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No matter whenever, but Shen Lou’s consolation was always useful to Lin Xin. Immediately forgetting about his junior brother, he happily accepted the invitation to practice swords.

“Do you want to practice the basic moves first?” Shen Lou drew his sword and made a flat sword-swinging gesture.

Lin Xin rubbed his nose, remembering how he pretended not to understand in Yanqiu, and rubbed into Shen Lou’s arms to let him teach the sword-swinging style, he thought that this person really held grudges.

“Yes, Lord Shizi teach me first, how to use the scimitar in this sword-swinging pose?” As he said, he grabbed Shen Lou’s hand and covered his own. His skin was thicker than anything, and Shen Qingque was no match for Lin Bucheng.

Sure enough, after holding it for a while, Shen Lou’s slightly cold fingertips began to heat up, so he coughed lightly and said, “I can’t teach you how to use the saber.”

“Then teach me something else.” Lin Xin suddenly drew the saber, turned around and slashed at Shen Lou.

Shen Lou dodged sideways and drew out Yu Yuan to fight him. Facing Lin Xin, he did not dare to be careless in the slightest. In his previous life, every time they fought against each other, it was a life-and-death struggle, and no one had an advantage over the other.

Lin Xinxin was a little rusty with the scimitar, so Shen Lou cooperated with him to slow down for the first few moves, but slowly the longer it lasted, the faster they became. The half-moon had turned into a full moon, with its aura soaring to the sky.

“Your spirit sword is about to come out, why bother to use this Mojian again.” Shen Lou wrapped Yu Yuan around the scimitar and led him to turn over in the air.

Lin Xin returned the saber with his backhand, and swept across with his short body, “I don’t want to waste the saber technique I created myself.” The Moon-Queying saber technique was realized by him based on the characteristic of Mojian. There were only a few moves, but they were extremely useful.

The sword was getting faster and faster, almost turning into an afterimage, and fighting against a master could help him quickly return to the peak state. In this way, the light of the sword, the shadow of the sword, you come and go, the sword energy and the wind of the sword flew up and down, heartily.

Shen Lou accurately captured the light of the knife, and Yu Yuan collided with the menacing Mojian accurately, making a crisp clang. When the Luli was exhausted, the evil spirit of blood on Mojian surged out, enveloping Yu Yuan unexpectedly.

“Hmm…” Shen Lou snorted suddenly, let go of the hand holding the sword, and Yu Yuan fell to the ground with a bang.

He almost cut Shen Lou’s arm, but Lin Xin stopped immediately and grabbed Shen Lou.

“Evil spirit…uh…” Shen Jun’s face was as pale as paper, while Shen Lou’s muscles were tense, and his body trembled slightly, obviously from severe pain.

Evil spirit? Lin Xin lowered his head to see the blood-fiend Mojian that was trying to hook Yu Yuan, and immediately put his saber into its sheath, and threw it far away.

In the final analysis, evil spirit was the resentment of dead souls. Shen Lou’s soul was damaged, just like a wound exposed to the air. Once the evil spirit exceeded a certain amount, it could affect his wound.

These days since Shen Lou didn’t show any headache anymore, Lin Xin almost forgot about it, but looking at the bulging veins on the back of Shen Lou’s hand, he wanted to slap himself.

Biting his fingertips, he drew a talisman on the palm of his hand, stuck it to the center of Shen Lou’s eyebrows, reversing the spiritual power to turn the evil energy into soul power and sucked it away. Sitting down on the spot with him in his arms, he let Shen Lou rest on his lap for a while, while Lin Xin planned to find some souls to make up for him first.

“Your soul, what’s going on with it?” Lin Xin stroked his sweaty forehead. Every time Zhu Xingli asked, Shen Lou was vague, it must be difficult to explain, for example… “I was injured in the previous life.”

Shen Lou said honestly.

Sure enough, Lin Xin frowned, “How did you get hurt? It must have been after I died, but who has the ability to hurt your soul?”

Shen Lou didn’t want to talk about it, “Are you going to choose Yuan’a Fourteenth Blade? I have a few candidates here who might be useful.” Then he took out a piece of paper from his sleeve.

There were no less than twenty names written on the paper, all of them were members of the Habayashi Army. Lin Xin looked at it in amazement, “Are these all yours?”

It was not possible to arrange so many people into the Habayashi Army overnight. Some of them had already become commanders, and it was obvious that Shen Lou must have started to do it when he was a child.

“Giving these to me, aren’t you afraid that I’ll sell you out?” Lin Xin looked down at him, “It’s a serious crime to put people in the imperial army.”

“Sell it.”

Shen Lou said softly, closed his eyes slowly, and fell asleep.

Lin Xin frowned and touched Shen Lou’s still tense arm. This man was obviously still enduring the pain, but he couldn’t see it on his face. Asking Zishu to take care of Shen Lou, Lin Xin took the small bronze mirror and went to find a fresh soul.

Finding a secluded place, quickly drawing a talisman to turn the mirror into a gateway, Lin Xin carefully identified the new souls floating in the palace.

Most of the maids, eunuchs, and wandering new souls belonged to mortals. They were very weak and could only float around in the backlight.

