LGHIHW Ch. 8: Arc 1.4

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There were only three people in this conference room. Except for Xuan Ming, the other two actually had a system that could communicate directly to their brains, and whose technology content was ridiculously high. What was the probability of this?

Was it one in a billion?

However, people like this appeared next to him one after another, taking him as the target of the mission, which made Xuan Ming feel angry and frightened at the same time.

There was no doubt that he had become the prey of some mysterious organization. They spread a large net around him, and drove piranhas to swim around him, such that they would bite him hard if they found a gap.

What would happen to him?

Being hunted and strangled didn’t make Xuan Ming feel scared. He was even more worried that these people would ruin his company for their own benefit, ruin the technology that his team had finally developed, and also ruin the national interest.

Judging from the current trend, the most terrible consequences had already occurred, and the construction of modern electronic communication in China would seriously lag behind other countries.

Xuan Ming obtained a lot of information from the conversations of these people:

First, the target of their missions is him;    

Second, the way they complete the missions is to capture his heart;

Third, Bao’er’s system seems to be able to locate the coordinates of any person on the earth, and Qiao Yanan’s system could steal any piece of information on the Internet;

Fourth, Dr. Zhao’s death was indeed related to them. They reached cooperation through the system, one located the coordinates of Dr. Zhao, and the other sent the coordinates to foreign forces through the Internet, which eventually led to the car accident;

Fifth, they were also in competition, so An Bao’er didn’t tell Qiao Yanan about him also being in the car. She wanted to capture his heart first by using the trick of “a hero saving the beauty”.

In the face of interests, these people could be both enemies and friends.

The two women were not enough to make Xuan Ming feel like an enemy, but he had to be afraid of the system hidden behind the two and the organization that controlled the system as well.

This organization could use high-tech surveillance equipment to manipulate others; it could open transmission channels through the air; it could create amnesia pills; it could steal scientific research results developed by any country or individual through the Internet… They seemed to be omnipotent, and they seemed to be omnipresent. This was the point that made Xuan Ming most anxious.

He wanted to investigate this organization and sabotage their plans, but he didn’t know how to do it.

Thinking of this, Xuan Ming was disturbed for a while, he couldn’t help but take out a cigarette and light it, and take a deep puff. Through the lingering smoke, he seemed to casually look at the curly-haired young man in the corner.

This was another puppet manipulated by the system.

The youth had recovered from the frozen state. Even a strange voice suddenly sounding in his head, didn’t make him jump in fright or show a panicked expression.

He stared at the laptop in front of him with curiosity, and finally looked at the other two people in the conference room, muttering to himself: “Black hair, black eyes, yellow skin.”

“Ha~” The young man suddenly smiled.

Xuan Ming, who had keen ears, could easily hear how great a joy was contained in this short sound, as if a child had received an extraordinarily precious gift from an elder.

Xuan Ming, who originally only stared at the young man out of the corner of his eye, couldn’t help but turn his head and look at him squarely.

It was only after he saw him like this that he realized that the young man was actually very handsome, with almost flawless facial features, and even in the entertainment circle full of beauties, he could sweep away all of them.

At this moment, the young man’s long and narrow phoenix eyes were slightly squinted because of satisfaction and joy, like a little fox holding his big tail to absorb the warmth under the sun.

He was immersed in his wholehearted joy, forgetting about the other two people in the conference room, and even the inexplicable system.

Xuan Ming raised his eyebrows, quite surprised. He didn’t expect this timid young man’s psychological quality to be so high. Wouldn’t he be afraid? In other words, he was very happy to accept the system, after all, this was also an adventure?

The system code-named 7480 quickly confirmed Xuan Ming’s guess, “I sensed the call of the host, so I came.”

As if playing with a novel toy, the voice in his head was lazy: “Huh?”

The system continued: “The host’s brain waves are very strong, so this system was activated. As long as this system is bound, the host’s previous wishes can become reality.”

“What wish do I have?” The young man began to poke the keyboard with his fingertips, his slender eyebrows were raised high, and he looked as if he was having a lot of fun, but the voice in his head was not stained with excitement.

“Isn’t your wish to step on Xuan Ming, tear Qiao Yanan apart, and become the richest man in China?” The system raised its volume: “Bind with me, all this will not be a dream.”

At first, the young man just poked the keyboard slowly. However, only ten seconds later, his hands began to dance rapidly. He was immersed in the network, completely forgetting the people around him and the system in his mind.

Xuan Ming stubbed out the cigarette and curled his thin lips into a silent sarcasm. Become the richest man in China? Young people really dared to think. No wonder the system would find him. To have a desire was to control it.

The system paused for a few seconds, as if waiting for the host’s ecstatic answer, but there was only silence in the other party’s mind.

After pressing for a few more seconds, the system started to panic.

Xuan Ming lit the second cigarette and took a slow puff.

The curly-haired young man was still typing on the keyboard, with a smile on the corner of his mouth, bright eyes, and raised slender eyebrows from time to time. He was full of joy, excitement and vitality.

The so-called elation was nothing more than that.

Xuan Ming was suddenly curious about what was hidden in that computer, which made him ignore the company’s boss and the head of the technical department, as well as the miraculous system, and be plunged into it.

“You sit here.” Xuan Ming tapped the seat beside him with his knuckles.

The curly-haired young man carefully browsed the content on the computer screen without responding at all.

The system said in his mind: “Host, I am the main god’s system, bind with me, and you will get unimaginable help.”

The curly-haired youth was still looking at the computer, as if he hadn’t heard anything.

