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“I can’t sleep without changing my pajamas.” Wei Lan looked at him, “You can’t keep me up for an event that I don’t know what time it will happen.”

He went on.

When Wei Lan saw him put on his coat, he asked him, “Are you going out? What are you doing?” He sat up almost immediately, then his eyes lit up and asked, “Is Yuan Mingxu looking for you?”

Sun Xun looked at him with a tired look. This guy was watching the excitement as if it was not a big deal, seeing this he felt a little tired, “It’s not Yuan Mingxu, it’s something else.”

“What’s the matter?”

“Sleep you just sleep, Master. It has nothing to do with Yan Qingchi or Yuan Mingxu. You don’t need to worry.”

“Then who are you going to meet privately at night?”

Sun Xun felt helpless, “Everyone who knows you thinks of you as a male god in the entertainment industry, but those who don’t know may think you are a paparazzi in the industry.”

Wei Lan “huh” “Have you ever seen such a handsome paparazzi like me?”

After he finished speaking, he lay down again, “Go, go, I won’t stop you from having a private meeting with your little lover. When you come back, move a little more lightly, so as to not disturb my sleep.”

Sun Xun could do nothing with his mouth, he could only change his words, trying to clear Chen Xuanlang’s name – although Wei Lan didn’t know that he was going to meet Chen Xuanlang, “It’s not a little lover, I don’t have a little lover at all, okay?”

“The mysterious big night meeting under the moon.”

“It’s a meeting in the corridor!” Sun Xun couldn’t help but honestly say: “It’s with Chen Xuanlang, we’re going to see how we can make the show more interesting tomorrow.”

Wei Lan was a little disappointed when he heard that he was meeting with Chen Xuanlang, but he had a good impression of Chen Xuanlang, so he didn’t stop him, and waved his hand to say, “Hurry up, captain, don’t make Team Leader Chen wait any longer, and remember to walk lightly when you come back.”

Sun Xun: … Isn’t it you who have been asking here and there while not letting me go!

When Sun Xun reached the stairs, Chen Xuanlang had already arrived. Under the dim light, he was leaning on the handrail of the stairs. When he saw Sun Xun walking towards him, he finally stood up straight.

The two went up the stairs to the second floor, and the lights on the second floor were turned on, but the surroundings were completely silent. Chen Xuanlang leaned against the handrail of the stairs again, “Let’s just stay here, no one should be able to hear us.”

“Well…” Sun Xun leaned back against the wall, and asked him, “What’s the matter? Do you want to talk to me about tomorrow’s procedure?”

“No.” Chen Xuanlang looked at him, “I have something to ask you.”

“What’s the matter?”

Chen Xuanlang thought for a while, but he still didn’t like laying out a mess, so he asked directly, “Did Yan Qingchi tell you that Ruan Wenxuan doesn’t like you?”

Sun Xun thought it was something important, but it turned out to be this, “He told me, what’s the matter?”

“He told me that Ruan Wenxuan didn’t like me either. I was afraid I was thinking too much, so I asked you.”

Sun Xun was shocked when he heard that Ruan Wenxuan didn’t like him. It could be guessed that, after all, Ruan Wenxuan chose Chen Xuanlang instead of him in the only few free team formations. He always thought that Ruan Wenxuan looked more or less pleasingly at Chen Xuanlang, but unexpectedly, he was not pleasing to his eye either.

“Do you believe in Yan Qingchi?” Chen Xuanlang asked him.

Sun Xun nodded, “He won’t lie to you.” He thought for a while and added, “Ruan Wenxuan and Yan Qingchi had a fight before, in which he got drunk, and said something that shouldn’t be said, saying that he doesn’t like you. This kind of talk was probably said after he was drunk. Yan Qingchi probably happened to be on your team this time, so he decided to remind you. He will not lie to you, there is no need for that.”

Chen Xuanlang nodded, “I also think he should not be this kind of person, but I was just being cautious, so I asked you.”

“I understand.”

Chen Xuanlang sighed and did not speak anymore.

Sun Xun guessed that it was because of Ruan Wenxuan’s affairs, so he persuaded him, “Don’t feel bad, there are a lot of things like this in person and behind the scenes. Anyway, we only get together when we are recording the show, so you just get together casually and don’t take him seriously.”

