I heard that the coffee in this shop is good, does Miss Gu want to taste it?”

“No need.”

“Miss Gu is so cold, I don’t know what to say afterwards?”

Upon hearing this, Gu Nian finally showed an expression. She frowned and looked at Zheng Haolei: “Mr. Zheng, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t come up to listen to what you want to tell me.”

Zheng Haolei smiled stiffly.

Gu Nian: “What is Luo Xiu’s character? It’s my business and his. And it would never be a third person’s turn to intervene.”


The handle of the coffee cup in Zheng Haolei’s hand was clenched, and he squeezed out a smile: “Then what did Miss Gu come up for?”

“I just don’t think Mr. Zheng has given up in his heart yet and decided to come up and speak to you clearly.”

“Speak clearly? What do you want to say clearly?”

“Mr. Zheng may think that it was Luo Xiu’s appearance that caused me not to accept your ridiculous and pathetic illusion. But I made a special trip to break this illusion for you.”

After Gu Nian finished speaking, she didn’t even look at Zheng Haolei’s expression. She lowered her head and took out her mobile phone from her handbag, moved to an interface, and pushed the long picture displayed in front of Zheng Haolei.

The long picture was densely packed with text, like a letter of several hundred words, with pictures.

Zheng Haolei took the phone: “What is this?”

“Suicide Note.”


Zheng Haolei paused and looked up in astonishment.

Gu Nian supported her cheek and smiled, but her eyes were cold like ice cubes: “But it wasn’t written today. It was written on July 31 two years ago. I had torn my clothes and books into pieces and thrown them out of the dorm room. After finishing with that, I was going to leave school and before going to Dingke Media, the suicide note was to be published in the [Meng Zhi] account in advance.”

Zheng Haolei froze for a few seconds before squeezing out a smile: “What do you mean?”

“When I came out of Mr. Zheng’s conference room that day, I did not leave directly, but went to the rooftop of Dingke Media…”

Gu Nian turned her head, her eyes swept across the shining sun outside the glass room, and she turned back and smiled brightly.

“I planned to jump off there and land in front of the main entrance of the lobby of Dingke Media Company. The floor has a beautiful pattern. I like it very much.”


Zheng Haolei shook his hand, half of the phone slipped from his hand and dropped on the desktop.

Gu Nian didn’t seem to notice, she still slumped her eyes and laughed lazily, and her voice sounded lightly tired: “Anyway, no one believed me when I was alive. And everyone told me to die. Then I thought I would die to show you and bring a world of beauty to Mr. Zheng and his media company, wouldn’t it have been a good deal?”


Zheng Haolei clenched his fists.

Meng Zhi’s fame back then was clear to him. If there was such a suicide note with information about the hidden rules of contract as evidence, and if she would have aroused shocking public opinion with death, then he would have been caught off guard, and what price Dingke Media and he himself would have had to pay…

He felt scared just thinking about it.

Gu Nian took her cell phone back, took the tissue from the table, and slowly wiped the place where Zheng Haolei had touched it.

She put her phone away after wiping, and she bent her eyes and smiled: “Mr. Zheng, don’t worry, I brought out these things today, not to threaten you.”

Zheng Haolei frowned and raised his eyes: “Then what do you want to do?”

“As I said, I just want to make it clear to you,” Gu Nian smiled coldly, “Even if I am lonely in my life, I can’t accept you. You are a **** with profit and no moral bottom line. I would rather kill myself but it is absolutely impossible for me to be willing to approach you.”


After Gu Nian finished speaking, she got up directly from the chair, and picked up her handbag, without even looking at Zheng Haolei.

Just before leaving the table, Gu Nian paused: “The last bit of grievances between me and you have also been made clear. I hope that in the rest of my life I won’t have to see Mr. Zheng again. It will be your non-retaliation to me for back then and today.”

“And many more.”

Gu Nian looked back indifferently: “Does Mr. Zheng have anything to say?”

Zheng Haolei glanced at his watch: “The time is right. I’ll send Miss Gu downstairs.”

“No need to.”

“I promise, this will be the last time we meet.”


Gu Nian ignored him, turned and walked out.

She was too lazy to talk nonsense with this person, and she couldn’t stop his legs to prevent him from taking the same elevator downstairs with her, so she decided to simply ignore him.

The two entered into the public elevator of BH Media. Just as Gu Nian was about to press a button, someone from outside screamed: “Wait, wait!”


Gu Nian looked up and saw the young office worker who had been scratching his head at the round table before, rushing in embarrassedly: “I’m sorry, sorry, I’m in a hurry.”

Gu Nian nodded: “What floor?”

