LGHIHW Ch. 26: Arc 1.22

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After getting the experimental equipment, Zhuang Li did nothing else but concentrate on detecting his own brain waves and edited a software to store and analyze the changes of these brain waves.

Xuan Ming came to visit his Little Curly Hair every day, hoping that he would have made a breakthrough. But time passed by, no surprises happened, and the little curly hair was getting weaker and weaker.

His face was turning haggard at a speed visible to the naked eye, and the two splotches of black and blue at the moment seemed to have been dyed into his skin, revealing a deep twilight.

He even started to lose a lot of hair, which was a harbinger of kidney failure, if there was a problem with the kidneys, the entire physiology would sooner or later be destroyed.

Occasionally, when Xuan Ming came out of the elevator, he would happen to meet the cleaner kneeling on the ground trying to clean up his hair. The slightly curled hair was held in her hands and kneaded into a ball of hair, the size of which kept increasing, making Xuan Ming feel terrified.

He was flustered and realized that the little curly hair was running out of time, every word the system had threatened him with before was true, and if he couldn’t find a solution, he would die!

Xuan Ming controlled the wheelchair and hurriedly walked into the laboratory, only to see the little curly hair with his hands on the table, his head lowered, and standing quietly.

Drops of blood fell down the tip of his nose into the trash can directly below, tick, tick…falling like raindrops. He was hurt by the noise again, which had become the norm.

Xuan Ming accelerated the speed of the wheelchair, his face looking terrifyingly gloomy.

7480’s clamor also came at the same time: “Host, have I touched your limit now? Huh? I touched a hard thing, like a ceiling!”

Zhuang Li chose to remain silent.

7480 said with a smile: “Host, I checked your body just now, and you can’t hold it anymore. Your kidneys and heart have failed to varying degrees. You will soon die.”

Zhuang Li took out a tissue and slowly wiped the tip of his nose. When he raised his head, there was no fear or cowardice on his face. Instead, he smiled lightly. He never took the threat of the system to heart.

Xuan Ming finally came to his side, holding his blood-stained hand tightly, his voice sounded dry: “I have something to tell you.” Today, he would persuade Little Curly Hair to agree to the system’s request no matter what, even if he had to expose the secret that he couldn’t let the system know.

However, before he could speak, the computer placed on the table suddenly made a rapid beep, and then the screen also turned red. This was a red flag.

Xuan Ming was startled, but Zhuang Li immediately shook off his hand, walked quickly to the computer, and took a closer look.

Waveforms appeared on the computer screen, and changed several shapes every second, as fast as a mess of interlaced shadows. This was the brain wave formed by the noise that Zhuang Li had measured in recent days.

The data was so large and complex that he didn’t even know what it was. Xuan Ming just stared at the screen for a while and then his eyes froze.

Zhuang Li quickly waved his hands and typed commands in the computer’s window. As the command ran, the transformation speed of these waveform graphs became slower and slower, and the peaks and troughs marked by red dots seemed to form a certain pattern, which finally constituted a brand new waveform graph, which was fixed on the screen.

Xuan Ming didn’t know what this picture represented, but 7480 screamed in panic: “Host, you are analyzing my mental power!”

Zhuang Li slightly hooked the corner of his lips, then turned on a machine and slowly debugged various functions and data.

7480 quickly regained his composure and said contemptuously: “I can guess what you want to do! You want to dissociate my mental power fluctuations from these brain waves, and then prepare to use these sensors to slowly simulate this fluctuation in order to gain access to my key management background right?”

Zhuang Li concentrated on fiddling with the test equipment and did not answer.

Xuan Ming understood. If the system was likened to a computer, in fact they were indeed a kind of computer, then to enter their management background, you must get a password.

This password was not a string of numbers, but a fluctuation of spiritual power. The system could forcibly integrate into the host’s consciousness, relying on the suppression of this powerful mental force.

Then thinking in reverse, a conclusion could be drawn – if the parasitic host mastered the same mental power fluctuations, could it also dominate the system?

Little Curly Hair had been busy for so many days for this. From the very beginning, he knew exactly what he wanted and how to achieve it.

He first separated the system’s mental power graphics from the hundreds of thousands of noise graphics, and then used brain wave sensing equipment to slowly use meditation to make his brain waves converge with the system’s mental power. In this way, he could smoothly enter the management program of the system.

This brainwave simulation technique was hardly new. Hawking, who was completely paralyzed, had used this technique to write “A Brief History of Time”.

He created a specific brain wave pattern for each English letter and stored it in the computer. When he simulated the graphics in his mind, the computer immediately recognized the corresponding letters and formed words.

This was a primary application of perception technology to connect the external world, but it could also be used to deal with such a high-tech system? How did the little curly head grow so smart?

Xuan Ming let out a long sigh of relief, and his tense nerves relaxed a little, only to realize that he was actually sweating a lot.

7480 was yelling angrily: “Host, you are so despicable! If you insist on doing this, I will have to kill you immediately!”

It was about to launch the final blow, but suddenly became proud: “Host, you are so stupid! Have you forgotten that I am still in your mind, I can interfere with your meditation, and you will never be able to simulate these graphics for the rest of your life.!”

Zhuang Li still said nothing.

Xuan Ming raised his heart. Yes, the system was still in the mind of the little curly hair, it could interfere with the little curly hair’s meditation at any time, so this was a dead end.

“Host, if we’re playing a game, you’ve already lost before you start, and you’ve lost in a mess.” 7480 declared triumphantly. Because it was too happy, it even reduced the decibel of the noise.

Over the past few days, it had gradually become fascinated with the feeling of torturing the host, so it was not in a hurry to kill the other party.

Zhuang Li placed an electromagnet directly above his head, and finally broke the silence: “System, you are parasitic on my left brain, right?”

