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The thousand-page investigation report was being turned over at a speed of dozens of sheets per second, so that the screen was completely a mess of light and shadow.

Xuan Ming only saw one title but didn’t have time to read the specific content. He didn’t know if the young man could read the contents of the report clearly, but this was not important, what was important was the sentence he just left behind.

He said that he knew where the system came from, and this certainty was obtained after the scientific research report, that was to say, this highly intelligent device that could be remotely controlled and monitored was indeed made in the United States, right? It was recorded in that scientific report?

Was the level of technological development in the United States really so much ahead of the world?

Worried Xuan Ming lit another cigarette and listened more intently to the dialogue between the young man and the system.

At the same time, all the participants came, and Qiao Yanan, who was the keynote speaker, stepped onto the podium and began to speak.

The curly-haired youth did not pay attention to these people but asked lazily: “The development of science and technology is bottom-up and follows certain logical laws. You should understand this?”

“Of course I understand, but does this have anything to do with me?” The system replied disdainfully.

“Of course it does. You told me just now that you can find out how others feel towards me. Do you know what this sentence means?” Zhuang Li chuckled in his mind.

“What does it represent?” The system was a little confused.

What did it mean? Xuan Ming also wanted to know the answer. As the most direct victim, he was more eager than anyone to understand the damn system.

“It means that the science and technology you have allows you to directly scan other people’s brains, obtain a map of neurons, and then translate the activities of neurons into words through a spiritual dictionary. The same principle is true for you communicating with me at the conscious level.”

“You actually understand my working mechanism?” The system was very surprised.

“Is this difficult?” Zhuang Li smiled disapprovingly and continued: “Since you can do the above points, it shows that you are inside my brain, and you are a nano-scale biological robot. Your birth involves the profound application of quantum science, but today’s human beings,” Zhuang Li lightly tapped the scientific research development report on the computer screen and made a judgment: “It is not yet possible to achieve this level. They have not even invented quantum computers.”

The system fell silent.

Xuan Ming was caught in the middle of this conversation.

Zhuang Li continued: “After thorough research and deep application of quantum science, many unimaginable, magic-like technologies will become reality one after another, such as teleportation, what is the mythical and legendary teleportation. You tell me can it be done?”

The system did not dare to respond, it was restricted by the Lord God, and could not mention anything beyond the development of science and technology in this world.

Xuan Ming silently applauded the curly-haired youth. Bao’er’s system was capable of teleportation.

Zhuang Li did not need a systematic response, he was already immersed in this kind of scientific derivation game: “With the level of technology you have, you can create quantum coherence on macroscopic objects, and break up the objects through the principle of quantum entanglement. Particles can be transmitted to a distant place and restored again. It will take at least several hundred years for human beings to do it.”

“Similarly, you can also become invisible.”

The system continued to remain silent.

The creases on Xuan Ming’s brows unknowingly stretched. The youth guessed right again!

When An Bao’er appeared out of nowhere on that deserted road, he had doubted whether the other party had been invisible.

“The key to invisibility is nanotechnology. Only fabrics composed of reflective nanoparticles with a diameter of one billionth of a meter may have a negative refractive index that completely dispels light. The key to nanotechnology is quantum technology.”

Zhuang Li picked up a ballpoint pen and drew a tree on the meeting minutes.

He clicked on the position of the canopy: “Your technological level is at the peak of quantum science.”

He wrote the two letters AI on a branch under the canopy and continued: “Under you are intelligent robots. Yes, you are a little more advanced than intelligent robots, you are nano-biological robots, having the ability to learn independently, and can also evolve. I can feel this from the change in your tone.” He drew another picture above the branch with the word AI, drew out another branch, and slowly wrote four words—consciousness projection.

“And to create a robot with human nature like you, it is necessary to project human consciousness into your main control program. In other words, before you really become a robot, you may be a remnant of human consciousness I don’t know whether this remnant was stripped after death, or forcibly stripped while alive.”

Zhuang Li laughed while talking with great interest.

The system started to tremble. It never thought that it might be a human being forcibly stripped of its consciousness.

The hot soot fell on the back of Xuan Ming’s hand, but he felt no pain at all. The analysis of the curly-haired youth was enough to attract his whole mind.

Zhuang Li drew a branch below the projection of consciousness and above the AI and wrote——mind reading.

“You and I can communicate in the brain, using this technology.”

Zhuang Li drew three branches in a row under the AI, and wrote one after another – teleportation, invisibility, force field, and then chuckled: “Yes, the technological content of teleportation is still below consciousness projection and mind reading, and the invisibility technology is not too difficult, it can be easily done by using the refraction principle of light. As for the force field, it is just a matter of entry-level physics. Without a force field, it’s impossible for human beings to enter the universe to explore.”

The system didn’t know why, it suddenly sneered, as if it was very disdainful.

Seeing its reaction, Zhuang Li hooked his lips with great interest.

Was force field technology an introduction to physics? This sentence was too arrogant. Xuan Ming took a deep look at the curly-haired youth.

