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Twenty minutes later, the two teams took turns shooting arrows. Sun Xun’s red team started first, then Chen Xuanlang’s blue team.

Wei Lan took the lead, he pulled the bow and fired an arrow, hit the bullseye in the center, and scored very good results, which was a good start for the Red Team. Immediately after Sun Xun’s results were also good, seven points. Yuan Mingxu also scored a good score of seven because he had played before. He was very satisfied and smiled unconsciously. When he turned his head, he looked at Yan Qingchi inadvertently and provocatively.

Yuan Mingxu didn’t know much about Yan Qingchi. All he knew was the good information about Yan Qingchi he obtained from Jiang Mochen and Sun Xun, as well as some of the people he had found to ask about Yan Qingchi before. This information did not include those deliberately erased by Jiang Mochen.

Therefore, from the perspective of Yuan Mingxu, Yan Qingchi was an ordinary class graduate who just graduated last year. Because of good luck and relying on the marriage agreement between the two families, even though the Yan family was now nothing, he still successfully married Jiang Mochen, entered Nancheng, and went all the way.

Yuan Mingxu somewhat despised such a Yan Qingchi. He felt that everything he had obtained was done by relying on Jiang Mochen. If it was not for Jiang Mochen to **** him, then how could he possibly enter the team of Lost, how could it be possible to take part in Fight! Friend! After all this was a really popular variety show. He completely forgot that after he got to know Jiang Mochen, Jiang Mochen also gave him advertising resources, magazine resources and even film and television resources.

In Yuan Mingxu’s understanding, Yan Qingchi had no outstanding skills and talents, but was just born with good skin. Yuan Mingxu looked at him and was curious about how much he might have learnt in this short 20-minute practice. His archery was learned when he went out to play with Jiang Mochen, and he didn’t know if Jiang Mochen also taught Yan Qingchi.

He was thinking about it, when he saw that his team had all shot arrows, the staff members counted the scores, and it was the blue team’s turn to play.

After Chen Xuanlang’s team members saw Wei Lan hit the bullseye, their morale was low. In order to cheer everyone up, Chen Xuanlang let Yan Qingchi play first.

Yuan Mingxu looked at this and asked Sun Xun, “Has he ever played this before?”

Sun Xun shook his head. “I don’t know.”

“As the first person, if his results are not ideal, will it not affect everyone’s morale, right?” Yuan Mingxu said, sighing lowly, “I hope he does well.”

Sun Xun didn’t hear his meaning, but just nodded his head, “Hope so.”

When Wei Lan saw Yan Qingchi raise his bow, Wei Lan knew that Yan Qingchi should have played before and must be good at archery in the first second of seeing his actions. Wei Lan could also be regarded as a half-expert, Yan Qingchi headed towards the spot and raised his bow, just with this, he could almost guess his performance.

Sure enough, as soon as Yan Qingchi let go, the arrow hit the bullseye, Wei Lan raised an eyebrow, he had known.

Yuan Mingxu, who stood with Sun Xun, was staring at this moment. He couldn’t believe how Yan Qingchi hit the bullseye directly. It didn’t say in the materials he read that he was good at archery. If it was just the days after marriage, when Jiang Mochen took him to play, then he should not be able to learn so much in such a short time. Yuan Mingxu gritted his teeth and felt puzzled and unwilling.

However, Sun Xun was relieved and said unconsciously: “He’s pretty good. Now their team looks much better.”

Yuan Mingxu: “… Yes, yeah.”

As the captain, Chen Xuanlang played the second attempt. Yan Qingchi cheered for him. “Captain, you can do it.”

Chen Xuanlang didn’t play too well. He was a bit awkward and nervous when he said that. He finally exhaled several times before finally shooting an arrow. 6 points was OK.

Next, Dai Hongzhuo, Lin Yan, Jiang Hanhui and others also successively completed archery. The staff counted the scores. Sun Xun’s red team surpassed Chen Xuanlang’s blue team by a total of two points. In this game, the red team won.

Chen Xuanlang blamed himself a little, Yan Qingchi comforted him, “It’s okay, now the results are tied, we will win next time.”

Chen Xuanlang felt that he was quite attentive and quickly conceded his loss and said to Yan Qingchi: “Although our team lost, you are still very good.”

Wei Lan heard them talking, and “snorted” twice, “Yan Qingchi, you’re not bad.”

“That’s because our team is strong.” Yan Qingchi smiled.

Wei Lan said “Oh”, “Let’s wait and see ~”

The afternoon passed in one game after another. When they had dinner at night and everyone was lying in bed, they couldn’t help feeling that finally this frustrating day was over. They hoped that the show crew would not produce any more moths at night.

Yan Qingchi waited in the room for a while, and still didn’t wait for Yuan Mingxu to come to him. He thought that according to Yuan Mingxu’s personality, he would come to him to talk about Jiang Mochen. He was so annoyed by him. But Yan Qingchi didn’t care. He didn’t take Yuan Mingxu very seriously. If it wasn’t for Yuan Mingxu rushing in front of his eyes this time, he would not take the initiative to see Yuan Mingxu. It was not necessary. He felt that he looked at Yuan Mingxu as if an elephant was looking at an ant. Although this expression seemed to look down on Yuan Mingxu, it was still true. What advantages did Yuan Mingxu have over him?? He couldn’t beat, or say anything to him, but could only look at Yan Qingchi with a pair of aggrieved eyes, in fact Yan Qingchi felt that such a hard-hearted man would not give him paper, and would only say that he had something to talk about, but if he did not leave, he would pretend to look like a little white rabbit, did he want him to burn the rabbit head?