Chen Xuanlang nodded, “I know.”

“Okay,” he said, “I don’t have anything else, I just wanted to ask you this, let’s go, go back to sleep.”

“Are you tired recently?” Sun Xun asked him.

“You can see it?”

“It’s obvious.”

Chen Xuanlang smiled wryly, “Something has happened recently, and it’s a little troublesome.”

“What’s the matter, tell me, and I’ll see if I can help you.”

Chen Xuanlang looked at him, he knew that Sun Xun and Jiang Mochen had a good relationship, and wanted to ask him about Nancheng, but he swallowed the words again. It was true that he had had some unpleasantness with his agent recently, but he was the one who discovered him and brought him into the circle. If possible, Chen Xuanlang still did not want to leave the agency he was signed with now.

Just wait, he thought. So, he shook his head, “I’ll talk to you another day, thank you.”

Seeing this, Sun Xun didn’t ask any further questions, but said, “That’s fine, just don’t let yourself be too stressed.”

Chen Xuanlang smiled, “Okay.”

When Chen Xuanlang returned, Yan Qingchi was still awake.

He originally planned to sleep, but not long after he climbed into bed, he saw Chen Xuanlang going out with his clothes on. Yan Qingchi knew that he had always been a light sleeper, thinking that he would have to wake up again when Chen Xuanlang came back, he simply didn’t sleep, and waited for him to come back to sleep again. He guessed that Chen Xuanlang would not stay out for a long time, and sure enough, he came back soon.

“You’re back.” Yan Qingchi said while putting the phone away and getting ready to sleep.

What he said was so natural, so natural that Chen Xuanlang was stunned for a moment, feeling like he was coming home in a trance.

In the not too big room, the lights were still on, and the family member was still awake, waiting for him. When he saw him come back, he said softly, “You’re back.”

Chen Xuanlang suddenly felt homesick, following that, there was some unspeakable guilt.

He went out to Sun Xun for answers because he doubted Yan Qingchi, but Yan Qingchi was waiting for him to come back without even sleeping.

“Why haven’t you slept yet?”

Yan Qingchi was afraid that telling the truth would embarrass him, so he said, “Didn’t you say that the program team must have other arrangements, I just wanted to go to bed later, thinking maybe I could wait until they issue an order. This way there would be less trouble.”

Chen Xuanlang only felt guiltier when he heard it, he still doubted what Yan Qingchi said, but Yan Qingchi firmly believed in what he said, comparing the two, it seemed that he was the one judging the belly of a gentleman with the heart of a villain.

In fact, he didn’t need to feel so guilty. After all, in this circle, he had seen too much filth. He didn’t have the heart of harming others, but he couldn’t not have the heart of guarding against others. His behavior was really normal. It was just that Chen Xuanlang himself was a person who found it easy to soften his heart, coupled with the moment of trance when he opened the door, this made the unneeded guilt take root and grow wildly in the wind.

Chen Xuanlang sat down on his own bed, and said softly, “Sleep, don’t wait for the show crew, who knows when they will come out to be demons.”

Yan Qingchi was about to go to sleep, so he nodded, “Okay.”

“Yan Qingchi.” Chen Xuanlang looked at him.


Chen Xuanlang originally wanted to say thank you for today’s matter, but he might feel that he had gone out for a trip, and somehow brought this matter forward after he came back.

So he temporarily switched to another topic, “You belong to Nancheng, right?”

Yan Qingchi became alert at once. Chen Xuanlang asking this, what could it mean? Want to change jobs? That’s a good thing!

“It’s pretty good, just look at me.”

Chen Xuanlang originally wanted to change the subject, but since they were talking about Nancheng, he was a little curious, so he couldn’t help but chat more with Yan Qingchi.

“You are signed under Guan Mei, right? Does Guan Mei control you a lot?”

“It’s okay, not a lot.”

“Does she care about your private life?”

Yan Qingchi shook his head, “Not really.”

“You debuted in “Lost” with Jiang Mochen’s escort, so does Nancheng ask you to bring newcomers around after becoming popular?”