Although 7480 was chattering, he carefully chose to shut up. Having suffered losses from the host before, it would never reveal its secrets at will.

Zhuang Li chuckled: “You must be in my left brain. Because I am right-handed, my left brain has the function of language output. My commands are transmitted from the left brain to the right brain through the corpus callosum, and then executed by the body. The left brain is absolutely dominant.”

7480 snorted coldly: “So what?”

The host was terribly smart, but even so, it had nothing to hide.

Zhuang Li sat under the electromagnet with an interesting tone: “System, the technology in this world is indeed not able to keep up with your era, so your arrogance makes you disdain to understand them at all. You should not know what this machine is for, right?”

7480 said nonchalantly, “It’s just a shabby, outdated, useless brainwave sensor.”

Xuan Ming looked at the machine carefully, but also knew nothing about its function.

Zhuang Li beckoned several assistants to debug the machine, while he sat upright under the electromagnetic coil, fastened his seat belt, and said slowly: “It’s called a transcranial magnetic stimulator, or TMS for short, magnetic therapy and electrotherapy can also induce virtual damage to a tiny area of the brain by simulating brain wave signals.”

“The damage is temporary and disables one area of the brain. Now, I just need to stimulate my corpus callosum with it to temporarily disconnect my left and right brains.”

Zhuang Li closed his eyes and said in a casual tone the words that could kill the system: “You should know that both the left and right brains of human beings have the ability to think independently, just like two different souls housed in one body. It’s just that the right brain of most people does not have the function of language output, so it is often silent.”

“Can you still interfere with me when I abandon my left brain and use my right brain to think?” Zhuang Li asked with a smile.

7480 didn’t speak for a long time, but the sizzling sound that suddenly became agitated completely exposed its frustration and confusion.

Xuan Ming was stunned when he heard it, and then he couldn’t help raising the corners of his lips. He thought that this move of the little curly hair was completely wrong, but he didn’t expect there to be such a twist at the end. He had already figured out how to break the game.

What if the system guessed all his plans? It couldn’t do anything except stay in the left hemisphere and squeal. This counter-kill was really clean and neat!

During the conversation, the several assistants had debugged the machine and connected the current.

Just as he was about to push the decibel of the noise to the highest level, the 7480, who wanted to kill the host in one fell swoop, was hit by an external current and lost the opportunity. With the transient disturbance of the host’s brain function, the operation of 7480 also came to a standstill. In other words, it dropped.

After a long time, the several assistants turned off the machine, took off the electromagnetic coil for Zhuang Li, and handed him a glass of warm water.

Zhuang Li kept his eyes closed and slowly drank the water.

7480 kept making sizzling noises, as if checking the left-brain and right-brain connections. It didn’t make a complacent roar, nor did it smirk. It could be imagined that Zhuang Li’s experiment was very successful.

Xuan Ming was so nervous that his palms were sweating.

After Zhuang Li drank the water, he rubbed his eyebrows again, and then put the electrode pads on the temple, forehead, neck and other places of his right brain.

Xuan Ming asked in a hoarse voice, “Mr. Zhuang, how are you?”

Zhuang Li waved his hands silently.

An assistant explained in a low voice, “Mr. Xuan, Mr. Zhuang’s left and right brains have been disconnected, so he can’t speak now.”

“How long will he be in this state?” Xuan Ming was full of worries.

“I don’t know, we are also doing this kind of experiment for the first time, and we haven’t mastered the specific data yet.”

“Will there be any sequelae?”

“It’s theoretically possible.”

“What will happen to the little curly hair?”

The assistant was stunned for a while before realizing who the little curly hair was referring to. He lowered his voice and said, “If Mr. Zhuang’s left and right brains cannot be successfully connected, he will suffer from split-brain syndrome. Split-brain syndrome is somewhat similar to schizophrenia, right? His life will definitely have a big impact. Because both the left brain and the right brain have the ability to think independently, they will compete for the control of the body and make people do a lot of inconsistent behavior. For example, if you ask him to hold a water glass, he will hand you a towel; you ask him to pick a picture of a woman, and he’ll point out a picture of a child. He will have two souls at war in his brain.”

“Can this disease be cured?”

“I haven’t heard of a cured case yet.” The assistant sighed and shook his head.

Xuan Ming waved his hand and didn’t ask any more, but he didn’t know when he took out a metal cigarette case and started gripping it tightly. He took out a cigar but didn’t dare to light it, just put it in his mouth and clenched it with his teeth.

Compared with that Lavoisier who chopped off his own head, the madness of the little curly hair was not much less.

If Xuan Ming had known that this kind of experiment was so dangerous, he would never have sat on the sidelines and watched. But the experiment was done, and it was too late to say anything. He could only pray that the little curly hair would be all right.

Under Xuan Ming’s watch, Zhuang Li connected his right brain to an EEG. This kind of machine could sense the willpower of the human brain, that was, mental fluctuations, and form corresponding waveforms through the screen.

What Zhuang Li had to do was to develop a program called biofeedback, which would use meditation to learn to manipulate his own waveform so that it completely coincided with the mental power of the system.

This was not difficult for him who had a very strong willpower. So, after training for a while, the screen connected to his right brain gradually showed a stable waveform.

Zhuang Li constantly adjusted the positions of the crests and troughs so that they corresponded to the system’s mental power pattern one by one.

7480 panicked, constantly making noises and squealing in the host’s left brain but couldn’t stop the process at all. Spiritual power was its DNA, and it was impossible to change it easily.

Finally, his brainwaves completely overlapped on the system’s mental power pattern, Zhuang Li smiled lightly, and returned 7480’s words as they were: “System, if we are playing a game, then you had already lost before you started. And it was a horrific loss.”

7480: “…”

Xuan Ming: Great for my little curly hair!

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