The reason why they didn’t look well at each other was plainly because of Jiang Mochen, but Jiang Mochen’s affairs were not what they could control, right? If Jiang Mochen was willing to live well and be with him, Yan Qingchi was naturally happy, so he would not care about Yuan Mingxu. But if Jiang Mochen didn’t want to live a good life and had to experience a derailment stimulus, then Yan Qingchi won’t force him to turn around, he would just walk away, he also wouldn’t care about Yuan Mingxu much.

So Yan Qingchi didn’t really understand why Yuan Mingxu was so persistent, why bother? He sighed, and only felt that Yuan Mingxu was so obsessed with jumping up, it was really a little disgusting.

Yan Qingchi washed up and prepared to fall asleep. Today they were sleeping in a privately decorated private villa with a structure similar to that of a courtyard house. He and Chen Xuanlang shared a room. Yuan Mingxu was afraid that Wei Lan would choose to stay with him, and he was also afraid to choose a room with Sun Xun. Wei Lan jumped out and stepped in, but Yuan Mingxu indicated to the program team that he slept lightly and had to have a separate room. Although Wei Lan wanted to share a room with Yuan Mingxu to pay attention to whether he was going to talk to Yan Qingchi at night, but once Yuan Mingxu said so, he had the difficulty of a strong man, so he chose to stay with Sun Xun.

As the resident guest of this variety show, Chen Xuanlang knew that there would still be activities tonight when he saw the arrangement of the house.

He washed his face and said to Yan Qingchi, “Don’t take off all your clothes. I think there will be activities in a while.”

“Still?” Yan Qingchi was surprised. “It’s 11 o’clock.”

“Well, it’s like that, it’s all about variety effects.” Chen Xuanlang said, taking off his coat and lying on the bed.

Yan Qingchi looked at him and suddenly thought of what Ruan Wenxuan said that day. Ruan Wenxuan said that he didn’t like Chen Xuanlang. Of course, Ruan Wenxuan didn’t like him and Sun Xun, but after the last incident, both Sun Xun and him were inevitably disgusted and rejected by Ruan Wenxuan. Only he did not know whether Chen Xuanlang knew Ruan Wenxuan’s thoughts.

Although Yan Qingchi had not spent much time with Chen Xuanlang, but he could also see that he was a person with a strong sense of responsibility and was also a warm and cheerful person. He had a good impression of Chen Xuanlang, so naturally he did not want to see him suffer a loss in the future. Just because he didn’t watch out, he might face losses because of Ren Wenxuan.

So he asked, “Captain, how is your relationship with Ruan Wenxuan?”

Because of filming, Chen Xuanlang slept late and woke up early every time. Therefore, he did not know the last time the conflict between Ruan Wenxuan and Yan Qingchi was recorded, and he replied casually, “OK, what’s wrong?”

“Last recording, after you left, I drank some wine with Ruan Wenxuan, something unpleasant happened. And after he got drunk, he said that he didn’t really like you and Xun-ge. I reminded Xun-ge, and I also want to say to you, don’t eat his losses in the future.”

As soon as Chen Xuanlang heard that, he sat up from the bed and stared at him with black and white eyes, “Ruan Wenxuan told you?”

“After getting drunk.” Yan Qingchi said truthfully.

Chen Xuanlang was silent for a long time, and said, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Yan Qingchi said, “Well, rest.”

“Um.” Chen Xuanlang lay down, but his thoughts were a little heavy.

He and Ruan Wenxuan had been in the same team several times. Ruan Wenxuan had always been obedient in front of him. He couldn’t see any dissatisfaction with him. He didn’t expect that he didn’t like him very much. However, Chen Xuanlang glanced in the direction of Yan Qingchi without a trace. Was what Yan Qingchi said true? If Ruan Wenxuan could have different faces one behind the other, couldn’t Yan Qingchi do the same? He always did not like to speculate on others with malicious intent, but he only heard Yan Qingchi say this, and since it was connected with Ruan Wenxuan’s approach, he inevitably thought more.

Chen Xuanlang took out his mobile phone and sent Sun Xun a WeChat, “Come out to talk.”

Sun Xun was washing and getting ready to sleep, when he saw this WeChat. When he and Chen Xuanlang first started recording this variety show, neither of them had any variety experience, let alone in being the captain. At that time, in order to make the show more interesting, the two would always come together to discuss how to improve it. While laughing, conflicting, and chatting, they became friends, and they started to talk about the show group or express their concerns which helped ease their psychological pressure. However, with the accumulation of experience and the popularity of the show, the two of them no longer needed to deliberately create jokes and conflicts. In addition, both people were busy, so they did not communicate with each other as much as in the beginning. But, at this moment, Chen Xuanlang unexpectedly took the initiative to talk, Sun Xun didn’t feel just a little confused, what happened?

He replied: OK, see you at the stairs.

Then, Sun Xun put on his coat, and as soon as he was about to go out, he saw that Wei Lan had changed his pajamas and was going to sleep. “It was said that there might be activities tonight, why did you change your pajamas?”

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