MGSGW Ch. 283

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Lin Mumu refused to give up and called Yun Ting again.

Unfortunately, no one answered her call this time, and she didn’t eat dinner. She called Yun Ting all the way back to the dormitory.

She made about five or six calls, but the other party didn’t answer.

Until she returned to the dormitory, Lin Mumu sat on the chair looking a little dull, full of self-blame.

She actually thought that Yun Ting was mean to her before and got angry with him over trivial matters. Little did she know that her man was always ready to sacrifice his life in order to maintain the peace of this country.

She was proud of him, but also felt a kind of heart-wrenching pain and reluctance.

After all, Yun Ting was a human being, not a god. She was confused by his power and always felt that he was omnipotent. She forgot that he could also suffer pain, get hurt, and die.

Now that Yun Ting was injured, she, as his wife, could not stay with him. He still had to think of ways to protect her safety.

Lin Mumu finally understood the meaning of Yun Ting’s commanding tone. He was afraid that while he was away and it was a sensitive period before the National Day, someone would try to take advantage of Lin Mumu.

But she could do it, she could protect herself and him!

“Lin Mumu, what’s wrong with you?” An Xiaoqin was browsing the forum, opened a vest, and had a heated discussion about who was more beautiful, An Xiaoqin or Inoue Noko. Suddenly seeing Lin Mumu’s serious face, An Xiaoqin was a little worried and shook Lin Mumu.

Lin Mumu was still holding her pot of leaf seedlings. An Xiaoqin shook her back to consciousness, and then her eyes were fixed on An Xiaoqin’s face.

“What, don’t try to trick me. I know I’m so beautiful that even women can’t help but fall in love with me. But don’t try to bend me, I’m not interested in women.” An Xiaoqin said jokingly out of dodge.

“I have Yun Ting.” Lin Mumu gave her a helpless look. Being interrupted by An Xiaoqin, her mood seemed to be much more stable.

At least now she was no longer filled with self-blame and could still use her brain to come up with countermeasures.

Lin Mumu knew Yun Ting’s character, and no matter how much Lin Mumu pestered him about what he decided, he probably wouldn’t let her see him get hurt. Then she could only find a solution elsewhere!

An Xiaoqin was dumbfounded by Lin Mumu’s look, and stretched out her hand to touch Lin Mumu’s forehead: “You don’t have a fever, why are you so serious?”

“An Xiaoqin, do you think I am your friend? You can help me at all costs, the kind that requires you to sacrifice your beauty!”

“Of course. Hey, classmate Lin Mumu, you don’t really want me to sacrifice my beauty, do you?”

“Yes!” Lin Mumu nodded: “Yun Ting is injured, he is hiding and I, I have to find him.”

“Shall I ask my brother for you?” The only way An Xiaoqin could think of was her SWAT brother.

“It’s useless, they are not from the same system. Yun Ting’s identity is sensitive and he will definitely not tell outsiders.”

“Then what do you think we should do? Which one do you want me to seduce? Sister, I will risk it!”

“Xiaoqin, thank you!” Lin Mumu thanked her sincerely, put the leaf clippings on Liu Yuanyuan’s table, and left a note for her to take care of and keep it confidential before continuing to talk to An Xiaoqin.

It wasn’t that Lin Mumu wasn’t in a hurry, but that she wanted to think over her plan.

After thinking about it clearly, Lin Mumu’s cell phone also rang.

“Sister-in-law, Brother Yun asked me to pick you up. I’m below your dormitory.” It was Qiu Jun’s voice.

Lin Mumu and An Xiaoqin looked at each other and smiled.

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