System: …

Xuan Ming: …

“Zhuang Li?” Xuan Ming called out in a deep voice.

“Huh?” The young man was extremely sensitive to his own name, especially when it was spoken in Chinese. He raised his head immediately, his eyes sparkled, “You’re calling me?”

The corners of his mouth curled up, looking very happy.

“Sit here.” Xuan Ming pointed to the seat beside him.

“Okay.” The curly-haired young man immediately walked over with the computer in his arms, with a generous attitude.

After sitting down, he started to browse the web again, with the same beaming expression, without the slightest fear and prudence as sitting next to the boss.

Xuan Ming glanced at his screen while shaking off the soot, only to find that he was searching the history of China, not playing a game as he imagined.

From the initial Xia, Shang and Zhou dynasties, to the establishment of Republic of China, in the end, the young man’s gaze was fixed on one of the pages, his eyelashes trembled slightly, and his eyes turning red.

There was no text on the webpage, only a five-star red flag was hung.

Xuan Ming looked at the national flag, and then at the young man’s emotional expression, his eyes flashing with puzzlement.

What was there to be grateful for? He didn’t think that a careerist who was humble on the outside and conceited on the inside could have such lofty patriotic enthusiasm.

The system began to urge again: “Host, according to my tests, your IQ and EQ are very low, and you will never become the richest man in China in this life. But it doesn’t matter, I can probe other people’s thoughts for you, as long as you bind me, I can help you make up for your lack of IQ and EQ. As long as you grasp other people’s preferences, you will be successful in business.”

The young man turned off the national flag page, covered his red eyes, and silently settled down.

It took him a long time to sneer in his mind: “There is a problem with your detection function.”

“I am a system created by the Lord God, and I cannot have a problem.” The system felt offended, and while testing the youth, it said coldly: “The host’s EQ is terribly low, and he can’t get along well with anyone, so even his family members dislike him; the host’s IQ is only ninety, ninety, ninety…”

The voice of the system seemed to be stuck like a tape.

The young man put his arms around his chest, raised his eyebrows, and asked lazily: “What is my IQ?”

The system yelled in disbelief: “310! Why is your IQ 310? I just took a test, and your IQ should be only 92! Impossible, the system will not make mistakes!”

There was a rush of beeps, obviously, the system began to repeatedly test the youth’s IQ to prove that it was right. But every repeated test showed that he had indeed made a big mistake.

In fact, the IQ of the young man was far higher than 310. The reason why the higher value could not be measured was because the most intelligent human being identified by the Lord God had had an IQ of only 310, so he did not install a more advanced detection program for the system.

This ridiculously high number hit the system hard and made Xuan Ming’s eyebrows twitch.

He observed the young man carefully through the smoke, and it was hard to believe that such an unknown person could be a super genius.

But the young man’s next words showed that he was indeed terribly smart: “You say you are a system? Just analyze it in words: a system is an organic whole with specific functions that is composed of several components that interact and depend on each other. And this organic whole is part of a larger system to which it is subordinate.”

“So, you are a small part of some master program, which you call the master god.”

“If I remember correctly, you said your name is 7480, this number should be your serial number. In other words, before you, there were at least 7479 systems, and after you, there must be more systems. Your programs are all set by the Lord God, so you will obey his orders 100%.”

“Your organizational structure reminds me of an insect—a bee. The main god is the queen bee, and your systems are the worker bees.”

“You are scattered everywhere to find hosts, just like the worker bees are scattered as they pick nectar from the sea of flowers.”

“Once I bind with you, you will be able to absorb energy from my body and feed back to the Lord God, which will not do me any good.”

The young man quickly tapped the keyboard and browsed the web, giving the so-called system a scoff.

“Host, you guessed wrong. We don’t take energy from the host body, we take energy from the mission target. Binding us, the host will definitely realize the wish in his heart.” 7480 hurriedly explained.

The curly-haired young man asked casually: “Who is your mission target?”

“The man sitting next to you is our mission target. Once you conquer him and gain his luck, you can replace him as China’s richest man, isn’t this your dream?” the system seduced.

Xuan Ming turned his head sideways and looked straight at the curly-haired youth.

He thought that the other party would look back with a shocked expression, but unexpectedly, the young man was still typing on the keyboard, and he didn’t even give him a sidelook out of the corner of his eye.

Obviously, he had no interest in the so-called mission target, and the reason why he was chatting with the system randomly was purely to find out the details of the other party.

“Then what benefit can I get from you?” the young man continued to ask.

“Didn’t I just say that I can make you the richest man in China!” The system’s speech speed had obviously accelerated a lot. It seemed that it was eager to bind with the youth.

The young man became more and more unhurried: “I mean, what definite help can I get from you, not a pie that looks sweet but can’t be eaten at all.”

“I can help you detect the surrounding people’s favorability. Whether they like you or hate you, they can’t escape my induction. In this way, can’t they make up for the weakness of the host’s low EQ? The host should also care about what others think of you, right?”

“Detect Favorability? This belongs to the category of mind-reading technology. I think, I know where you come from.” The young man stopped typing on the keyboard and smiled slightly with his thin lips.

Xuan Ming, who silently peeked at the other party’s computer screen, began to believe that he was indeed a super genius with an IQ of 310.

Because he wasn’t fiddling with the computer at all just now but hacking into the network of the US Department of Defense through the relay of several communication satellites and had obtained a secret investigation report on scientific research results around the world.

His hacking skills were no worse than Qiao Yanan’s system.

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