“You guys are going to the first floor too? I’m the same!”


Gu Nian pressed the close button for the elevator.

As soon as the door was closed, the button for the 28th floor lit up on the elevator panel.

Gu Nian frowned and turned her head to the side. Zheng Haolei was smiling as he removed his hand from the 28th floor button on the other side: “I suddenly wanted to introduce a friend to Miss Gu.”

“No need.” Gu Nian said coldly.

“Don’t worry, after seeing this friend, I will absolutely disappear from Miss Gu’s world and won’t show up again, how about it?”


The elevator stopped on the 28th floor. Zheng Haolei played a rogue and blocked the door to prevent it from closing. He also asked Gu Nian: “This is BH Media, and it’s not my place. If their boss disagrees, even I can’t leave. So is Miss Gu still worried that I can make trouble here?”

Gu Nian glanced back at the young man who had been implicated innocently, frowned and walked out of the elevator.

Zheng Haolei smiled and followed.

Just a few steps out of the elevator, they were stopped by the dedicated receptionist in the building: “This is the meeting room floor, two… Mr. Zheng?”

The receptionist seemed to recognize Zheng Haolei.

Zheng Haolei nodded: “It’s me, I just left this floor not long ago, so won’t you let me in?”

“Sorry, Mr. Zheng. The meeting arrangement with you has ended, and you cannot enter again.”

“It’s okay if we can’t go in, we’ll just wait here. It won’t take long anyway,” Zheng Haolei glanced at the watch, smiled and leaned against the front desk, “Your high-level meeting should be over soon?”

The receptionist frowned, and said, neither humble nor overbearing: “Mr. Zheng, this is an internal meeting of our company. It has nothing to do with you, you…”

The words were left unfinished.

In the quiet large flat room, the sound of the door opening from the end of the front corner sounded. After that, chaotic footsteps and conversation slowly approached from behind the corner.

Zheng Haolei sneered happily, and he shook his head at Gu Nian, “The ‘friend’ I want to introduce to Miss Gu is here.”


Some uncomfortable premonition entangled Gu Nian’s heart. She clenched her fingers and froze in place, hovering between stepping forward and turning away.

In the look she unconsciously turned over, from the corner, she saw a group of people walk out.

And only one person walked at the head of the group.

The figure was slender and his face was clear. When he looked at the screen of the mobile phone in his hand with his eyes down, she could see his familiar eyebrows.

Luo Xiu.

“Then the content of today’s meeting I will just…”

Following Luo Xiu, Qi Han’s voice and footsteps stopped abruptly.

He looked at the reception with a frightened expression.

Just like Qi Han, the ministers and deputy ministries who were talking in low voices from various departments were forced to stop one by one.

Luo Xiu’s polished black leather shoes stepped out on the soft carpet for a step or two before slowly stopping. There were several new messages on the screen of his mobile phone.

From an hour ago, a photo with the signature “Gu Nian” in two small characters was taken, followed by a brilliant expression and a sentence.

[Baby! I will start to raise you today! wait for me!]

“Luo Luo Luo Luo Luo President…”

In the silence when everyone behind him had stopped talking, Qi Han tremblingly tugged at Luo Xiu’s suit tail.

Luo Xiu closed the phone and raised his eyes.

Looking at the girl who was frozen in his sight, and Zheng Haolei who was smiling with retaliatory pleasure beside her, Luo Xiu sighed slightly and lowered his eyes.

The distance between the two was no more than five or six meters, but the air was like a solid gel, no one spoke, and the stalemate was strangely suffocating. With the eyes of a group of company executives gathered, Qi Han could only bite the bullet and walk to the middle, and then squeeze out a very stiff smile.

He swallowed, “Gu Gu, Miss Gu, this is our company’s boss, Luo Xiu.”


Even if she had a hunch when she saw this scene, or even earlier, Gu Nian’s heart sank after hearing it.

Without receiving a response, Qi Han was about to cry, his neck stiffened and did not dare to look at the man’s expression, as he said trembling: “Ms. Luo, this Miss Gu is…”

“No need for introduction, I know.”

The long legs encased in suit pants that had stopped in place slowly moved forward, and Luo Xiu walked towards Gu Nian. He lowered his eyes and looked at the girl who had lowered her head with a sigh.

“This is the gold master behind me.”


Gu Nian frowned slowly and looked up at the man.

The voice was neither high nor low, but it was too quiet on the entire floor, so the senior officials of BH Media who stood five or six meters behind could still hear his words clearly.

Then one by one, everyone was stunned and stared at each other as if infected with paralysis.

Gold… What gold master??

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