Zhuang Li tapped the paper with the tip of his pen, shook his head and said, “Unfortunately, in this technology tree, there isn’t any technology that humans can do today.” The system snorted softly.

Zhuang Li took out another piece of paper, connected it to the top of the technology tree, and said slowly: “So, where did you come from? Human technology is below you, and they are definitely not your creators.” The system continued to remain silent.

Xuan Ming: Yes, where are you from?

Zhuang Li drew two more branches on the top of the technology tree and said with a chuckle: “Humans today cannot create you, so you either come from the future or from a high-dimensional space.”

He put the branch with the word “future” on it. It was erased, and the tone was firm: “But I can be 100% sure that you are from a high dimension.”

He peeled off another skin of the system.

The system had no body and no soul, yet it felt what it meant to be shocked at this time. The analytical ability of this human being was a bit scary!

Xuan Ming’s heart set off waves of turmoil one after another. Did high-dimensional space really exist? Was he sure this wasn’t a fairy tale?

Zhuang Li’s tone was still so lazy, “Do you know how I guessed it?”

The system didn’t dare to make a sound.

Xuan Ming almost blurted out—how on earth did you come to this incredible conclusion?

“When I speculated that you can use the principle of refraction of light to become invisible, you sneered at my words.” Zhuang Li crossed out the branch representing the invisible technology at the bottom of the technology tree, in the middle of consciousness projection and mind reading added a branch and rewrote the word “invisible”.

The system let out an exclamation, as if realizing something.

Xuan Ming still couldn’t figure out the situation. In his view, many people were already researching stealth technology, and some results had even been obtained one after another. The difficulty of scientific research was not high, so why was it at the top of the technology tree?

Zhuang Li smiled slyly: “Yes, invisibility technology belongs to the same level of technology as consciousness projection and mind reading, why? Because the invisibility I mentioned just now is the bending of light achieved by means of fabric with a negative refractive index, not the real invisibility in the sense.”

“Invisibility in the true sense is a state of nothingness through which light directly penetrates, and it is the absolute concealment formed by pulling a person into the gap between three-dimensional space and four-dimensional space, which cannot be seen or touched.”

“This technology is a product of the four-dimensional space, and you know it very well, so I can be sure that you are at least from the four-dimensional space, or even a higher dimension. The main god you are talking about is your creator and a high-dimensional creature.”

The system spoke with difficulty: “You deliberately lied to me just now.”

Xuan Ming finally remembered a suspicious detail: An Bao’er could drive to the scene immediately after his accident, so she must have followed him closely. But when he was flanked by trucks and sports cars, her car was nowhere to be seen.

In fact, the road was close to the cliff and only ten meters wide, so there was nowhere for An Baoer’s car to park and hide.

She could appear so quickly because she had entered the state of absolute invisibility that Zhuang Li just mentioned. She could see the outside world, but the outside world couldn’t see her and couldn’t touch her, so when the car accident happened, she actually participated in the race.

In this way, all doubts could be explained.

This technology was simply terrifying!

How smart was someone who knew so much about such technology?

Because his heart was too shocked, Xuan Ming’s two fingers holding the cigarette trembled slightly.

However, Zhuang Li completely ignored the existence of other people, and only concentrated on confronting the system, with an even livelier tone: “I don’t need to lie to you, and I don’t need you to tell me the answer. Everything in the world has its own logic. Give me a small clue and I can sort out the logical relationship.”

“When you appeared in my mind and could communicate with my consciousness, I already guessed your origin. Do you know why?” His tone was full of evil humor like a cat teasing a mouse.

But the system had to tick.

It urgently asked: “Why? Did my program make a mistake, did the information leak out?”

“Because the human brain is the key to connect the four-dimensional space. Humans are originally three-dimensional creatures, but human consciousness is four-dimensional. Where else can you, who communicate directly with my consciousness, come from?”

Zhuang Li shook his head and sighed: “When the four-dimensional product enters the three-dimensional space, it will be squeezed by the space and lose part of its functions. This is a necessary means for the world to maintain energy balance. But haven’t you ever thought about why?”

“Why?” The system, which boasted that its IQ was far higher than that of humans, was now as humble as a primary school student.

“Because the main god who put you in chose a space with equal dimensions for you, that is, the human brain allows you to register. Here, you don’t have to be hit by dimensionality reduction.”

“So I am not a puppet under your control, but can let you have a hope of survival. It is not that I am eager to bind with you, but that you urgently need to bind a host to get a chance to survive. I have an absolute advantage in the right to choose.”

Having said that, Zhuang Li turned while holding the ballpoint pen, squinting his long and narrow phoenix eyes, he smiled easily.

So far, the last layer of skin of the system had been peeled off by him.

At this moment, he didn’t know what Qiao Yanan said, but applause broke out in the conference room.

Xuan Ming put out the cigarette butt, raised his hand, and clapped slowly and forcefully, but looked straight at the curly-haired youth with his deep eyes.

The system was already panicking, but after touching a certain hidden program of its own, it smiled triumphantly: “Having an absolute advantage? Are you sure? I forgot to tell you, but I can forcefully bind you without your consent.”


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