Suddenly, a spirit full of spiritual energy flashed past, Lin Xin’s eyes lit up, he turned around and ran after the spirit. After chasing it behind a rockery, Lin Xin blocked it, quickly drew a formation to trap the soul, and excitedly took a closer look, but soon the hairs all over his body instantly stood on end.

That soul was brighter than all the souls in this palace, and it was not afraid in the sun. It had a clear figure, complete facial features, and a pair of pteris-tailed eyes with drooping corners, looking curiously at Lin Xin through the shadow mirror.

“Master!” Lin Xin was so frightened that his three souls almost lost their seven souls. He crushed two pieces of Luli to absorb the spiritual power, bent his fingers like eagle claws, and firmly grasped the soul with the soul-controlling technique that he had just learned from Zhu Xingli and had become inadvertently proficient in.

The soul was very fragile. Lin Xin was afraid of hurting him, so he could only use a lot of spiritual power to wrap his palms, holding the soul in both hands and run quickly to Zhu Xingli’s residence.

He couldn’t let go, this soul was like light smoke, a gust of wind could blow him away, and if he let go and had to catch him again, he would have to start all over again. Because of this, his spiritual power was consumed extremely quickly, Lin Xin felt his eyes blur and was sweating profusely. The more nervous you are, the more you couldn’t help but think wildly.

The soul suddenly became three-dimensional, his master was either bewitched by a magic spell, or physically dead. Could it be that the way of heaven really had a definite number, and the master who he had tried his best to keep will not be able to keep after all?

Strongly unwilling to rush to the top of his head, Lin Xin turned his head and looked around, and saw the Zhong family brothers passing by, “You two, come and help me!”

Zhong Youyu stopped and looked at Lin Xin suspiciously, “What do you need our help for?” Seeing Lin Xin’s strange posture, he suddenly felt deceitful, “I’ll call Shen Da.”

After finishing speaking, he winked at his brother, then he turned around and ran away.

Zhong Wumo hesitated for a moment, looked at his brother who had run away with a smile, and then at Lin Xin, who had a strange expression, and walked over, “How can I help you?”

“Quick, give me some spiritual power, I can’t hold it anymore.” Blood suddenly dripped from the corner of Lin Xin’s mouth.

Zhong Wumo didn’t hesitate any longer, and put one hand on his back, pouring a surge of spiritual energy into his body.

Lin Xin gained strength again, firmly grasped the spirit, and ran in quickly. Zhong Wumo followed him worriedly and they went straight into the room where Zhu Xingli usually rested.

The man in crimson shawl was sitting cross-legged on the seat, motionless, as if he had fallen asleep.

Lin Xin gritted his teeth, sat cross-legged across from him, slowly pushed the spirit in his hand towards him, then bit his finger, and quickly drew a symbol on Zhu Xingli’s forehead, with a few strokes, he made a heavy point between his eyebrows, and shouted: “Soul return!”

“Ahem…” Zhu Xingli coughed a bit, opened his eyes, saw the anxious disciple, and said in surprise, “Xin’er, why are you here?”

Lin Xin supported his body with one hand and panted rapidly. When he had panted enough, he raised his head and stared at him, “I saw your spirit outside!”

“Ah!” Zhu Xingli slapped his head and picked up a tattered ancient book next to him, “I saw a secret method in an ancient book, it’s called out-of-body movement, and I really mastered it!”

“Practice into a fart!” Lin Xin grabbed the book and threw it to the ground, “If you hadn’t met me, you would have died!”

It was the first time Zhong Wumo saw an apprentice who dared to scold his master like that, and couldn’t help but widen his eyes.

It was a bit embarrassing to be taught by his apprentice in front of outsiders, so Zhu Xingli put on a straight face and tried to put on a show, but then he suddenly saw Lin Xin vomit a mouthful of blood, after that he didn’t care about anything, and grabbed him over.

“You say, why worry, the dead soul of a mortal can stay in this realm for seven days, and my living soul won’t dissipate for ten days and half a month,” Zhu Xingli said, hugging his apprentice into his arms, putting one hand on his back to draw in the spiritual power, and sorting out the strain in his spiritual veins caused by the rush which was now attacking his heart. “How did you return to your body?”

“This is not returning the soul, but moving the soul.” In the past, he was just thinking about it in his spare time. People often had ghosts possessing their bodies, that was, their souls entered other people’s bodies. He once tried to transfer the newly dead soul to someone else, and it really succeeded. But because the soul did not match the soul in the body, it could only stay for a while. Just now he was thinking that if his master died, he would first imprison his soul in the body and try to revive him.

Lin Xin was lying on his master’s shoulder, a little listless, seeing Zhong Wumo looking straight at him, he raised his head and said, “Brother Jian Yan, thanks to you today, I, Lin Xin, owe you a favor, and I can help you with one thing in the future.”

One thing that the Marquis of Lu promised could save lives at a critical moment.

But today’s Zhong Wumo still didn’t know the value of this promise, so he shook his head and said: “It was just a little effort, don’t mind.” After finishing speaking, he turned around and left.

Lin Xin didn’t say much, because his master had lost too much spiritual power to himself, he sniffed his nose and said in a low voice, “Zhu Xingli, I’m begging you, please, live a long life, okay?”

Zhu Xingli stopped the hand that infused spiritual power, and patted the child in his arms like he did when he was a child and he was coaxing him to sleep, “Be good, don’t be afraid.”

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