Yan Qingchi was a little uncomfortable with the words escort, and couldn’t help explaining, “No, I auditioned fpr “Lost” by myself, and I PK-ed with Wei Lan for this reason. Well, Jiang Mochen recommended me for an audition, but that’s all, Nancheng doesn’t have such a rule that you must bring out newcomers.”

“Didn’t Jiang Mochen bring you to the audition?” Chen Xuanlang was a little surprised, “I met Yuan Mingxu at an event two days ago. I knew that he was coming to record “Let’s Fight!”, so I chatted with him about some things related to the show, and also talked about the permanent residency, and then we talked about you. Yuan Mingxu said he knew you, and Jiang Mochen took you on “Lost” which helped you make your debut. He also said that you are very lucky, and you don’t need to work hard. As the first brother of Nancheng, Jiang Mochen needs to bring newcomers, so he will take you all the way. For “Let’s Fight” also, you were recommended by Jiang Mochen. He said that he also helped you fight for Wei Lan’s idol drama, and it sounded like he envies you.”

Yan Qingchi’s eyes widened when he heard that, this Yuan Mingxu was really amazing! Talking to people when he saw people, and talking to ghosts when he saw ghosts! In front of Chen Xuanlang, who was popular now, but was fortunate enough to rely on being a model worker all the way back then to become popular with a work, and then dominated the screen for a year and became the top, he first said that Jiang Mochen was the first brother of Nancheng but he still needed to bring out newcomers, so he had to bring himself, and also said that he relied on Jiang Mochen’s recommendation, which was why he did not need to work hard at all, this was killing two birds with one stone. It could not only make a popular artist like Chen Xuanlang feel dissatisfied with the forced introduction of newcomers, but also make him feel pity for Jiang Mochen, and it could also make a person like Chen Xuanlang, who did not find it easy to reach such a high position, treat someone like him who could easily have good resources without hard work generate a feeling of disgust towards him. It was really amazing, it was amazing, and it was a pity not to use such a skill to publish articles and speeches!

Yan Qingchi hummed angrily, “Listen to his nonsense! Although Jiang Mochen recommended me to audition for “Lost”, but if I had failed the audition, then Jiang Mochen would not have spoken for me. Besides, Wei Lan was also among the audition personnel, if there was a shady scene, he should be the first to jump out and bombard me. As for “Let’s Fight!”, my agent and the director know each other, so I got the news first, and I’m more agile, so Guan Mei thought I would be more suitable for this variety show, so she picked it up for me. “Sweet Cotton Candy” is also picked up by Guan Mei, Guan Mei is my manager, of course, she must help me choose good resources as much as possible, otherwise, would she still give it to others?”

Seeing that he seemed a little angry, Chen Xuanlang quickly said, “Don’t be angry, I just heard him say that, but I think you are quite capable, so I didn’t think much of it…”

“So you believed it?”

Chen Xuanlang was a little embarrassed, “He is Jiang Mochen’s friend, so I…”

“Not anymore.” Yan Qingchi revealed it without hesitation.

“Ah?” Chen Xuanlang was shocked.

“Plastic friendship is not worth mentioning.” Yan Qingchi continued to retaliate.

“It’s not like that.”

“Really, if you don’t believe me, when you see Yuan Mingxu tomorrow, tell him to ask him to call Jiang Mochen a friend on Weibo, and see if Jiang Mochen dares to respond?”

“I listen to your tone and it feels like you are very familiar with Jiang Mochen.”

Yan Qingchi thought for a while, “Better than him anyway.”

“But weren’t they very good friends before?”

“You also said it was before.”

“Then why did this happen suddenly?”

“Probably because Yuan Mingxu did something shameful.”


“Otherwise, why would Jiang Mochen break up with him if he was so good.”

Chen Xuanlang felt that the amount of information he had received tonight was a bit too much, “Or, let me ask Sun Xun. Sun Xun has a better relationship with Jiang Mochen, he should know.”

Yan Qingchi nodded, “Yes.”

Chen Xuanlang looked at him, lowered his voice, and said very righteously: “I’ll tell you when I’m done asking, but you have to keep it a secret, don’t tell others.”

Yan Qingchi: “…Okay.”

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Yan Qingchi: I have never seen such a brazen person!

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